Unique Steeds Stables: Bad day flashback -9/11- (Comments welcome)

  • Applause (12/10/2019)


    I live for the applause, applause, applause
    I live for the applause-plause, live for the applause-plause
    Live for the way that you cheer and scream for me
    The applause, applause, applause
    -Applause, Lady Gaga-

    "Hey, what's up?" Genaro didn't understand how things worked around here, since his only job was working with Donny, the yearling. All the other riders were there, as well as the groom and the vet. Nora, the instructor and co-owner, was standing in front of a table, chatting with Alba, the other co-owner. "This is a meeting, we will get some news" Lorenzo offered Genaro his cutest smile and pat a chair next to him "Come sit, sometimes news aren't good". As soon as everybody was sitting, Nora gave each of them a card and waited for the riders to get excited. "We're going to a Ridden Showing show!" She announced.

    Selecting only three riders wasn't easy, specially because the instructor had a task for her riders: they couldn't take their assigned horse to the show, It was time for them to ride other horses, and the animals would benefit of it too. "Please let me take Gary, please, please!" Aurora begged the redhead, she was eager to take the reins of that pretty black gelding. "No, no. You're used to your all perfect and mannered stud. Gary isn't like that" Dante shook his head, and kept saying no until he had no other choice but to say yes.

    Genaro had an easy job even though nobody had seen him riding, only in pics and videos. Louise, the roan mare's assigned rider, was the sweetest girl around and would do anything for others. "Sure! Take her, she's such a willing girl. Please give her a lot of cuddles and sugar cubes after the show, she'll adore you" She recommended the man.

    Angie knew Aurora was going to the show, so she didn't have to ask her to use her assigned horse. Plus, Jay was the first horse at the stable so everyone loved him, and he knew everybody there. His assigned rider and his best horse friend were going to the show, so the bay stud was very calm.

    Aurora wasn't used to the gelding's bouncy canter, so her position was a little off. Seems like her show jumping and riding skills aren't useful for Ridden Showing.

    Genaro had the best ride of his life on the roan mare. She behaved like a queen as usual and received lots of love and sugar cubes after her perfomance.

    Angie couldn't contain her excitement for riding a stallion. Her own nervousness made Jay spook at the sunflowers, but she kept everything under control.

    USS Oh Figaro with Aurora Bianchi, USS Primadonna with Genaro Franchese and USS Kannjay with Ángeles Arce participated in the Hack class of the Inglewood Supreme Ridden Showing Show

  • #SELFIE (15/10/2019)


    Hey, it's Paulina Mora writing here. I'm a total social media addict and the new addition to this dream stable's staff. I'm the not pink haired girl, by the way. So now I will show you my first day at the stables via my social media stories.

    Can you guys help me pick a filter?
    I don't know if I should go with XX Pro or Valencia
    I wanna look tan
    What should my caption be?
    I want it to be clever
    -#SELFIE, The Chainsmokers-

    Everything happened too fast. I mean, I like living fast forward, but getting a new job after a fifteen minutes call with a long lost friend was too much. Mar and I didn't have a proper talk for eleven years, since she traveled away to study a career. We used to hang a lot after classes and during recess, also decided to start riding classes together. Mar doesn't ride anymore but I never stopped, a true passion cannot be stopped. It was a little hard to ride while studying graphic design, I admit.

    Enough about me, I'll show you my first day at Unique Steeds Stables. I begged Mar to take me to the stables, despite the pouring rain, the mud and the moody horses that couldn't step outside for a few days. I had the most interesting chat with a sweet Grey stud named Dee. Lorenzo, the groom that was working there, told me the stallion wasn't theirs, he's just a lease.


    Then I managed to snap a picture of a chunky draft cross, Lazy, a surrogate mare that basically helps make babies but she only births them. Sorry about the quality, I had to use a filter because it was too dark inside the barn. Mar told me Lazy just got an embryo transfer and is now expecting a foal from USS Primadonna and WHEC Syriusz!


