✤ SSE & Melford ✤ // "Staff, part 4/6" August. 11th

  • @Nina-Ricchi Lots of editing in PS with heavy use of a google picture, and edited and drawn over to my liking and need :wink:

  • Mandy, your pictures are beyond beautiful (as always). I love the way you blend sims and real elements, especially the picture with London and Appendix :heart:

  • really really beautiful <3

  • Beautiful pictures, Mandy. You are sure one of the best when it comes to blending real life elements with Sims pictures. And you are so creative, girl. It's always a pleasure to look at your pictures and I find myself coming back to your blog once in a while. So please don't stop updating and spoiling us with your wonderful work, m'kay? :hugging:

  • @Constantine-Vale @Nina-Ricchi Thank you so much, both of you, that's very nice to hear :heart_eyes:

    @Aliisa-Pohl Wow, Aliisa, thank you so much! Nice to hear that I've got a regular visitor :grin: Also glad you like my way of editing! I'd be lost if I was so go full draw-over like so many talented people in here do!:see_no_evil: Hehe, I sure won't! ^^ expect more soon enough! :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Im a bad mum, havent seen Velander's pic earlier! It is so lovely and im happy to see him in such good hands :heart:

  • @Jade-Nguyen No worries, the update isn't going anywhere :wink: Hihi, he's doing well and he's become a staff favorite already with his fun and sweet personality :heart_eyes:

  • I am in love with your blog, your horses, your staff! :horse: :heart:

  • @Rose-Falkner Thank you very much, I really appreciate that :kissing_closed_eyes:

    August 5th, 2017
    - OUR STAFF -
    part 3/6

    Julianna Levitt

    Julianna, London and Mandy were friends from long before any of them started working at SSE, and even though Mandy was the one who was asked to start working there in the first place, it didn’t take long until the other two also joined the team. Whereas Mandy and London both compete at the top level of the sport, Julianna has always been a little afraid of heights when it comes to jumping. She loves to do it up to 1.30m, though, and she’s usually jumping the younger horses. When she’s not competing, she works the horses on the flat. Julianna also functions as general staff, helping with everyday chores like mucking out and putting horses in the paddocks. She also helps saddling up horses for Mandy, London and Dean, alongside Oliver, Jenny and Simona. Unlike Mandy and London, whom will go to Melford, Julianna will stay at SSE. She plays a big part in the breeding process and will continue to help Chloe with this. A little fun fact: Julianna is actually the mastermind behind most of the names that are given to our foals! She is usually given free reins when it comes to naming them, which she is very thankful for as it is her favorite hobby.

    alt text

    Shane Meyer

    The reason Shane ended up at SSE is actually because he and Mandy started dating after they met several times at different show jumping events. Shane worked for @Hunter-Caulfield at Breckenridge Farm back then, and even though he loved it there and it broke his hard to hand in his resignation, both Mandy and Shane realized they would either have to move closer to each other or end their little romance, as they both found it hard to maintain a long-distance relationship when both were busy showing horses almost every weekend. He was lucky that there was room for him in the team, and Mandy and Shane has been a couple since then. Shane’s responsibilities at SSE are quite diverse; Shane is a rather good flat rider and does a lot of dressage work with the horses, but being the handyman that he is, he has pretty much been assigned as our building superintendent, making sure that our facility is in top shape. He is also a great show groom and goes with Mandy to almost every show, driving all her horses with the lorry. Shane will work at Melford when the facility is finished - in truth, he’s actually working there a little bit already, helping out with renovating the facility. He’s here seen with Max, one of our stable dogs.

    alt text

  • oh my..Shane is one handsome cookie :flushed:


  • My gosh! How could I've missed out these updates earlier..! :scream: Your staff pics are incredible stunning all of them and Appendix - me want him! :heart_eyes: He's so adorable with all his spots <3 And then Shane, Mandy is an such lucky girl, what a guy! :heart_eyes:

  • I love love l-o-v-e the picture of Julianna! So much feeling in that picture! <3

  • Omg these must be the best ever staff introductions I've ever seen/read!! I absolutely love the photos and I am so jealous that my English skills are not good enough to write such a great texts about my staff :cry: Is London's helmet edited in or is it an actual ingame object? :o

