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    Over the years, Soda Springs Equestrian (SSE) has increased both in establishment size and number of residents. Even though SSE, our biggest facility, has got everything one can possibly need, we discovered a need for a an establishment closer to all the show grounds. With all the driving back and forth during the show season, we noticed how our horses struggled to get enough rest. The solution was to buy a property called Melford, on which we renovated the buildings that stood there and added the rest.

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    SSE is head office for our business, and all sales and breedings are done here. Our best jumper prospects are sent to Melford, where Mandy and her team train them for competition and sale. While at Melford, the horses are part of the SSE Jumpers competition team and are entered in shows on a regular basis. Horses retired from sport and sales horses are sent back to SSE when they no longer have a significant part in Mandy's active show team. When back at SSE, they are either fully retired, placed in our breeding program, or they are sold or leased out. The two stables work together as one. Together, they form SSE's show team "SSE Jumpers".

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    Soda Springs Equestrian (SSE) is the heart of it all. The facility contains 53 horse stalls spread out over four stables, two outdoor arenas, one indoor arena, a horse walker, 14 paddocks and a gigantic pasture which stretches down to the sea. SSE is head office for our business, and all sales and breedings are done here. Nicholas and Chloe Audrell are owners and managing directors at SSE, and they live in the main building's second floor apartment. Oliver Grey, Julianna Levitt and Jenny Johnson-Woods are general staff and flat riders, and James Oakbury is building superintendent. Oliver and Julianna occasionally enter some competitions, as well.

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    Melford is where our active showjumping team resides. The facility is simpler and smaller than the grand SSE, but it is closer to all the competition grounds we travel to and therefore allows for less travel, and more rest for our horses. The facility consists of a stable with room for 22 horses, an indoor arena, an outdoor arena, a horse walker, 5 paddocks and 8 large pastures. SSE's best jumper prospects are transferred to Melford, where Mandy McAvoy and her team train them for competition and sale. While at Melford, the horses are part of the SSE Jumpers competition team and are entered in shows on a regular basis by Mandy, London Carr, and Dean Ashford. All five function as regular staff and flat riders, as well, accompanied by Shane Meyer, who is also Melford's building superintendent.

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    SSE and Melford are homes to a vast number of show jumpers, and you can read more about them on this page (link will come). Even though there have been great success from most, there are a few of them who deserve an honorable mention as they have been ground pillars in the success and reputation of our stables.

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    SSE Matchless Hanoverian Stallion Grey SSE Winter Is Coming Casablanca YES
    SSE Mademoiselle Dutch Warmblood Mare Chestnut Tobiano PF Monet SSE Femme Fatale SOON
    LMEC Empress Danish Warmblood Mare Dapple Grey Dardel Mercedes SOON
    SSE The Bond Girl Hanoverian Mare Dapple Grey SSE Winter is Coming KS Little Miss Independent NO
    SSE Continental (lease) Holsteiner Stallion Dark Bay SSE Cameo SSE Good Vintage YES
    CDC Eminent Hanoverian Stallion Bay SSE Old Navy LEC Elusive Embrace NO
    SSE Zinober Norwegian Warmblood Stallion Dapple Grey Howler HF SSE Femme Fatale SOON
    SSE Bodyguard Holsteiner Stallion Dark Bay Foundation Foundation YES
    SSE The North Remembers Dutch Warmblood Stallion Dark Bay SSE Winter Is Coming SSE Femme Fatale NO
    SSE Kudos (leased out) Holsteiner Stallion Chestnut SSE The 2nd Law SSE Tarot Card NO
    FDS Amazing Grace Hanoverian Mare Bay Andretti CW FC Fancy Fiona NO
    Preto Da Cabana Brazilian Sport Horse Stallion Black Sombrio Da Cabana Escuro Da Cabana NO
    RDEC Cioccolata Dutch Warmblood Mare Dark Bay RDEC Gottecourt RDEC Cherotica NO
    Eikedalen's Chantana Norwegian Warmblood Mare Bay Foundation Foundation NO
    Buenos Aires Da Cabana Brazilian Sport Horse Gelding Bay Básico Da Cabana Jaula Da Cabana NO
    LGS Velander Dutch Warmblood Stallion Bay RDEC Flickerfly SG Valentine NO
    VD Losted Mind Dutch Warmblood Stallion Bay Unknown Unknown NO

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  • I love your barn, your horses and just about everything else! <3 Oh and that blood bay(Moody) is fab, seen him before and said so on gen I think XD

  • @Kira-Simpson Thank you so much, sweetie, that's very kind :kissing_smiling_eyes: Aww, you mean Cameo? Much appreciated, he's one of my darling boys :relieved: /Edit: Moody is also one of my darlings, so I guess that comment still works :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • PR Committee

    I am so excited for this album! Everything about SSE is so iconic and reputable! I can't wait to see more!

  • @Mandy-McAvoy Yeah that could be the one I mean XD What colour is Moody, I must have been mistaken XD?

    http://i.imgur.com/AOqrUGK.png the one at the end is Moody? I love his coat as well then ahaha

  • @Johanna-Masters Wow, thank you so much - that's such a great compliment! Thank you a lot, can't wait to post things here :grin:

    @Kira-Simpson Ah, yes, that's Moody :relieved: Retired from sport but is now a breeding stallion! Cameo, whom I mentioned, is the bright bay in the winter-themed picture further up on this page!

  • Excellent presentation!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Thanks a lot, Lidija, trying to get the grip of this new coding system and way of posting things :sweat_smile:

  • Whoa girl! This scrappy looks so awesome and well organized, teach me your way how to get things so amazing! :D

  • Competition Committee

    I love how you've set this out Mandy! Looks so crisp and professional :) definitely watching this one!

  • Pretty jealous of this set up ;) Looks amazing though! and you know I love your horses <3

  • As if the long list of beautiful, talented horses wasn't enough it's all so tidy and clear (totally appeals to my ocd) ugh please do my coding for me :drooling_face:

  • Competition Committee

    I love how you have set this blog up with tables and all :D I can't wait to see more of your gorgeous horses!

  • @Mandy-McAvoy said in ✤ Soda Springs Equestrian (SSE) & Melford ✤:

    @Lidija-Rotherford Thanks a lot, Lidija, trying to get the grip of this new coding system and way of posting things :sweat_smile:

    Well seems like you are getting a grip just fine xD This looks so cool!! Very organized and neat! Please do mine, thank you :drooling_face:

  • Wow! The blog looks A-MA-ZING! So jelaous right now <3

  • @Nadia-Kilian @Jasmin-Mikaelson @Jessie-Liles @Rosalie-Clarke @Erin-Cooke @Chloe-Dunbar @Christina-Lindblad Wow, thank you, lovelies! All the compliments! :heart_eyes: I'm flattered. Well, duh, SSE is classy, ok?:smirk: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Looking forward to see all your albums when you all get settled!

  • Wow, your blog has an awesome look. Can't wait to see more of your pictures Mandy :)

  • This blog is already amazing! I can't wait to see what the pictures will look like :D

  • Wow, I love the layout! Can't wait to see more <3

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