Bad internet = dublication of mainsite?

  • Hi! So i was just about to make mainsites for my spring foals.
    But surprice, my internet wont work, and i now got 2 of the exact same horse, is there a way to change that??

  • PR Committee

    Providing you didn't register the second profile through autoreg you can change the details to make it into a new horse - new name, colour, DOB etc. I'm not sure if you can still change the breed of unregistered profiles but you could do at one point. Or you can simply sell it - if your on slack people often post quick sales of unregistered profiles in the advertisement channel or simply give it away :)

  • @Callixta-Rosella I changed i up to another horse, but now the breed is just wrong, i just dont need any more dutsh stallions atm

  • @Thea-Radmer I'd be down to trade you for a profile of the correct breed if that's something you're interested in!

  • @Holden-Guinness Well, what i need is canadian horses, but its not that i dont have enough credits to just make another one, it just anois me that it dublicated it xD

  • I get it! Simply happy to do the swap because I have a couple Dutch babies (assuming you mean Dutch Warmbloods) in the works and wouldn't mind swapping them out with you!

  • @Holden-Guinness Oh sure.

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