Unique Steeds Stables: Three little babies -12/12- (Comments welcome)

  • @Sadie-Woodson I think she will be a good friend of our new mini haha
    @Shagaia-Nedja-ri that song is just perfect :heart_eyes: and thanks

  • I love your mini horse :heart_eyes_cat: He has everything a great the little leopard ;)

  • @Eloïse-Newport thanks! We are sure his pattern is why Lorenzo chose him at the animal shelter

  • Easy (26/11/2019)


    That's why I'm easy
    Aah, aah, aah, aah
    I'm easy like Sunday morning
    Aah, aah, aah, aah
    -Easy, Faith No More-

    Since we got Kilborn's Maverick Merlot, we can't stop taking a look at every warmblood auction. This particular auction had a beautiful variety of patterned horses of different breeds, but the calmest one caught our eye. At our stable, we have a lot of new, challenging or difficult horses, who we love with each of their personality traits. But, sometimes, they bring the worst of our riders. So we have decided to give each rider two horses: a difficult and an easy one. That way they won't get frustrated so easily and can, sometimes, enjoy a calm hack or activities they can't enjoy with other horses.

    When the new arrival was announced, Lorenzo was the first one to smile "A solid horse! I swear I've spent more than one hour to scrub off a poop stain on a Tobiano coat". Knowing riders were needed, Dante instantly shook his head "Don't look at me, I'm a gelding person" And simply walked away, ranting about moody mares and stuff. All the riders lost interest in the mare: Carter liked crazy horses, Angie and Louisa didn't feel ready to ride two horses...Only Lana was left.

    Lana was the only one that accepted Shimmy, the mad stallion, the way he was when he first arrived. With hard work and strong thighs, she managed to teach him patiently and stay on the saddle. He was slowly learning to be sweet with people and obey orders, despite still being totally mad. Having him on lease was harder than it seemed, so she raised her hand and said, proudly "I will ride the new mare, assign her to me". She was at the same level as Shimmy, but was calmer, even controllable with a hackamore.

    The first Cross Country course in two months felt amazing. It was hard for the girl to relax, she knew her assigned stallion loved to jump but she always had to stay focused. With Netti, she could relax, let go of the reins little bit, enjoy the beauty of the course and the nature. Days were getting warmer too, which made her even happier. Netti and Shimmy are two opposites, reunited by the big heart of a good woman.

    We welcome Foxen Cornetta with all the love she deserves. Thanks @Emilia-Fox for this talented girl! She's already giving her assigned rider lots of happiness
    Featuring Foxen Cornetta and Lana Whittaker

  • Aw she is so cute! ❤️

  • @Emilia-Fox she is! I was so happy when I found out I got her

  • Never bloom again (27/11/2019)


    All the girls in Los Angeles look like you from a distance
    I tried to give you space until I stepped away
    From your brain and now I just miss it
    All the girls in Los Angeles look like you from a distance
    Now I'm kinda thinking that I'll never bloom again
    -Never bloom again, Waterparks-

    All grey horses always look the same. All 24 years old girls look the same. But not here, rules are different at our stables. When we found the perfect cross for our unstoppable Kilborn's Maverick Merlot, we knew the foal was going to be special. We welcomed USS Marsala's Fall, known as Sally, as a thin one year old, with legs long like a giraffe and the typical white goggles of a grey horse. She looked like her father while she was bay, the sabino markings reminded us of his genes.

    Now, two years later, she's getting to know her rider. They both are like red sunflowers in a field of all yellow ones, just unique. Sally already shows her dapples and the lighter tips on her mane and tail, as well as her sweet personality. Caroline, or Cara for the friends, is totally in love with her new home and assigned mare. The young woman came to us via an exchange program, she signed up for it because her only horse died and she felt like a new beginning would be great. Her home, Canada, is nothing like Argentina, but we hope she likes it.

