Unique Steeds Stables: Farewell Bach -24/1- (Comments welcome)

  • Unique Steeds Stables

    Get to know us:
    Let's go back to year 1985 and we'll find a man with a dream and a horse. That man was Victorio Bianchi, nothing more than an immigrant that got a second hand colt that was worth less than his weight in flour. His name was Joker, he was short and stocky but had springs under his hooves. Unluckily, there are no pictures of the pair, but people said they were a show of their own, they always had the spotlight.

    Long story short, the worthless colt grew up to be a winning stallion. With a lot of effort and hours of working hard, Victorio bought a beautiful property in Buenos Aires, Argentina and partenered up with celebrities of the riding world to build a breeding facility. The award-winning stallion helped too.

    When Joker died, Victorio wrote a heartful letter. He described the animal like "a mind of his own. He had his ups and downs like everyone else" and said that "he was a rebel at heart but also a disciplined horse". The man also remembered a scene: "I was sitting in his stall, knees to my chest. Joker was staring at me, his ears perked up, his tail flicking at the flies. Out of nowhere, he nudged my head with his muzzle and then kept it close to me. I felt like he was telling me he was with me, I had his support".

    Victorio also had a beautiful family that helped him go through the rough patches of life. Almost all of his descendants are and were equestrians. His smart and vivacious granddaughter inherited the property, named Unique Steeds Stables. She only deals with the paper work, because her young daughter is the one that knows the most.

  • Facility

    Located in the beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina, our facility offers quality housing for breeding and competing horses. The weather usually let us do our daily chores and not getting any snow and below zero temperatures is a plus.

    This is where some of our riders live, as well as our grooms and vets. Since not everything is work, riders that don't live here are welcome to relax here.


    This barn-like structure is where we keep our trucks and trailers, always ready to take the horses to a show.


    Our Cross Country course offers a not so deep pond where horses are cooled down in summer. We also use it as a trail for relaxing rides.


    Each of our barns has a pasture behind it, where horses are let out every morning to live like horses. Mares and yearlings are let out together, and stallions and geldings together.


    We have two barns and they both look exactly like this. Inside, there's room for 18 adult horses, 2 mares with foals and one small box for keeping an eye for sick horses. A vet office is also inside the barn, along with two washing stalls, one tack room and one pen in the middle, just in case rain doesn't allow us to let the horses outside.


    Our indoor arena also has two little pens outside, so the horses waiting to work or already worked can wait there


    Our outside arena is perfect for Show Jumping and Show Hunters courses. Also has a place where the public can sit and enjoy.


    To the right and left of our indoor arena, are the roundpens. Here we lunge the horses.


    Everything made by me except the indoor arena made by Morticia and the world, made by Cheshire Farms.

  • Staff

    alt text
    Aurora Bianchi

    • 20 years old.

    • Rider assigned to USS Kannjay.

    • Her mother owns Unique Steeds Farms.

    • Aurora basically runs the whole place. Her bossy personality took her where she is right now, so that's something she wouldn't change about herself. Despite being always annoying others so they do their tasks, she gets along well with the other riders, which she considers a family.

    alt text
    Dante Miravelis

    • 26 years old.

    • He came to Unique Steeds Stables because he worked for another breeding facility and he wasn't needed there anymore.

    • Rider assigned to USS Oh Figaro and USS Pan D'oro.

    • Dante is a total introvert and hard working person. Being so quiet is probably why he was paired with the hurricane that is his assigned horse, the wild Gary. When he's at the rider's lounge you'll find him reading and occasinally chatting with Lorenzo, the only one he considers a friend.

    alt text
    Ángeles "Angie" Arce

    • 19 years old.

    • Angie ended up at the stables because her girlfriend (who she met when taking riding classes) dragged her there.

    • Rider assigned to USS Zaamena.

    • This unexperienced rider was dragged to work here by her girlfriend, Lana. She is very insecure of her riding skills but still cheerful and smiling. Angie is always trying to learn, so she sticks around the place's riding instructor or watches the other riders train.

    alt text
    Louisa "Lou" Whittaker

    • 22 years old.

    • She had a gut feeling that she had to work with horses instead of just drawing them. So, after taking lessons for 7 years, she found a spot here.

    • Rider assigned to USS Primadonna.

    • This girl walks around being totally carefree. If she has a good day, fine, and if she doesn't, it's fine too, her positivism keeps her going. Lou is an artsy person, that's why there's a guitar in the rider's lounge and a lectern so she can paint. Sometimes she has a hard time fitting at the stables, she is very close to her twin sister but now Lana hangs a lot with Angie.

    alt text
    Lana Whittaker

    • 22 years old.

    • Lana never stands too far from her twin sister, Louisa, so she followed her to Unique Steeds Stables, to begin a new adventure.

