[FOUND] Appaloosa or APH Stud

  • Hello, I am looking for a special stud to breed to my mare, RWH Stars In The Mist. The requirements for this stud are:

    ~Appaloosa (Preferred) or APH
    ~Must compete in Reining and Cutting
    ~Titles are highly preferred

    Please post any studs you have below, along with the price, amount of points/titles!

  • I can offer you RL Gunners Dunna Runna:

    • Special APH, 3rd generation boy breed by old Red Loosa Ranch.
    • Bay Dun Roan Overo with plenty of possibilities of coats to his offspring.
    • Actively competes in both Reining (108 points) and Cutting (55 points), currently offering to his offspring:
      +4 Reining bonuses
      +3 Cutting bonuses
      +1 Working Cow bonuses
      +2 Western Pleasure bonuses

    His stud fee currently stands at $20,000.
    I'm always available on Slack or PM if interested.

  • @Fernanda-Luchetta thanks for you offer! I'm going to wait to see if there are anyone other offers before I decide :)

  • I have these to offer:

    • BPH Justa Smarty Zip, Smokey Black AQH. Reining: 111pts (3 bonus) and Cutting: 46pts (1 bonus). Stud fee: $19,000
    • CK Gun Spinner, Bay Frame Overo APH. Reining: 41pts (1 bonus) and Cutting: 40pts (1 bonus). Stud fee: $12,000
    • CK No Doubt I'm Trouble, Buckskin Tobiano APH. Reining: 44pts (1 bonus) and Cutting: 14pts. Stud fee: $8,500
    • D/Z Cody Gotta Whiz, Splash White Chestnut APH. Reining: 51pts (2 bonus) and Cutting; 14pts. Stud fee: $12,000

    Prices are negotiable.

  • Appaloosas -

    • RL Abbadon's Gold Cash - Reining 96 stil lcompeting - 8000
    • RL Docs Rebel Bullet - Reining 28 Cutting 25 - 4000
    • GR's Thrown To The Wolves Cutting 71 Reining 109 - 10000

    APH -
    RWH The Calico Kid Reining 124 Working Cow Horse 43 - 15000
    RL Pale Chics Dig Me Cutting Reining 73 - 4000

    Prices can be negotiated

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