    "You know, Sally, I once met an amazing horse. I mean, you are amazing, but he was nothing like you. I was his partner for a very long 20 years and he was mine..." Cara was sitting on the grey mare's bare back while she ran her hand through her mane "His name was Sirsol, my mother got him for me when I was 4. Despite having Throughbred blood in him, he was a saint, always tried to keep me safe and on his back. Starting lessons with a pony wasn't a choice for my mom, she knew they were little demons and would try to buck me off instantly" A chuckle escaped her lips, even though her voice was sad "He was a grey too, but with black base. And his tail, oh it was white and silky, sometimes humidity made it look like cotton candy and it took me ages to make it look white and not yellow" Cara made a long pause and laid on the horse's back, her head resting right on the beggining of the tail "Healing will take me a very long time but I have to confess I already like you a lot"

    Thanks @Cassie-James for the breeding that made USS Marsala's Fall possible. I've been wanting to have a grey horse for a long time but didn't want a foundation, so here she is, probably my next fav horse
    Featuring USS Marsala's Fall and Caroline Van Haussen

  • @Aurora-Bianchi No worries its my pleasure :) Sally looks lush :heart_eyes: Looking forwards to seeing how she progresses :D

  • Lemon tree (2/12/2019)


    I wonder how
    I wonder why
    Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
    And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree
    I'm turnin' my head up and down
    I'm turnin', turnin', turnin', turnin', turnin' around
    And all that I can see is just another lemon tree
    -Lemon tree, Fools Garden-

    Since she arrived, Cara has spent a good amount of her free time looking for brands to sponsor the farm. We already have titled horses and upcoming succesful yearlings, plus we train and compete with the same tack which makes it dirty at all times. Our white and green pads are begging for a change or at least some rest. When the girl finally found what we were looking for, the brand decided it was good for us and for them to make a photoshoot with their new products.

    First, we have a sweet Black gelding I didn't show here for a while: Gary. He is doing really well, currently holding the Eventing Regional Champion title and the Show Jumping Local Champion title. Sometimes we wonder what would be of his career if he wasn't gelded, but we can't turn back time and change the past. We decided to go for the yellow tack for him, since it makes him look even darker and the color suits his rider too. The pair didn't see each other for a couple months but Gary is still sharp and understands Dante.

    The photoshoot was easy, Gary can of course jump higher than this, but for the shot we decided to go for something easy looking. The photographer of the brand even brought a drone and the gelding didn't flinch or spook at it. Maybe that's why he's a gelding, we needed his relaxed attitude and sweet dork face.

    Featuring USS Oh Figaro and Dante Miravelis

  • True colors (3/12/2019)


    But I see your true colors
    Shining through
    I see your true colors
    And that's why I love you
    -True colors, Cyndi Lauper-

    Next on the list is our stallion Jay, modeling the brand's new orange colour. We used all kinds of polos and boots on him, but never this kind, so he lifted his legs more than usual. "We will turn you into those fancy Dressage warmbloods, boy" Aurora whispered with a light chuckle. She suspects he could have moved his legs that way because the horse adores posing for pictures. No need to use those kissy sounds or shake a plastic bag, he sees a camera and is all ears perked up, ready for the shot.

    The photographer became good friends with the stallion, she was used to meet stallions like our macho man Shimmy, but found in Jay a sweet being. He was happy receiving the cuddles and scratches. The young woman couldn't contain her excitement when Aurora asked if she wanted to get on the horse.

    Aurora, his rider, almost dies because of the jacket she had to model. We don't get cold and snowy days for Christmas, here we feel like we are inside our own personal oven. So forget about hot chocolate and ugly sweaters too. Luckily they both received cold showers and ice cream after the photoshoot.

    Featuring USS Kannjay and Aurora Bianchi

  • I love how poetic and artistic your post are, keep them coming :fingers_crossed: :heart:

  • @Nicole-Loeffler thank you so much! Those kind of comments mean the world to me

  • Over the rainbow (6/12/2019)


    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Bluebirds fly
    And the dreams that you dream of
    Dreams really do come true
    -Over the rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole-

    The group picture thing isn't for all horses and we learned that. Getting this shot of the three horses together was difficult and stressful for our staff, mainly because they represent different three different kinds of horse: the hot pony stallion Bartholomew, the moody yearling mare Pippi and the peaceful normal sized warmblood Netti. Of course we couldn't braid the yearling's mane because she threatened with taking a finger off with a bite, but the other two behaved well.

