✤ SSE & Melford ✤ // "Staff, part 4/6" August. 11th

  • Ahhh!!! :heart_eyes: You certainly have a way with bays, Mandy. Mondegreen looks like another horse that's going to go very far! Can't wait to see more. <3

  • I can't take this album with all the pretty horses in much more... it's just too hard :heart_eyes:

  • What a pretty lady! If you haven't found an owner yet she is more then welcome at Presidential's <3

  • Can my boyfriend pretty please get me one of your horses!! You have a gift when it comes to creating perfect bays (I'll take one ;) )! I can't wait to see more!! <3

  • Another one sold! Lucky folks!

  • She's absolutely STUNNING!! :heart_eyes: and the pedigree is an killer one too, she will have huge feets or hooves to fill when she starts to compete ^^ can't wait to see more of her in future in her new home <3

  • She's beautiful, the coat is so well made and I love her conformation it's so elegant. I'm sure she'll kill it in competitions! :heart:

  • @Annie-Emerson @Jade-Nguyen @Breanna-Fahnestock @Daria-Burtseva @Keileigh-Morgan @Johanna-Masters @Frida-Radtke @Alex-Richards @Jasmin-Mikaelson @Alice-Palmer @Lidija-Rotherford @Christina-Lindblad @Zinnia-Arvi Sorry for the late response, but I just came back from a three-week stay in Spain (for a horse show, MET Oliva Nova), and the internet was crap for me, so it was hard to open the forum at all! Back home now, though ^^

    Ugh thank you all for such lovely and sweet words <3 And thanks you for complimenting my bay coats! I sure do like to make them, so I'm glad they're appreciated ^^ And for those who are wondering: yes, I will have a public sale around summer ;)

  • -Breathes life back in Mandy - ... Hi all! Even though it's summer and I will definitely be away a little on vacation, I will slowly try picking up the threads where I left them :slight_smile: Starting off with properly introducing my staff. Enjoy, and wish you all a great summer!:sunny:

    July 14th, 2017
    - OUR STAFF -
    part 1/6

    It's been a long time since my staff were properly introduced to you all, especially since the (real life) years have flown by. Therefore, it is time that my staff had their new photos taken and their new/current roles at the facilities correctly informed. We will start off with the owners of SSE; Nicholas and Chloe Audrell.

    Nicholas Audrell

    Nicholas, or "Nic" for short, wasn't originally a horse enthusiast. He was, like many other unlucky (or lucky, from a horsegirl's perspective) guys, a victim of being boyfriend to a girl so madly in love with horses, that his only way to get her attention was to join in on her equestrian passion. This must have worked perfectly, because they have been happily married for many years. At last he is no longer afraid of the horses, but he admits he would rather stay on the sideline than actually partaking in the action. He has developed a keen eye for sorting out talent in horses, and he spends a good deal of time analyzing his riders' show videos to point out what horses could reach the top level or not. Apart from being one of the owners of SSE, Nic is also the managing director of the whole business. He is also our eminent photographer and our driver to the bigger shows when the lorry must be used. Here you see a rare photo of Nic, as he is seldom in front of the camera - here on his way to take sales photos of our horses for the upcoming SSE Summer Sale.

    alt text

    Chloe Audrell

    And speaking of the SSE Summer Sale - here is Chloe in full swing with organizing the sale, with help from our cat "Jinx". Chloe is owner and managing director alongside Nicholas. Ever since way before she met Nic, she has been an active rider and remains one to this day. Nowadays her competition days are behind her and she mainly rides to develop the horses on the ground. Chloe is one of our team's trainers and enjoys this position very much. She is a key contact person regarding the business and she is also our sales director. Chloe is very excited about the upcoming expansion of SSE, as Mandy has purchased her own little facility closer to the bigger show grounds. "Melford", as it is called, will be part of SSE and focus on the active show team. While a lot of the team and horses will move to Melford when the facility is ready, Chloe will stay behind at SSE with Nicholas and half of the staff. SSE will be our base for breeding and Chloe is our most knowledgeable person on this area. She and the others will continue breeding and developing our future offspring to ensure the SSE lines continue to keep a key position in the top sport of show jumping.