    Then I met a small ball of energy and sass: Sunny. The few months old filly has a huge attitude and isn't scared easily. She even snorted at me when I approached to scratch her colorful face. I was hired because this baby needed someone to work with her when she's older and then ride and train her. I had to post a pic of her rare colours, apparently it's a genetic mutation commonly called 'chimera'.


    That horse shaped void is a playful gelding named USS Oh Figaro, or Gary for short. I spent a whole minute laughing at the weird faces he made when Lorenzo whislted or shook his head. The horse seemed to copy the groom, I can see they have a true relationship going on there.


    After a tour around all the arenas, pens and paddocks (yeah, rain didn't stop us), the riders that live at the farm decided to throw a small party. Nothing fancy, just music and non-alcoholic drinks, early morning routines keep us away from alcohol. Of course I began the night with a selfie with my babe Mar, she just changed too much since our last pic together.


    Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. There was a redhead that couldn't stop staring at Mar, he looked creepy but maybe he's just shy. Louisa and Lana are the most different twins I've ever met, both physically and mentally. One is all colours and hippie vibes, the other is all black and hard rock. Aurora didn't look well, maybe she doesn't like parties or hates rain, like most equestrians. Angie is the younger of all riders but seems very mature, she was the first to chat with me. I couldn't meet Genaro because he was the whole night outside, talking (flirting?) with Lorenzo. Don't tell them I eavesdropped.




    I decided to gather the girls for a final pic, before calling a night and going to sleep.

    So here's a new kind of format I would like to do in my blog. I know the quality totally died but I found it fun to pretend to be someone else. Styling and posing the characters was fun too, specially for the selfie. I will probably do this with all the characters

  • Faith (19/10/2019)


    I got faith in you baby, I got faith in you now
    And you've been such a, such a good friend of me
    Know that I love you somehow
    I met you, hallelujah, I got faith
    -Faith, Stevie Wonder-

    We like to take advantage of every sunny day. Rainy autumns really kill everyone's mood (except Lazy's, the draft-cross adores staying inside and sleeping all day). So when we check the weather and spot a clear day, we plan our week around it. Today, for example, we sent Dante and Mar to pick up a weanling, son of one of our stallions. We were lucky enough to win a free breeding from a Gypsy Vanner mare and got an International Sporthorse baby.

    Dante was excited to share a long trip with Mar, his crush on her is undeniable. He didn't really care about the colt, he wasn't a fan of weird crosses, specially because Unique Steeds was supposed to be a sport horse farm. "He will be a sport horse, Dante. Don't worry" Mar rolled her eyes and got on the truck, slamming the door a bit. The red haired man got on the driver's seat and looked at her, dead in the eyes "He will have the build of a clumsy elephant. He will never be a hunter, hunters need style!". The girl only sighed and lifted a hand, like telling him to stop "We didn't even see pictures. We will have this discussion again when we see him. All I care about is his health".

    They didn't say a word during the whole trip, maybe they occasionally sang the same song and that made them smile, but that was all. A catchy Stevie Wonder song got them doing some kind of weird musical scene, that made Dante blush bright red. "See! They're waiting for us with our little cutie" Mar pointed at a big Buckskin Sabino colt who seemed sad to leave his home. The man wouldn't admit it, but he instantly fell in love with the colt. They had a little trouble loading him into the trailer and getting him to go out of it, but his special shyness made him Dante's perfect partner.

    "You know what, Mar?" The red haired man held the colt's leadrope while he grazed beside the trailer "I think this one will be my heart horse". He ran a hand through the weanling's black mane and kneeled next to him "Welcome home, Oro".

    We are excited to announce the arrival of a very different colt: USS Pan D'oro. Son of our USS Kannjay and out of SiLS Diosa de Oro, we already adore him. After a few weeks, we'll introduce him to our filly so they can play together

  • Smash into you (4/11/2019)


    Don't want the smooth without the rough
    I don't want the push without the shove
    When you're on the edge
    Sometimes you gotta lose your head
    -Smash into you, Hey Violet-

    All the competing horses are away for the winter, competing with their trusted leasers. Our riders are taking a well deserved vacation and will be ready to be back competing soon. This means we have more time to train the yearlings and spoil them like the little brats they are. We are waiting for an auction horse we bought to arrive, too.