    • Photographer and rider assigned to USS Sins not Tragedies and Foxen Cornetta

    • Lana is the opposite of her sister: a pesimist. Bad days take her down way too quickly, but luckily she never gives up. Having Angie beside her helped her a lot, even though they both criticize their riding skills constantly.

    alt text
    Lorenzo Paz

    • 27 years old.

    • He is Aurora's best friend since that 2006 Summer Camp at the riding school. When the previous groom quit, his friend decided to call him.

    • Groom.

    • Lorenzo is too perfeccionist for his own good. All horses are always shiny, their manes are braided when they're at the pastures and they're perfectly trimmed. Even his clothes are never dirty, doesn't matter what he does. He also has the tendency to overshare.

    alt text
    Nora Smith

    • 53 years old.

    • Nora was a famous rider back in her days and was Alba Bianchi's rival in the arena. They ended up being friends and now co-own the place.

    • Trainer and co-owner.

    • Nora is a calm and patient woman that doesn't tolerate fooling around when she's working. Being with the horses is special and she knows they must be respected. She tries to prepare her pupils to be the best while still caring about the horse and communicating in a subtle way.

    alt text
    Alba Bianchi

    • 40 years old.

    • Alba is Aurora's mother, granddaughter of a famous rider, who founded the stables. It passed down through generations.

    • Co-owner.

    • Alba is the sweet mother eveyone would love to have. Except that she's not. Despite that soft smile, she can turn into a very competitive and serious person. Winning is important for her and she is always roaming around the arenas, making sure everyone is doing fine.

    alt text
    Marlene "Mar" Evans

    • 30 years old.

    • Mar helped Dante at a horse show a few years ago. So when there was an emergency at the stables, the crew didn't think it twice before calling her. The girl felt so welcomed there that decided to take the veterinary spot.

    • Vet.

    • There is no chance Mar is going to give up when she wants something. Maybe she will pause her goal a couple weeks or months, but then she's back at it with renewed energies. There's something nobody can forget about her: how flirty she always seems. She's all naughty smiles and chuckles with everyone, you'll never guess she likes you.

    Genaro Franchese

    • 36 years old.

    • Unique Steeds Stables wanted to hire a new rider and posted an add. Genaro just got kicked out his job at another stable and had to take his mare somewhere else. He ended up offering his mare as a surrogate and got a job here.

    • Rider assigned to USS Marvelous Don

    • Genaro is kind of a gentle giant, trying to be friends with everyone. The other riders think he has a soft spot for Lorenzo and maybe even likes him, but we don't know yet. He likes natural horsemanship and clicker training, maybe he'll work this way with his assigned horse.

    Paulina Mora

    • 25 years old.

    • Paulina used to ride with her best friend from highschool, Marlene. When the stables needed a new rider to handle a young horse, the vet suggested her for the job.

    • Rider assigned to USS Sunderlaand

    • In a few words, she's a social media addict. Sometimes she cares about what people think about her and sometimes she doesn't, but posting pics is her thing. She also has a soft spot for cute animal babies, so pairing her up with a yearling was a good idea. She can be competitive but will never hate on a rider because they're better than her.

    Carter Loomis

    • 27 years old.

    • He's Paulina's cousin, the one that always had her back. He also has a special thing for crazy and hard horses, so we knew he'd be a good addition to the team.

    • Rider assigned to Kilborn's Maverick Merlot.

    • He likes to ride crazy horses because he's crazy too. He could look at a rearing horse dead in the eye and he wouldn't flinch, fear isn't an option. He can be brave and strong, but also a little goofy, really liked to play pranks on the staff.

    Caroline "Cara" Van Haussen

    • 24 years old.

    • Caroline came to us thaks to an exchange program. She comes from Canada, where she was a FEI level rider. When her first and only horse passed away, she thought a new start in a new country would be good.

    • Rider assigned to USS Marsala's Fall.

    • We have the social media addict, and on the other hand there's the fashion obsessed. A good pair, I admit. In her country, she was sponsored by all kinds of riding clothes brands, maybe that's why she likes to be stylish. Besides that, she can be a little down sometimes, because of how much she misses her horse.

  • Horses

    USS Kannjay aka Jay

    • 5 years old Bay Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) stallion (Foundation x Foundation)

    • Competes in Show Jumping and Show Hunters.

    • To summarize his personality, he is a very calm horse, you couldn't guess he's a stallion (unless there are mares neraby). If someone else bothers him, he will put limits. Enjoys jumping but prefers relaxing when he's at the pasture. His best friend, Gary, sometimes tries to make him play and rarely succeeds.

    USS Sins not Tragedies aka Shimmy

    • 7 years old Sooty Buckskin Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) stallion (Foundation x Foundation)

    • Competes in Eventing and Show Jumping.

