Unique Steeds Stables: Farewell Bach -24/1- (Comments welcome)

  • @Eloïse-Newport they do :cry: but still it's a joy to see them progress
    @Maria-Jones sometimes we wish time didn't fly, but when you breed horses, it's exciting

  • You spin me round (21/1/2019)


    You spin me right round, baby
    Right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round
    -You spin me round, Dead Or Alive-

    A few days ago, we decided it was time to take some young riders and opened the applications. For now, we aren't wishing to include kids that have never ridden in their lives, we just don't have time to teach them all the basics. The application form required a video of the kid riding to be sent to our e-mail, that way, we made sure we were welcoming someone who knew the basics. We got a lot of applications, but for now decided two were just enough, since our trainer and horses have to get used to children.

    Oro, our Gypsy Vanner cross, is now assigned to Tristan. The gelding is shy and won't trust him for now, but so is the kid. But he is only three years old, soon to be four, so he can learn together with his new little rider. They had time to get to know each other before the first ride, so everything went smoothly. Nora helped the kid lunge the horse first, and his former rider Dante told him everything about his personality and quirks.


    Dante also had to let his other assigned horse go. Gary is now assigned to Vera. They had a special bond but it's only a change of rider, the redhead will keep spoiling the black gelding forever. Since both his assigned horses now work with kids, Dante had the pleasure of watching their first rides, and also organized a game. Using Cross Country flags, he built a course so the kids led the horses. It was something similar to barrel racing, but trotting and walking. Gary felt too free with less weight on his back and tried to buck the girl off, so Dante tought it was better he felt the girl directly on his back. A little bareback riding and neckrope isn't bad for anyone.

    Dante had enough of the excitement of the Cross Country course, so now he will ride Newbie and is assigned to Chess, both future Show Jumping and Show Hunters champions.

    Featuring USS Pan D'oro, Tristan Goldberg, USS Oh Figaro, Vera Ragazzo and Dante Miravelis

  • Too good at goodbyes (24/1/2019)

    alt text

    I know you're thinking I'm heartless
    I know you're thinking I'm cold
    I'm just protecting my innocence
    I'm just protecting my soul
    -Too good at goodbyes, Sam Smith-

    Today didn't start like all other days for Aurora. The fact that Bach was leaving had been on her mind since last night and she barely slept, but still had things to do. This horse, this handsome Sooty Buckskin was her first assigned foal, they both learned together a lot of things and she already had plans for the future. Sadly, their story ended right there, today. She understood the reasons of the sale perfectly, and knew sooner or later he was meant to be sold.

    All the papers were ready, Bach was clean and healthy as he could be. He could sense some kind of sadness around the staff, and that made him nervous. Lorenzo, the groom, talked a lot to him during the grooming session, that was weird. Also, every rider on the stable gave him some kind of treat, it wasn't normal either. He didn't complain at all, of course, but things were off.

    Since it was the stallion's first roadtrip, Aurora decided that tiring him was the best option to reduce the stress. Argentina was far away from Ireland, his next home, so if he managed to relax, it would be better. The girl went dressage for a bit, she didn't want injuries or troubles on their last ride together. She'd rather enjoy his company and send him home being an easy horse. That's what people say, tech your horse manners so he will always find a forever home.

    alt text

    Since stallions play rough and wild, Bach was separated from his group since the day his sale ad was posted, to prevent any scratches or missing mane patches. He still got some turn out hours a day, to enjoy this perfect weather the country offers, He'll have to adapt to a different weather, pronably a different vegetation too. Today he had what was left of the morning to chill at the pasture and graze, he had to be on the trailer for noon. He got used to the protection a few days ago, the only thing left was getting him on the trailer.

    Noon came too early for Aurora's taste. With tears in her eyes and sweaty palms, she led the horse inside the trailer, accompanied with "Come on, baby, it's safe here" and "Good boy, you'll be in good hands, don't worry". She tried her best to be less emotional, selling is part of the horse breeding bussiness. But she couldn't. Bach had hay to eat inside so he didn't really mind the fact that the trailer was small and closed. He felt weird when the humans left him there alone though, and kicked the back door a few times. "Easy, boy!" Aurora said from the outside, she hated knowing her animals were stressed.

    And there he goes, good luck my big guy, we will miss you around here.

    Featuring USS Death of a Bachelor and Aurora Bianchi
    We want to congratulate @Toni-Lamberti for getting this cute boy! I admit I enjoy your blog and was very happy when you won him

  • He's a adorable horse ! :)

  • @Shagaia-Nedja-ri he is! We hope his new owner enjoys him

  • To the wonderful community of Equus:
    The site shutting off came as sad news in a sad moment of my life. Right now, my family and I are finishing packing things to move, now 1600 kilometers will separate me and my friends. My real life horses stay here, one of them for more than a month and I will miss them like crazy. I will have a lot of free time since I don't have friends there, so I expect to see a lot of you moving towards the other project so we can keep sharing our pixel ponies. To the ones that don't feel like moving, good luck :heart:

  • It has been an honor for me to have spoken with you and to take care of some of your horses for a short time :heart: I feel that it is somewhat complicated to say goodbye to friends, family and especially horses, but I am sure you will find more friends soon and in the meantime I hope to continue seeing your little ponies!

  • After hours of working, I moved the whole blog to my website. You can follow our adventures there, on the new forum whenever it's launched or in Saddle-Up Sims. If you wanna RP through e-mail, this is mine: uniquesteedsstables@gmail.com. Horse's ages aren't updated yet, and I will leave their titles and points just lying there, despite they won't progress for now

  • Also trying to move to Cavallo Sims for that competitive feeling. Find me there!

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