2019 Halloween Event

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    2019 Halloween Event

    Ladies, Gentlemen, Gentle-kind, and Horses of all ages! I present to ye, a coming event this October! Spokes and ghouls, candy and treats, tricks, and ticks, maybe even a bug or two. This Halloween we would like to present, Trick or Treating and Spooky Stories!

    So this Halloween we’ve been talking about doing an event as Halloween is a fairly popular holiday in some parts of the world. In the past, the quarterly did a few things and every Christmas we also do the advent. We would like to do something similar with two events. The first event is the Trick or Treating special and the second event will be The Spooky Story Photo contest.

    Trick or Treating:
    In this event for every day of October, you have the chance of receiving a Treat or Trick. Treats can be; random marking, horse credits, import vouchers, or any other random things. These treats all depend on what we receive in donations for the event. We encourage that these donations be mostly able to go to more than one person. However you can also donate single person items, just make sure to include that specification. You don’t need to be elaborate for them either, unused markings and other content that you’ve made and just have never planned on using will also be great for this event!

    And now, for the second half, Tricks. Every member participating will only be guaranteed to win 4 prizes but have the potential to win more. During this event, you will also receive tricks! These items have no value except for a good hardy laugh.

    Spooky Stories:
    For the Halloween event this year we are going to do a simple scary story photo contest. Either write your own original scary story with 200-word minimum or acquire one online (make sure to include credit!) You may use 3 photos max to go with your story but only required to use one. You may do it with a partner or on your own!

    I’ve included a submission form below for your donated items. As well as a list of Donation Examples:


    • Markings (both private for only one use and markings available to be gifted to multiple people such as the face or leg markings etc)
    • Premade Horses (as a single personal item)
    • Breeding voucher
    • Import voucher
    • Builds
    • Builds vouchers
      *whatever you want

    Tricks: (yes, we like y’all to donate trick items too)

    • Game glitch photos
    • Bad photoshops
    • Funny gifs
    • Memes
    • Jokes

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