Lack of ideas?

  • Hello!
    I've been updating a lot on my blog lately, but it's always kind of the same thing all the time and- it's getting boring.

    I'd like you guys to post some of your ideas that i could do for my blog, for example:

    • What do you want to see in it? (Horses, shows, edits, other?)

    • What can i do to make the blog better?

    You can either pm me or post your suggestions on this thread!

  • Without looking at your blog, I suggest getting creative with the Roleplay.

    • Get kids, hold lessons and clinics. You could replicate a famous trainer who could be a special guest in your clinic.
    • Collaborate with other members and make stories.
    • Take real life things and turn them in your game. Like there's a drought, so now there is a shortage of hay, and you're stressed out about it.
    • Or maybe a change in grain for an unruly stallion, that mellows him out.
    • Trail rides with your riders.
    • Take your family/riders on vacation or to the beach.

  • Dont get me wrong, but you could make something happening at your barn, a horse getting a little sick (Not tooo much) or make some drastic changes at your barn, new humens is always interesting ;)

  • Thank you for the answers! I'll defenitely use your suggestions :)

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