    Before being able to take the perfect pic, Netti had to put in place the stallion and the yearling. She's calm but had no trouble with telling the appaloosa to stay away from her tail and letting the other know she wasn't happy with having her legs bitten. Lowering her ears and lifting a back leg was more than enough. After that she was the boss of the group and nobody annoyed her.

    Bartholomew and Pippi kind of got in a fight and almost rip eachother's rugs apart, so somebody had to step in and solve it. Pippi was wearing bell boots when the photoshoot started but managed to lose them somewhere in the field. Despite all the things that happened we got the picture and laughed everything off.

    Featuring Bartholomew, Foxen Cornetta and USS Providenza

  • Colors (7/12/2019)


    You were red, and you liked me because I was blue
    But you touched me, and suddenly I was a lilac sky
    Then you decided purple just wasn't for you
    -Colors, Halsey-

    Another group picture, another small disaster. I have to admit putting the riders under pressure is good for them because they learn to calm their horses or take the reins of varied situations. And after some exposure, the horses learn too and the riders handle things like pros. This time, Lana was the one with the uncontrollable horse.

    Shimmy, our well known crazy stud, managed to relax when he spent time with his leaser. Apparently the change felt good for him and now has a better communication with his assiged rider here at Unique Steeds Stables. But at the photoshoot, he had to deal with his hormones and nearby mares. He only wanted to show off and neighed at them with all his loudness, tail swishing and nostrils flared. Lana only sat there and let him do his stuff, all would be good as long as she kept him away from the girls.

    Zaamena wasn't very happy with the stallion right behind her, but since she cares about her rider, she kept her manners. Angie decided to give the picture a spin and went without a saddle or bridle, just a halter and wraps. Over the past months, her confidence built up, specially with her assigned mare. Sometimes she tried other tricks like riding sitting sideways or having some brideless training sessions.

    Sally the grey almost managed to get Cara off her back. Being out there in the Cross Country course is exciting for her. And being there with other horses is even more exciting. After a few playful bucks and a cute grooming session with her pasture pal Zaamena, the mare was ready to behave for the photoshoot.

    Featuring USS Sins not Tragedies, Lana Whittaker, USS Zaamena, Ángeles Arce, USS Marsala's Fall and Caroline Van Haussen

  • I'm glad Shimmy is much better, when you know that young stallion well you just fall in love with him :heart: Sweet Zaamena, she's such a nice girl!

  • @Borja-Domecq we're glad too, we don't know what you've done with him but thanks! And yes, she's the sweetest :heart_decoration:

  • New York, New York (8/12/2019)


    I wanna wake up in that city
    That doesn't sleep
    And find I'm king of the hill
    Top of the heap
    -New York, New York, Frank Sinatra-

    A few days ago we made a pretty good deal by trading a few breedings for this gorgeous stallion. He's the typical hunter bay and is also a jumper, already holding one title. We didn't know who we could take to the 2019 Christmas Special Halter Show, but once he arrived we saw in him such kind eyes that decided to take him. Paulina, his assigned rider, had a few days to get to know him and learn to handle him correctly before the show.

    TBS New York Minute, also known as York, trotted in the ring perfectly. He wasn't concerned about the other stallions that occasionally neighed or the few that seemed to lose their minds. Stallions are difficult, we all know it, they just need to click with their rider or handler. And this pair definitely clicked since the first time. Paulina was a little intimidated at first, with his height and his always perked up ears, like he's staring into your soul. But after a sugar cube and baby talk, the girl understood he was a forever friend.

    Thanks @Zatanna-Westerlund for this amazing guy! We're sure he's one of a kind
    Featuring TBS New York Minute and Paulina Mora

  • Competition Committee

    Look at Mr York, he's so handsome! I really love this entry he and Paulina really look great together!

  • Wow! He is so graceful :two_hearts:

  • @Rena-Cort they look good! Specially on this pic, they were so focused
    @Zatanna-Westerlund yeah, we're kind of surprised he isn't a Dessage horse :wink:

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