A hand measuring issue

  • Hello! So, I wanted to bring up something I've noticed a lot with horses on here is incorrect measurements since someone brought it up to me on instagram over dm when they saw the height of one of the horses I had bought, and I felt like it would be nice to bring it up :thinking: as we all know, horses are measured in hands Though, as some people do not know hands are generally speaking based on four inches. doesn't matter where your from, a hand is four inches and that's how it's measured.

    When measuring in hands, a horse can only be (for exmaple) 14 hh 14.1 hh, 14.2 hh, then 14.3 hh. after that you're onto 15 hh

    I've seen many horses measured over .3, which obviously goes into the next size. Some even further where the horse would technically be two hands taller than the intended height. I don't think is very common knowledge, so I figure I'd share it to try and avoid any wonky height problems. (it's sorta like saying something is 1.130 metres, I guess something could- but that's just an inconvenient way of putting it)

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