  • @Jade-Nguyen @Nina-Ricchi Hihi, thank youuu :kissing_closed_eyes:
    @Christina-Lindblad Well, that happens to me with your updates, too! :see_no_evil: Thank you so much <3 Appendix stays, hehe. And yes, Shane isn't the worst to look at!
    @Rose-Falkner Thank you so much, Rose, I'm glad you liked it :grin: <3
    @Luna-Andrews Wow, thank you, that means a lot!! <3 Well, I think your English is splendid! And the helmet is edited :slight_smile: Hopefully someone makes an in-game Samshield soon enough;)

  • Love these updates! The introductions are so realistic and creative, and that photo with Shane and Max <3 Love love love

  • Breed Committee

    I'm so bad at commenting when I see updates. Mandyyyyyy, why do you even do staff photos so perfectly? :heart_eyes: I love them all but Max steals the shows for me. Dogs > guys after all. I wish I had your talent of making real objects looks totally in place in sims pictures! Also, I love the way you can see how part of Velander's face has been clipped, such a since little touch (and the hair everywhere :joy:)
    I'll try to remember to comment more often because your work and pictures are such masterpieces <3

  • I adoreee these staff introductions!! I wish I had nice pictures of my sims, they all look the same! I get a real feel for what it is like at SSE and Melford! I love the picture of Shane and Max the most I think <3

  • How come I've never seen this scrappy before now? D:
    Amazing pictures, and I love the stories that come with them :heart_eyes:

  • @Neeve-Kalford Aww thank you! :heart_eyes: I'm very happy you think so, as this is what I'm aiming for ^^
    @Rebecca-Wall Bex <3 Hihi, well, I do everything as well as I can :speak_no_evil: Not really that hard, I'll show you some day! And yay, you noticed! Thank you thank you thank you :kissing_closed_eyes:
    @Alice-Palmer Hihi, thanks :kissing_heart: I'm really glad you think so, as I'm trying my best in letting the feeling our environment shine through the pictures! Thanks <3
    @Alexandra-Richmond Thank you so much :kissing_closed_eyes:

    August 11th, 2017
    - OUR STAFF -
    part 4/6

    James Oakbury

    Good ol’ «Jamie» is actually an old family friend of Chloe’s that her father got to know during the time that Chloe was younger and competed a lot. Jamie started working at SSE quite recently, as Chloe knows half of the staff will soon move to Melford and she suggested to him that he started working for her. Jamie has worked as a steward at big show jumping events for many years, but he "recently realized" he’s not getting any younger and he wanted to work in calmer and less hectic surroundings for his final years before retirement. He used to work at busy, posh and professional jumper stables when he was younger and is therefore a very structured and tidy staff member. Chloe couldn’t be happier and neither could Jamie. He admits he has really missed working so close to the horses on an everyday basis. Jamie is not only fond of horses but also a true dog person. He talks more to the dogs than the rest of the staff, it almost seems like! He has particularly bonded with Nicholas’ Kleiner Münsterländer named Banjo, and the two of them spend most days together. After his many years as a show steward, he knows most there is a know about FEI rules and regulations, which the younger staff take great inspiration in learning all that they can from.

    alt text

    Jenny Johnson-Woods

    Our team rarely goes to a big show without our super-groom Jenny. She is the one organizing everything with the other staff members when they are show grooms, and she has a structured system for the horses’ daily show ground routine. Not that she’s any less of a structured staff member when we’re at home - she is pretty much the one delegating tasks to the others each day and telling them who’s doing what. You can definitely tell that she’s been grooming for riders at a strict German jumper stable. Jenny had a knee replacement after a riding accident when she was younger and is therefore forced to ride less than she once did. She no longer rides the horses on the flat, but she takes the horses on relaxed hacks as often as she can, as she can just sit there and not use her knee more than she has to. Here she’s seen plaiting FDS Amazing Grace an early morning - seems like Jenny wasn’t fully awake yet! Dean and London are bringing several horses to a nearby event later today and Jenny is the only one going with them, so she needs to prepare some of the horses before they leave to save some work and stress. Jenny will stay behind at SSE for now, and rather move over to Melford if she’s needed - they can’t all go to Melford, as Chloe needs some staff at SSE, too!

    alt text

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