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    I am so excited for this album! Everything about SSE is so iconic and reputable! I can't wait to see more!

  • @Mandy-McAvoy Yeah that could be the one I mean XD What colour is Moody, I must have been mistaken XD?

    http://i.imgur.com/AOqrUGK.png the one at the end is Moody? I love his coat as well then ahaha

  • @Johanna-Masters Wow, thank you so much - that's such a great compliment! Thank you a lot, can't wait to post things here :grin:

    @Kira-Simpson Ah, yes, that's Moody :relieved: Retired from sport but is now a breeding stallion! Cameo, whom I mentioned, is the bright bay in the winter-themed picture further up on this page!

  • Excellent presentation!

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    I love how you've set this out Mandy! Looks so crisp and professional :) definitely watching this one!

  • Pretty jealous of this set up ;) Looks amazing though! and you know I love your horses <3

  • As if the long list of beautiful, talented horses wasn't enough it's all so tidy and clear (totally appeals to my ocd) ugh please do my coding for me :drooling_face:

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    I love how you have set this blog up with tables and all :D I can't wait to see more of your gorgeous horses!

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    @Lidija-Rotherford Thanks a lot, Lidija, trying to get the grip of this new coding system and way of posting things :sweat_smile:

    Well seems like you are getting a grip just fine xD This looks so cool!! Very organized and neat! Please do mine, thank you :drooling_face:

  • Wow! The blog looks A-MA-ZING! So jelaous right now <3

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  • Wow, your blog has an awesome look. Can't wait to see more of your pictures Mandy :)

  • This blog is already amazing! I can't wait to see what the pictures will look like :D

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    January 10th, 2017

    With a new forum, a fresh start follows! In this case, I'm referring to changes in my jumper team. A lot of the horses that have, for a long time, been iconic to the SSE jumper team, have now retired from sport. The reason for this is solely the fact that they have reached their top level and we wanted them to retire while still on top of their game. Don't fret - they have not been sent away from our facilities! Most of them will be used in our breeding program, and they will all live out their lives as happy retirees on our pastures in the years that follow ^^ By retiring these top jumpers, we make room in the team for their successors - now it's their turn!

    SSE The 2nd Law

    SSE The 2nd Law, more commonly known as "Lobster", or "Lobs" for short, has for a long time been one of our pioneer Holsteiners. The tall and handsome black stallion has struggled with superficial digital flexor tendinitis for longer parts of his active jumper career. Even though we always followed it up thoroughly, the injury always seemed to come back. He was therefore retired a little while ago, while he was still healthy and well from his last recovery period. Now he works as a full-time dad, to put it like that - he has sired three offspring so far (among SSE Beretta and one of our new team horses SSE Kudos), and there's more to come. With his strong genes and great physique, Lobs plays an important part in breeding our Holsteiner lines, and his offspring have so far had outstanding show results and success along with stunning conformation.

    alt text

    SSE Appendix

    One of our oldest team members, both in terms of age and years on the team, is SSE Appendix. "Apple" has been quite well-known for his very freckled fleabitten coat, and he has been under several riders in his career. Mandy started out with him as a youngster, and then he was then leased out to Merida Dahmer for quite a while. After a successful stay at Hesterfield, Apple was returned to us and became our rider London Carr's mount. The two were a match made in heaven and they've been a star combination ever since. After a long and great career, with a highlight being a Grand Prix win during the first Lucky Palms show, we decided to retire the fleabitten gelding. He will enjoy his remaining years at SSE, having fun and jumping a little with London from time to time without going to the big competitions.

    alt text

    SSE Moody Blues

    "Moody" is one of the most renowned offspring from our successful stallion SSE Winter Is Coming ("Snow"). He has been the faithful mount of Mandy's for quite some time. After being sold to Skyler Carson, who after his youngster years was forced to the sad decision of having to sell him, he came back to us and has become one of our most contributing stallions of all time. Moody won the huge Grand Prix at the Bridgeport International Show, to mention one significant merit, and he placed well in most shows he ever entered. His time as a top jumper was been an adventure that we will never forget. Nowadays he has an important role was successor of an iconic breeding stallion - his father Snow - and he will secure that his father's and his own good lines are handed down to the next generation. Among the three offspring he has sired so far, Merida Dahmer's SSE Sundial has been the most successful up to this point.

    alt text

    SSE Beretta

    This fair lady is daughter to the above-mentioned SSE The 2nd Law. Beretta has been a true ribbon machine - among a great number of show wins, her victory at the Lucky Palms II Grand Prix is the most memorable of them all. Even though Mandy and Beretta have been a killer combination for a long while, it wasn't always so. It took a long time before they really figured it out together, but when they finally did, they were quite hard to beat. Beretta is, alongside her dam SSE Femme Fatale (who is also one of SSEs best jumpers of all time), SSEs best jumper mare until this day. It will be exciting to see what mare takes her place in the team. Beretta will now be a broodmare for a while before fully retiring. She has already had one foal earlier in her career, SSE Red Wedding, who was been just as successful at the shows as herself. With this in mind, we're excited to see what super-offspring she produces next!

    alt text

    SSE Cameo

    Last, but not least, is our darling SSE Cameo. Cameo is our first homebred Holsteiner and he has exceeded all expectations. He is also out of the iconic SSE Femme Fatale, like his half-sister Beretta, and with his swift and effective jumping technique he often came home with great show results. Cameo has been Mandy's ride since he was a youngster and they have had a great cooperation. Mandy knows him better than any other horse in the team and she knows his every button. A merit worth mentioning is his 2nd place at the Moonlight Falls I Grand Prix. Cameo has had two offspring so far, one of which is a Grand Prix-level stallion named SSE Continental that currently is leased into our team from his owner Julianna Croft. We have a lot of breedings planned for Cameo and we do hope that these offspring, too, like Continental, inherit their sire's excellent jumping qualities.

    alt text

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    I remember seeing some of these horses as youngsters! It's so awesome to see how far they've come in terms of their career! You certainly have some of the most upstanding show jumpers around!

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