    Lazy, the surrogate mare, was pregnant for the first time. Her owner, Genaro, worried like crazy over her for a few hourse until the deed was done. The stocky draft cross handled birth like pro, we'll see how she does with raising the filly. Specially this one, she seems to be difficult even with her mother.

    Describing her personality would be hard, that's why I chose this song. Everything is fine with people being around her, but one wrong move and Pippi is out. She was a few days old when she first kicked someone right on the knee. And tried to chase away the groom when he touched her tail, pinned ears and all. You can pet and cuddle her, but only until she decided it's enough. We really don't like to imagine her as an adult (imagine her in heat!)

    Welcome little USS Providenza! This is the first time I make a coat from scratch and I gotta say...wait until she's all grown up and dark. Also, amazing markings from @Eric-Sobeck and @Claire-von-Hohenfeld compliment this girl

  • Hey look ma, I made it (5/11/2019)


    Hey look ma, I made it
    Hey look ma, I made it
    Everything's comin' up aces, aces
    If it's a dream, don't wake me, don't wake me
    I said hey look ma, I made it
    -Hey look ma, I made it, Panic! at the Disco-

    Finally, the time had come. Donny turned three and was ready for his first ride. Genaro wasn't scared at all, he knew the stallion was one to trust, specially after working with him so hard. He liked clicker training, and tried it with this horse. The results were great, despite Donny's first time confussion and the food anxiety he showed sometimes.

    Genaro decided to take the stallion to the outside arena first, they almost never worked in the indoor one. Plus, bright colored fences would be a surprising addition to their first time riding. The tobiano felt a little uncomfortable wearing polos, he was used to only wearing bell boots. The weight of the rider made him pin his ears and flick his tail: a warning. "It's me, big guy, just me" The man whispered reasuringly, and tried to mount again.

    We don't want to start using a bit on him just yet, maybe he'll do fine in just a bitless bridle. The same with any other add-on, let's see if he works fine without a crop and spurs. This ride was only a long rein walk, wind caught them early and they had to return to the stables.

  • Who let the dogs out (6/11/2019)


    Who let the dogs out
    Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof
    Who let the dogs out
    Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof
    -Who let the dogs out, Baha Men-

    Technically not dogs, but equally crazy and spunky. It was Buckskin Wednesday here at Unique Steeds Stables. Despite being the same age, these yearlings are very different. Sunny, the chimera one, leads their little duet. While Oro, the Gypsy cross, prefers to follow her around, following his own slow rythm.

    "Hey, Paulina, won't you take the yearlings out?" Mar, the vet, shouted from her office, which is located right inside the barn. She was too focused on sending papers to the new leasers, so she didn't notice the wind blowing outside and the dark clouds above. "They aren't little winged horsies" The other girl simply said, even though she didn't receive a reply.

    Paulina was kind of new around the stable, but she knew the ways. So instead of waiting for Mar to unstick her eyes from the computer, she texted Lorenzo, the groom. He was basically the second in command when it came to riders, plus he knew every horse well. He told the girl to let the yearlings in the indoor pen without taking their blankets off. She also had to put bell boots on Oro, his big hooves made him uncomfortable. It was quite a challenge, since he isn't one to trust anybody.