    • Shimmy is a true stallion: stubborn, challenging and moody. He makes an extra effort everyday to make sure everyone understands he hates them and won't play, even if his life depends of it. His ground manners are awful but at least he accepts being ridden. Slowly and with patience, he's getting better at the riding thing.

    Kilborn's Maverick Merlot aka Rick (Bought from @Regina-Walker)

    • 5 years old Bay Sabino Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) stallion (Foundation x Foundation)

    • Competes in Show Jumping and Show Hunters.

    • Rick is way too excitable. A small workout or task gets him all worked up, sometimes in a wrong way. At the start of a training session, he will always avoid the bit. Rick doesn't get along with our males, only with Bartholomew, his own minion. We had to get the pony because the big stud became a wrecker, biting and kicking fences and stall door.

    TBS New York Minute aka York (Bought from @Zatanna-Westerlund)

    • 5 years old Sooty Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) stallion (Cupid S x PCRA End of Me)

    • Competes in Show Jumping and Show Hunters.

    • York is the closest we have to a gentleman. He has great ground manners and loves everyone in the staff. But there's one thing about him that makes him a llitle hard: you have a doubt and he won't jump. This stallion takes care of himself before his rider, so if he's unsure about something, he will stop and throw her over the fence.

    USS Marvelous Don aka Donny

    • 4 years old Blue Roan Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) stallion (Courtour's Messick x USS Primadonna)

    • Competes in Show Hunters and Show Jumping.

    • Donny is a sweetheart. He likes peace and cooperation, always stays away from trouble. It's hard for him to understand certain things the humans ask, but still makes his best. I think the phrase "No scope, no hope" suits him perfectly, he tends to exaggerate jumps' height. A total saint but is hard to bridle, he knows how to use his height.

    alt text
    GVH Newfoundland aka Newbie (Secret Santa gift from @Claire-von-Hohenfeld)

    • 4 years old Flaxen Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) stallion (Foundation x Foundation)

    • Competes in Show Hunters and Show Jumping.

    • Don't let his height and bulk fool you, he is actually a sweet bear. He may have a few stallion moments under saddle, but is well behaved for his age. He likes wasting his energy by chasing a ball all around the pasture. Despite trying to take over the role of leader of the herd, Shimmy won't let him.

    USS One of the Drunks aka One

    • 1 year old Chestnut Dominant White Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) colt (USS Sins not Tragedies x PCRA Butterfly Effect)

    • Doesn't compete yet.

    • One is the kind of horse that sees things nobody else sees, he just spooks at everything. Maybe he can see ghosts. Grooming him is easy as long as you don't bring new tools and we suspect putting a blanket on him will take decades. The other horses sometimes bully him but he is fine with that.

    USS Oh Figaro aka Gary

    • 5 years old Black Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) gelding (Foundation x Foundation)

    • Competes in Eventing and Show Jumping.

    • This cute gelding is a dork, he really wants to please his rider on the first try but is a bit clumsy. Just like a little kid, he causes a lot of trouble around the barn (can untie himself and others, for example). His favorite activity of the day is being in the pasture with the stallions and annoying them in a playful way. We thought this guy would be a perfect fit for little people, so he is now part of our child and teen riders team.

    USS Pan D'oro aka Oro

    • 3 years old Buckskin Sabino International Sporthorse (Dutch Warmblood x Gypsy Vanner) gelding (USS Kannjay x SiLS Diosa de Oro)

    • Doesn't compete yet.

    • This somewhat big guy can't intimidate anyone with his shy personality. He doesn't trust everybody and prefers to play on his own, maybe with a ball or fallen leaves. Unless his good friend Sunny is around annoying him. He came to us without his mom, and maybe that's why he has trust issues. We decided to keep him as a horse for our child and teen riders.

    alt text
    GVH Terre-Neuve aka Neuve (Secret Santa gift from @Claire-von-Hohenfeld)

    • 4 years old Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding horse) gelding (Foundation x Foundation)

    • Competes in Eventing and Show Hunters.

    • We chose Neuve to be one of our horses for the child and teen team of riders. He seems to get along with shy people and has a few quirks that make us laugh. For example, he will try to walk away the second you put a foot on the stirrup. He can be seen alone at the pasture, or hanging out only with Newbie, since they came together.

    USS Zaamena aka Big Z

    • 8 years old Chestnut Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) mare (Foundation x Foundation)

    • Competes in Eventing and Show Jumping.

    • This lady is the most peaceful around. You can throw any rider on her back and she will behave like a professional, making her best to understand what she's asked to do. Unless the fences are tall, in that case amateurs won't be able to ride her. The only problem we have, is taking her back to the stables from the pasture, she will run around teasingly.