    alt text

  • A Mandy update!! As always, I love the life you breathe into these characters! And Chloe's kitty is a nice touch. <3

  • Amazing pictures Mandy! I love the characters, they sound like some really nice people to work for and I can't wait to see your sale! <3

  • So happy to see an update from you! Hubba Hubba Nicholas is quite the handsome sim!
    Also....upcoming SSE summer sale?!?!?! Going to be stalking that. Seriously, I am going to have to stop myself from hourly logging in and looking to see if this thread has started yet lol. I love my Kon-Tiki so much, and maybe he needs another little SSE friend here at Whitebrook.
    Also I can't wait to see more of Melford! :-)

  • @Frida-Radtke Hahaha, yes! They do happen from time to time :laughing: Thank you, I really love showing you guys how the whole world of mine and the ideas I have for it :relieved: <3

    @Annie-Emerson Aww, thanks! I'd like to think they're nice to work for, myself! Hihi, well, I'm slowly getting things ready, Excited to finally host a public sale again! :grin:

    @Michelle-Frohman Yes! After all these years, it's finally time to have a sale again, like old times! Hehe, Nic isn't too hard on the eye, indeed :smirk: Aww, yes, Tiki! <3 How old is he now?

  • Your photos are great/ :D

  • Awesome looking horses, and wonderfully layed out scrapbook! :D

  • I love updates about the staff who are 'behind the scenes' it gives your stables so much more character and it is fantastic! I love the photos too!! Can't wait to see this sale!

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven @Jacqueline-Enigma @Alice-Palmer Thank you all so much, sweeties, I really appreciate that! :relieved: And I'm glad you're excited, Alice! :grin:

    July 24th, 2017
    - OUR STAFF -
    part 2/6

    Oliver Grey

    Even though we might feel like as if Oliver just started working at SSE, he has actually been around for quite a while now. Oh my, how the time flies! Oliver came to us with a dream of contributing to a professional team, without being in the center of it. He is a very capable rider and knows his way around a jumping course, but he is more comfortable schooling the horses at the lower levels and is therefore often left with the youngsters, which suits him just fine. You see, he is very patient and somewhat of a perfectionist, which makes him perfect for training those young rascals. Oliver is not the most talkative person. He enjoys working in the background, and things like shaving the horses, braiding, mucking - any "dull" and time-consuming activity is what he prefers, to the great benefit of the rest of our staff whom prefer doing other things. The horses really enjoy Oliver's company, probably because of his calm and relaxed nature. He is here seen with LGS Velander, who was due for a clip before his next show with London next week. It wasn't hard for Nicholas to get Oliver's picture - Oliver is a snail when it comes to clipping, obviously because he wants to make the horses look stripe-free and perfect, but this leaves him loosing track of time and he can easily clip for 4 hours straight!

    alt text

    London Carr

    London has, through hard work and dedication, risen to a key position in our team. She is, alongside Mandy, one of our top riders and has a great deal of victories and milestones to look back at. On her road to stardom, she has been consistently accompanied by our now-retired Hanoverian gelding SSE Appendix - the flashy fleabitten grey with the great scope and big heart. The two are soulmates, according to herself, and she knows his every button. Appendix has taught her a lot and taken her from being an amateur rider to winning Grand Prix classes, giving her a lot of knowledge, experience and skill which she has brought with her onto her other mounts. London is very high-spirited and quite competitive, and she is known to create some tension within the staff, simply because the others feel like they're outrun by her intense tempo at work. She never means anything by it, which the others know well, but it is easy to feel like you're outshined by this super girl. Anything she touches turns to gold, according to Chloe. Well, for the business itself, this is nothing but positive - she does a fabulous job with our jumpers, and she will join Mandy at Melford to continue working with the active jumpers. She has a nice string of upcoming stars and it'll be exciting to follow their progress.

    alt text

  • Oliver is a wonderfully unique character, it's lovely to see someone like him among staff! I really enjoyed both his and London's introductions. :tulip:

  • ooooh Appendix <3

  • @Amelia-Martin-Teagarden Hihi, thanks! Oliver is a sweet guy^^ I'm glad you did :relieved:

    @Nina-Ricchi 😍😍

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