✤ SSE & Melford ✤ // "Staff, part 4/6" August. 11th

  • ooohhh love Cameo & Appendix :grin:

  • Moody!! :hugging: I secretly dream about having a foal by him

  • AH these pictures keep amazing me every time i see them! :drooling_face: They are sooo goooodd!! Love your editing style and realism you put in every shot. Cant wait to see new edits from all of your pretty pons. And looking forward to see what you plan for your breeding season <3 Will be some killer show jumping babys! :heart_eyes:

  • AMAZING! I don't have any words, sad to see them retiring but they deserve it for sure <3

  • @Nina-Ricchi Thanks, Nina, glad you like my boys ^^
    @Constantine-Vale Hehe, thanks! :grin: I guess you'll be pleased with the news that Moody is sire to two offspring in my upcoming sale ;)
    @Jasmin-Mikaelson Daww, Jasmin, that's so sweet of you to say, thank you so very much!! :blush: Hehhe, I also look forward to my breedings - breeding new horsies is always fun!! :grinning:
    @Erin-Cooke Thanks, hun, and I totally agree! :heart_exclamation:

    January 15th, 2017

    Even though retiring a larger number of our top jumpers is a bit sad and weird, we're excited that some of our other horses are finally getting a chance to show what they've got. One of these horses is SSE Matchless (SSE Winter Is Coming x Casablanca), our handsome grey Hanoverian stallion with the sturdy neck. Due to the previous owner's interest, Match hadn't competed much before he came back to us a good while ago. He has since then been an active competitor in our jumper team.

    alt text

    Match is a calm soul with gentle heart, but he gets very territorial if other stallions pass by and he can show a bit more aggressive side than what one usually sees. We have to be careful with not taking him out of the stable at the same time as the other stallions or he will riot. He is to be handled carefully but confidently. Match is definitely the horse you'll cuddle with for hours when you should rather hurry and saddle him up right before competition. Cuddling is his favorite activity, and he especially loves to be scratched gently on the muzzle. If you scratch him on the neck, he scratches you back. As Match can get quite bored sometimes and kick on his box door, he gets a hay net to keep him occupied. Mandy had just hung up a full hay net and was about to take him out of the box to saddle him up when Match decided it was time for some cuddling. She couldn't resist staying a couple more minutes and ended up giving him some sugar cubes, hoping none of the other horses noticed.

  • Match is an real stunner! Even "big bad boys" does actually have an soft spot of something and his seems to be an true cuddlebear that looooves to cuddle and wants more and more ^^ then the pic itself, even if it's pretty light edited I can see that you have put down time on details like cute eyelashes and whiskers that are on the spot :heart_eyes:

  • match is stunning

  • He's so stunning. I love the details in his face in this picture :heart:

  • What a stunning guy! He looks flawless with those eyelashes :heart_eyes: And what!? A sale with Moody's babies? Can't wait :)

  • awww Match sounds like a cutie pie XD But also feisty I like! <3

  • PR Committee

    Match looks just like Snow! He really inherited his father's looks I must say. I hope his show career is just as successful as his too :heart: He's sure to catch everyone's attention in the show ring being that handsome.

  • such a handsome boy! :horse:

  • I'm so glad to see you back Mandy!
    Match looks very happy. :)

  • @Christina-Lindblad @Nina-Ricchi @Neeve-Kalford @Constantine-Vale @Kira-Simpson @Jade-Nguyen Thank you so much, lovelies, I really appreciate your sweet words, and I'm sure Match does, too! :grin:
    @Johanna-Masters He does indeed look quite like his daddy! I, too, hope that he will excel like him, as well - time will show :) Daww thanks :kissing_closed_eyes:
    @Frida-Radtke FRIDA <3 I tried reaching you on Slack several times! Glad to be back, hope to chat soon!

  • Oh

    Mandy! This blog is amazing! Your editing style is flawless! Your horses are stunning! Ugh I just love this blog!

    Look forward to seeing more outstanding pictures! :smile:

  • @Jasmine-Wilkinson Thank you so much, sweetie, I try my best! :sweat_smile: :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • January 19th, 2017

    We can stay assured that our horses are always in good and caring hands when we have such excellent staff to keep an eye on them all. Julianna Levitt has worked here for five years now and she has a strict routine for the daily care of the horses. Her role at SSE is mainly general staff, but she also functions as a flat rider on a daily basis. She enters a competition class or two from time to time, but what she enjoys the most is the everyday grooming and caring for Mandy's jumpers. This photo was taken back when we leased "LMEC Calippo" (LMEC Cadre Noir x LMEC Empress), to the left in this photo, from @Christina-Lindblad - a dark bay Danish Warmblood stallion that did very well with Mandy in competition. He has since then returned to his home and still does well in shows. We own his dam "LMEC Empress" and she is to be used within our breeding program after she is retired from sport.

    alt text

    In this photo you can see "CDC Eminent" (SSE Old Navy x LEC Elusive Embrace), a bay Hanoverian stallion bred for us by our dear friend Erin Ward. He is grandson to our esteemed stallion "SSE Winter Is Coming". Eminent has an amazing work ethic and he feels fantastic in the competition ring, but he can be quite annoying on a daily basis. He never stands still, he always tries to distract Julianna when she does her daily routine with him, and he whinnies so loud that you wish you had covered your ears before he started. Luckily for Julianna, Eminent kept himself occupied with biting on the cross ties while she hurried with putting on his hoof oil. She has also discovered that binding his tail up in a knot prevents him from swishing his tail in her face while grooming him. "SSE Zinober" (Howler HF x SSE Femme Fatale), our handsome grey NWB in the foreground, is also quite the annoying brat from time to time, and he was waiting quite impatiently for Julianna to put him in his box as he knew that feeding time was just around the corner. Zinober is one of our most promising prospects - he came home with a win in L9 in the recent R-show, and this ain't the first time he has done so. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for these guys!

  • Wow this is stunning! The detail in the picture is insane! Love, Love , Love :heart:

  • wwoow beautiful pic <3

  • Stunning picture! And I like your descriptions, not too short not too long, showing your horses are different by characters and how sse lives it's daily life :)

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