    USS Primadonna aka Donna

    • 5 years old Red Roan Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) mare (Foundation x Foundation)

    • Competes in Show Hunters and Eventing.

    • Donna is a weird mix of the typical moody mare and the sweetheart. She gets distracted easily and can stare in the distance deep in thought for hours, or can engage in the training and find new ways of solving tasks. Being totally alone is very stressing for her and prefers to be near living things at all times, specially youngsters.

    Foxen Cornetta aka Netti (Bought from @Emilia-Fox)

    • 5 years old Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) mare (WJS The New Mozart x Royal Beauty S)

    • Competes in Eventing and Show Jumping.

    • She can be called a duty filler: ask and she'll do. She won't work fine with any rider on her back, but someone experienced will definitely have the easiest ride of their lives. The mare's so soft she can even be led with a hackamore on a difficult Cross Country round. Those rounds can get muddy but luckily she loves being bathed.

    USS Marsala's Fall aka Sally

    • 5 years old Bay Sabino Grey Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) mare (Kilborn's Maverick Merlot x SCA Winter Wonderland)

    • Competes in Show Hunters and Eventing.

    • Since we got her, we know she has a talent for jumping, but we also know it's always a risk with her. When she has the crazy days, she's prone to getting injuries. It's always a scratch on one leg or maybe a chunk of mane pulled off for scratching too hard, we hope it never gets worse. Besides that, she likes humans and enjoys being asked for new tasks. She also has some kind of emotional gift and can tell when someone is feeling down.

    USS Sunderlaand aka Sunny

    • 2 years old Buckskin Tobiano (Bay chimera) Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) mare (Fredrikelof's Exeter x USS Zaamena)

    • Doesn't compete yet.

    • Despite showing copious amount of sass as a foal, Sunny matured to be a somewhat decent mare. She still bullies other horses and occasionally tries to kick you, but her manners got better. Her madness is still there though, but she uses that while training. Charging fences at full speed is her thing.

    alt text
    USS Providenza aka Pippi

    • 2 years old Bay Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) mare (WHEC Syriusz x USS Primadonna)

    • Doesn't compete yet.

    • This filly is a bomb, almost literally. We like to think she only has some kind of temporal behaviour or agresivity issue. If things aren't going the way she wants, if you make a minimal mistake, you're out. She kicked her first knee when she was four days old, that has to be a record! Being still isn't her favorite thing, but we're working on it.

    USS Denied Highlight aka Dani

    • 1 year old Red Roan Dutch Warmblood (Gelderlander) filly (USS Marvelous Don x Gallaway's Hidden Treasure)

    • Doesn't compete yet.

    • Dani may be small, but is already a leader. She bosses the other foals around like a mother and does it without even using violence. We noticed she really likes grazing, it's weird to see something stopping her from eating.

    USS Chesenka aka Chess

    • 1 year old Smoky Black Roan Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) filly (TBS Kanto x Foxen Cornetta)

    • Doesn't compete yet.

    • Chess knows nothing about humans' personal space and will try to cuddle all the time, specially if you have something sweet on you. With the herd she is a little indiferent, sometimes follows the other foals and sometimes she doesn't.

    Rosalee aka Lazy

    • 8 years old Bay Frame Draft Cross mare.

    • She doesn't compete, she's a surrogate mare.

    • Lazy is, well, lazy. She came to us with her owner, Genaro, who needed a job and a place to board his mare. She would do anything for him, they tend to play at liberty a lot. She prefers to stay away from the other mares, they are moody and she prefers peace. We found out she's a good mom, a patient one but is never afraid to put limits on her children.

    Bartholomew aka B

    • 6 years old Bay Leopard Appaloosa American Miniature Horse stallion.

    • He doesn't compete, he's a pony companion.

    • Bartholomew is a star. His stallion-ness is even bigger than his little body, which makes him the perfect partner for Rick. Grooming him and bathing him is hell, luckily he doesn't need workout because his neurotic self keeps him running side to side all day.

  • Boys (5/7/2019)


    But I was busy thinking 'bout boys
    Boys, boys
    I was busy dreaming 'bout boys
    Boys, boys
    Head is spinning thinking 'bout boys
    -Boys, Charli XCX-

    First time at the place with her camera and Lana was eager to photograph everything. She got introduced to her assigned horse earlier that week and was still getting to know his quirks and traits. He was for sure a suspicious animal.

    When Aurora and Dante decided to let their assigned horses loose in a pasture, Lana thought hers could join too. "Jay is a chill guy, we have nothing to worry about" Aurora said as they walked towards the gate with their horses. Dante, a man of few words, only added "Gary is silly". The black gelding he was leading shook his head, like he agreed. Shimmy, the buckskin stallion, moved with his ears lowered and his tail flicking.