  • The two buckskin are beautiful! Little Providenza is very cute :heart_eyes:

  • @Borja-Domecq thanks, you can never go wrong with a cream horse :wink:

  • Daredevil (8/11/2019)


    I guess I just must be a daredevil
    I don't feel anything until I smash it up
    I'm caught on the cold, caught on the hot
    Not so with the warmer lot
    And all I want's a confidante
    To help me laugh it off
    -Daredevil, Fiona Apple-

    When the staff found out Nora and Alba won a horse in an auction, it was when they unloaded it from the trailer. Those ladies, they were always trying to give the riders a heart attack. And they did this time, because the stallion was huge. A gentle giant? A madman? They didn't really know. They had money in their pockets and decided to bid on the beautiful sabino beast. "Surprise surprise! We bought you a new toy!" Alba cheered as she clapped her hands, The riders didn't like the idea, since they were on vacation.

    After a calm week to meet the place and the other horses, Kilborn's Maverick Merlot was ready for a light ride. He seemed to be calm but challenging when he was challenged. Lorenzo learned it when he tried to pick up one of his hind hooves without a nice attitude and almost got kicked on the guts. The stallion, called Rick, didn't get along with our boys, so we will leave him alone in his own pasture.

    All the riders had horses assigned, except Carter. Carter Loomis is Paulina's cousin and follows her everywhere he can. And we like him because he's a though guy, adores working with savage and difficult horses. Bucks? He's in. Kicks like a mule? He's in. So we kind of threw him on and waited for the stallion to unravel his fury. And he did. Walking with long reins or on the bit was fine for him, he looked like a Dressage horse. But try to ask for a trot. He refused to get on the bit, lifting his head repeatedly and doing some kind of walk-trot combination. Carter chuckled and held on with his knees, he decided to go without stirrups and was regretting it.


    Carter stopped the work after 30 minutes. He felt it was enough for the first time and was already planning a way to fix that bad behaviour. Maybe it was a tack issue, because veterinary problems were out, Mar had checked him. Louisa and Lorenzo were the public during the stallion's first display, making horror faces while Rick made Carter curse. "He's a good boy, see?" The girl offered the beast a carrot, and he ate it peacefully. "Lorenzo, can I ask for a favor?" Carter pat the stallion's neck "I really like this horse but he's way too itchy. Can you check his skin? Or give him a deep bath, maybe there's something wrong Mar didn't notice and that's why he bucks".

    Welcome to the massive Kilborn's Maverick Merlot! I checked many auctions and this guy caught my eye. Thanks @Regina-Walker, we will make him a champion

  • You kind of miss his headmarking ;)

  • @Regina-Walker you're right! I didn't notice. Can you send me the file or can I replace it for something similar?

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Please find something similar. I have over 1000 headmarkings and I can't remember which one I used for him xD

  • Fail (9/11/2019)


    It's shameful
    Our standards are sinking
    We're barely hanging on
    Our spirit has gone
    And once where it shone
    I hear a lonesome song
    -Fail, Depeche Mode-

    Before deciding to lease our competing horses, we had a competition day full of problems, about a month ago. It was the Golden Jumpoff I, the arena was lovely and perfect for a winning day. But one of our mares, Zaamena, wasn't ready. The groom noticed she was uneasy and too alert for her personality. Luckily, he always makes sure to bring a variety of tack elements, just in case something happens.

    "Better use this bit, Angie. And cover her ears, the music out there is loud" Lorenzo recommended the mare's rider as he brusehd her mane. "Use bell boots too, we don't want her getting hurt in case of a spook" He kept saying. The stallion that accompanied them was perfect, even better than in his training days.

    Despite the effort of the girl to keep her mare going, they obtained a poor 6 score. The tobiano kept ignoring the bit, throwing her head and throwing kicks after every jump. On the last fence, bad luck played and the mare stopped before the jump. Not only that, but one of the stirrup leathers broke. Nobody got hurt, and we checked the mare's health before sending her to her new leaser.

  • Why do I see your foal only now? it is so cute <3 the head marking fits it perfectly!

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld of course I already made the adult version of Pippi and the marking looks even better! It's perfect for her

  • No easy this mare but she's beautiful :) you'll do better next time don't worry, there are sometimes bad times I know that ;)

  • @Eloïse-Newport she's the most bombproof mare we own, we don't know what happened. We hope she's back to normal with her leaser

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