    The animals played for about ten minutes before relaxing and grazing peacefully. Gary would occasionally annoy his best friend Jay, while Shimmy preferred to pin his ears at the others.

    Featuring USS Kannjay, USS Oh Figaro and USS Sins not Tragedies

  • Like I'm gonna lose you (7/7/2019)


    So I'm gonna love you like I'm gonna lose you
    And I'm gonna hold you like I'm saying goodbye
    Wherever we're standing
    I won't take you for granted
    'Cause we'll never know when, when we'll run out of time
    -Like I'm gonna lose you, Meghan Trainor & John Legend-

    Angie, Lana, Aurora, Dante and Nora arrived at the Sweepers Classic and almost ran to the stables. Lorenzo was already there, making sure the horses were all right and pampering them as usual. Lou wasn't competing this time, but was there to cheer for her teammates and offer the horses treats when they exited the arena.

    "No matter what, you are champions, my children" Nora gave her team a warm smile while they warmed up before the class started. They all seemed confident, the animals were relaxed and working just fine. But Lana noticed something was off in her girlfriend's face and didn't think twice before approaching "What's up, babe?". Angie looked up at her and sighed, her eyes were shinning with tears "I will fail. I'm sure something's going wrong". The other girl reached out to gently pet the other mare's neck "Show your horse confidence and everything will be fine".

    Featuring USS Sins not Tragedies, Lana Whittaker, USS Zaamena and Ángeles Arce

  • Something just like this (15/7/2019)


    I'm not looking for somebody
    With some superhuman gifts
    Some superhero
    Some fairytale bliss
    Just something I can turn to
    Somebody I can kiss
    I want something just like this
    -Something just like this, The Chainsmokers & Coldplay-

    Aurora sighed as she watched the stallion sleep. They had just arrived from the Shore's End Show Hunters Trial...it was a good day. Maybe he bucked a few times and that made him lose the hunter spirit, but still, she was proud of the young stallion. He was that typical, big bay that you see at any Show Hunters competition, but had the spirit of a panther.

    With her leaning on the stall door and looking down at him, he looked so small and powerless. He was a dream come true, so perfect, the exact mix of sass and sweetness. As a stallion, he was expected to be excited around mares, but he wasn't. He even traveled with Donna next to him to the show and didn't move a single muscle. The mare nibbled on his mane a bit and flirted, but he just looked away instantly.

    "Oh, Jay..." The girl whispered "You're what I was looking for"

    Featuring USS Kannjay

  • Sweet child o' mine (16/7/2019)


    She's got a smile it seems to me
    Reminds me of childhood memories
    Where everything
    Was as fresh as the bright blue sky
    -Sweet child o' mine, Guns N' Roses-

    Alba had a lot of memories roaming her mind, memories of when her father owned the stables. He would make her guess what gender the foal would be, and sometimes even the color. She could even remember each detail of the nights they spent camping together outside of some pregnant mare's stall, waiting for her to give birth. Her siblings didn't enjoy the equestrian life and found birth gross, but little Alba appreciated the miracle of a foal's first steps.

    "We...have a baby!" Marlene exclaimed, pulling her arm out the mad mare, who was instantly offered a few sugar cubes for the good behaviour. Alba hugged the girl and they both praised Donna. The mare didn't understand why she was being hugged and rubbed all over, so she just limited herself to enjoy the treats. "I gotta tell Lorenzo, he's going to go crazy when he finds out we might have a little tobiano" Alba laughed, she knew the groom loved having the horses all clean.

    We are happy to announce USS Primadonna is pregnant with a foal from Courtour's Messick. Let's see what the future holds for us!
    Featuring Alba Bianchi, Marlene Evand and USS Primadonna

  • ME! (21/7/2019)

    0_1563688834961_Screenshot-3.jpg !

    I know I tend to make it about me
    I know you never get just what you see
    But I will never bore you, baby
    -ME!, Taylor Swift & Brendon Urie-

    The stallion knew what was going on, Dante could feel it. He always had that thing of talking to horses without saying a word, maybe that was why he was so quiet. He wasn't sure why Alba wanted to lease this horse at first, but when he saw the animal load in the trailer so calmly, he knew. Having a Dressage horse around would be a good experience for all the riders, specially if the stallion was easy to ride. At least he was easy to handle.

    "I'm on my way" Dante texted Mar and sighed. Would the new horse be a good excuse to spend time with her? Since new horses need veterinary check.ups and this one wasn't exactly young. The girl didn't answer so the man just got on the truck and drove away. He day dreamed about the achievements he would have with LSF Dee, the grey that was going to his new temporary home, the whole way.

    After arriving safe and sound and receiving some cuddles from his new caretaker, Dee was let out in a big pasture to settle. At first, the horse trotted, snorted and bucked like crazy, but ended up staring into the distance under the watch of Dante and Angie. "Oh damn, I will definitely fall off that giant thing" The girl pointed out and widened her eyes a little. "We all know insecurities makes us fall, not horses..." Dante gave her a quick look and kept watching the next prize earner.

    We are happy to welcome LSF Dee, a lovely Holsteiner we are currently leasing indefinitely. Thanks @Celia-Acosta for trusting us

  • It's time (24/7/2019)


    It's time to begin, isn't it?
    I get a little bit bigger but then I'll admit
    I'm just the same as I was
    Now don't you understand
    I'm never changing who I am
    -It's time, Imagine Dragons-

    "You are bouncing like crazy!" Nora exclaimed, maybe a little too loud. She knew Angie couldn't deal with pressure, but also knew that if she took her riders to a clinic or something similar, they had to just go with it, "Deepen that seat or you will be bouncing for another fifteen minutes" The woman threatened as she watched the mare and the girl pass by her for the hundredth time. "I know Dressage isn't your discipline, but we're just going back to the basics..." Nora sighed and put her hands on her hips "You better take this seriously, it's the foundation for making a good horse the best horse"

    Angie was tired of all the talking of her trainer. Yes, she knew she had to stop bouncing. She knew she wasn't ready for Dressage (well, she didn't even like it). But she knew that Big Z kept herself in order even when the rider was a mess. "You'll get plenty of treats for this, baby" The young woman whispered at her horse and ran a hand down her neck while Nora wasn't looking. The other riders helped her build her confidence everytime they could, but it fell down when she saw them ride. Plus, the other horses weren't as easy as Zaamena.

    While the rider was lost in thought, her hips softened and she stopped bouncing without noticing. "See, Angie?" Nora pretended to clap without making noise and a small smile formed on her face "I love your focus but sometines you have to let yourself go" The woman made her do a few circles trotting and then let her cool down. "Well done, girl, I can see you have a great future in the sport. Just don't overthink"

    Featuring USS Zaamena and Ángeles Arce

  • Fly away (28/7/2019)


    I wish that I could fly
    Into the sky
    So very high
    Just like a dragonfly
    I'd fly above the trees
    Over the seas in all degrees
    To anywhere I please
    -Fly away, Lenny Kravitz-

    It was the first time the team traveled to a show by themselves, without their encouraging trainer Nora. It was just the twins, Dante and Lorenzo, the groom. Traveling together was fun, they bonded in the truck while singing old songs and eating chips all the way. The horses didn't have the same luck, since Shimmy, the only stallion traveling, was a grumpy handful. He made a huge scene before exiting the trailer, tail raised and nostrils flared. While his companions just watched him and his drama. The quiet gelding, Gary, was a little vocal that day, he didn't like to be apart from his friend, Jay, the bay stallion.

    Lorenzo managed to keep Gary clean while they waited for their class, which was a miracle. The dork couldn't stop rolling or rubbing himself against dirty things. Sometimes he even scratched his belly while eating, resulting in a shiny coat ruined. Anyways, he wad the groom's favourite, he always made everyone laugh. Donna kept herself away from trouble like always, just taking in her new surroundings and swishing her tail at invisible flies. The mare was always looking into the distance like she wasn't really there, The stallion kept himself busy nipping at the people that passed by his stall, showing how much he hated people.

    Lana's course was difficult as hell. Her horse bucked and tried to avoid the fences again and again. He used to be a hunter prospect but his personality kept him away from the hunter ring. Still, the girl liked challenges and was happy to be paired with the moody buckskin. Dante adored his horse, which seemed to be as shy as he was sometimes. The animal followed orders as best as he could, but was prone to tripping or stumbling over things. And Donna loved the cross country course, having all the jumps look the same bored her.


    USS Sins not Tragedies with Lana Whittaker and USS Oh Figaro with Dante Miravelis, competing in the Novice class, Morgan Park Horse Trials II

  • Ohhhh look at my boy Dee!! He looks so happy in your stables <3 Glad everything is going okay :D

    Ps: I might steal Figaro :eyes: xd

  • Baby mine (1/8/2019)


    Baby mine, don’t you cry.
    Baby mine, dry your eyes.
    Rest your head, close to my heart,
    Never to part, baby of mine.
    -Classic lullaby from the movie Dumbo-

    Nobody at all was expecting this to be the day. Well, the night. All the riders trained like everyday, Lorenzo made sure the horses were groomed like everyday and Nora spent a good part of her day yelling at the riders like everyday. Lou couldn't ride because her assigned mare was pregnant, so she just helped around. Mar had been checking meticulously on the future mom for the last three days and there were no signs of birth. Plus, she had another week to go. But nature knows best and the girl's calculation failed.

    Luckily, Louise had a gut feeling that told her to stay. So she placed some blankets on the floor, outside of the mare's stall and laid there. She even brought her guitar to play the animal a few songs she knew she enjoyed, like the songs from The Beauty and The Beast or some soft blues. The woman noticed the mare wasn't calm, but thought the rattling of the leaves outside made her upset and just went to sleep.

    The panicked pacing of the mare woke her up, along with strong snorts. When Lou woke up and saw the mare had a bag hanging behind her, she knew what was going on. She took a few seconds to calm herself down before calling Marlene, who luckily lived on the property. The foal wasn't easy to get out and it...wasn't awake. The vet only shouted "We have a colt!" before beginning to wake him up. He was breathing faintly and his heart was beating, but the baby didn't move. Donna seemed to have an automatic motherly instinct and stood up quickly to lick her quiet newborn.

    While the vet tried her best to wake the foal and keep him warm on a breezy spring night, his mother kept licking and nuzzling him. Louise decided to call her sister for support, so the both were standing aside, her faces showed they were worried. The foal had a dark grey colour painted with white, and a very thin interrupted blaze on his head. The moment the newborn opened his big brown eyes and neighed, all the girls sighed and ran to hug and congratulate each other.

    The colt didn't stand until the next morning, so the three had to work hard to make him nurse. They decided to keep the birth a secret until the next day, they didn't need more nervous people panicking around.

    After a big scare, we are excited to anounce the birth of USS Marvelous Don. First time mom Donna and her little one are currently in stall rest for a few days.

  • Competition Committee

    He looks so sweet, congrats on a healthy foal! :two_hearts:

  • @Rena-Cort thanks! I can see a lot of Messi in him

  • Malibu (15/8/2019)


    I never came to the beach or stood by the ocean
    I never sat by the shore under the sun with my feet in the sand
    But you brought me here and I'm happy that you did
    'Cause now I'm as free as birds catching the wind
    -Malibu, Miley Cyrus-

    "Come on, show those rosettes!" Lana, the stable's photographer, shouted. Having her mates competing near the beach was a beautiful experience for her, since everything was aesthetically pleasing. And it wasn't just a show, it was a Hunters show, and hunters are always stylish. Lorenzo made the horses look super shiny, they were worth a short photoshoot at the beach after the show,

    Aurora knew her assigned horse made weird faces when she blew air into his nostrils, so she went for a funny looking pic. She tried to get the young stallion into the sea, but there was no way he was going to step into the abyss. Waves and sea foam look a lot like a plastic bag, his worst fear. "Dear Jay, you just ruined my chance at getting a social media worthy pic..." The woman chuckled as she led the horse away from the horse-eating water.

    Lou didn't take the risk of ruining a perfectly groomed mare by getting her into the salty sea, her mane was healthy and didn't need salt on it. She decided to go for a professional look in her pictures, showing off the pretty scenario behind them. The breeze, the seagulls and a friendly horse, she couldn't ask for more.


    USS Kannjay and Aurora Bianchi got the third place in the schooling division. USS Primadonna and Louisa Whittaker got the fourth place in the crossrail division. Both competed in the Shore's End Show Hunter Trials - 1st Circuit

  • Here I am (23/8/2019)


    It's a new world it's a new start
    It's alive with the beating of young hearts
    It's a new day it's a new plan
    I've been waiting for you
    Here I am
    -Here I am, Bryan Adams-

    Months passed by and the new colt became a spoiled ball of energy. He was the only baby around so everyone liked to pass by and scratch his face or kiss his soft muzzle. Lorenzo usually passed by and tried to get hay off the colt's mane, Lana wasn't sure about his health so she just preferred not to get too attached, Lou was found sketching him once, Angie couldn't stop asking Mar things about raising a foal, Dante kept his distance and Aurora cuddled him whenever she could.

    But today was the end of his stall rest. His lungs were strong enough and, if kept in the stall, he could get injured. The safest thing was to finally turn him out until he turns one year old, like they do at Unique Steeds Stables. It's a warm spring in Buenos Aires, so he shouldn't have any problem with sleeping outside. His only human contact will happen when his mom has to be trained or if she has to travel to a show.

    We wish our first colt good luck! USS Marvelous Don aka Donny will spend what's left of this year in almost absolute freedom. We hope this toughens our weak baby.
    Featuring USS Marvelous Don and USS Primadonna

  • Paparazzi (1/9/2019)


    We're rock glamorous
    Not sure what it means
    But this photo of us
    It don't have a price
    Ready for those flashing lights
    -Paparazzi, Lady Gaga-

    Finally, our first colt ever turned one year old and was ready to begin his registration process. Surprinsingly, Nora was the most excited, she couldn't stop telling everyone they were having a photoshoot that day. Maybe it was the thrill of knowing he was closer to being ridden, maybe it was just the excitement of seeing the weak newborn turn into a strong yearling.

    The riders were all over the place too, like they were in love with the sweet Donny. He was definitely a pleaser, anything you ask he would try to do it. Putting a halter on for the first time wasn't a problem at all, only separating him from the other horses was difficult. The yearling seemed to enjoy peace and company. "Move to the right. No...no, the left has better light!" Nora's loud shouting made him (and Lana) nervous, so the pictures for the registration were ready after a long hour.


    Thanks @Shelby-Ryans for the cute pre-made tail. It's beautiful!

    The next step for a succesful registration was taking videos of the yearling moving. It wasn't mandatory to show all three gaits, it was only necessary to make sure the animal wasn't damaged in any way. Donny wasn't a fan of the whip, he wasn't afraid of it but still pinned his ears when he heard the swishing. "It's necessary baby" Aurora, who had the whip, kept repeating everytime the animal tossed his head with pinned ears.


    After the tiring photoshoot, the team decided to let Donny loose in the arena, they never had the oportunity to see him without his mother in a place like that. He didn't act like a normal yearling, He wasn't stressed by new things or terrified of many hands petting his neck. Mar thinks it's because he spent his first weeks of life inside a stall and surrounded by people worried about him.

    Donny is the kind of horse that has a hard time understanding people but tries to please, but always has time to stop and smell the flowers...

    Featuring Nora Smith and USS Marvelous Don

  • All about that bass (7/9/2019)


    Thanks Moonglowlilly from DeviantArt for the super useful water!

    Yeah, it's pretty clear, I ain't no size two
    But I can shake it, shake it
    Like I'm supposed to do
    'Cause I got that boom boom that all
    The boys chase
    -All about that bass, Meghan Trainor-

    A few weeks ago we put up an advertisement because we would need a new rider soon. When our foals become yearlings and it's time to start training them, we want them to begin their journey with whoever is going to ride them after. That creates a special bond and the trust that's necessary for a succesful pair.

    We were surprised when a trailer pulled up at the stables. Nobody was currently there, the mares were at the pasture, the other horses were training or enjoying a good splash at the Cross Country course, the weather was way too hot for them to stay inside. Lorenzo and Mar were nearby, cutting some manes and chatting like two teenagers. So they approached after the truck honked three times in a row.

    "Hey! So I read you were looking for a rider to work with a young horse, am I right?" A man with a beard said from inside the truck and ran his hand through his hair "See, I lost my job and I have a horse that needs a home. I actually raised this mare so I am experienced" He stretched his hand as a way of greeting "I'm Genaro, by the way". The surprised pair shook his hand and quickly called Nora, who was currently in charge of the stable but wasn't there.

    After a few legal arrangements and showing Genaro the place, he unloaded his mare. "See, this girl is lovely but she can't be ridden. We do a little liberty but I'm not interested in competing. I was thinking that she could be a good momma, right Lazy?" The man rubbed the draft cross' cheek and she flicked her tail, maybe agreeing. Mar nodded with a face full of excitement "We could use a surrogate if that's okay!"

    Right when the sun was setting, Lana managed to snap a pic of the newcomers at the Cross Country course. They were clearly enjoying themselves at the pond.

    Featuring Genaro Franchese and Rosalee

  • I will wait (19/9/2019)


    Now I'll be bold
    As well as strong
    And use my head alongside my heart
    -I will wait, Mumford & Sons-

    "The Big Z is bigger than ever" Dante chuckled and eyed Lou. The girl held her camera softly while trying to get a good pic of the pregnant mare. The tobiano wasn't amused by her big belly and was snorting and pawing the grass, her tail swished side to side, her ears were flat to her skull. The hot summer weather didn't make her comfortable. "I'm sure she will love having a little one running around, we saw her playing with Donny earlier" The girl replied and then gave Dante a playful poke "Look who's there..." She knew he was a little shy, but didn't care,

    They watched the pink haired vet as she approached the mare confidently. Dante clearly liked her, but didn't want to make a move, he didn't feel ready yet, plus the girl gave the new staff member the eyes. When the Big Z saw her, she turned around and trotted away as fast as her belly allowed her to. Catching her from the pasture? You better be used to running. The man saw his chance and helped Mar catch the mare.

    Our lovely lady USS Zaamena is expected to foal soon. Her baby's father is Fredrikelof's Exeter, we hope to get a foal full of chrome! I want to credit bupaje of DeviantArt for the grass texture used for the pic

  • Zaamena is sucha a gorgeous mare, I love her white pattern! Very excited to see her foal, I bet it'll be a colourful one :kissing_heart:

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