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    Silver Glade Stables specializes in Dutch Warmbloods bred for sport, and Thoroughbreds bred for racing. We are proud to present to the community the following studs for this breeding season. The current list of horses might not be the same from season to season. Each horse is offered for a limited period of time.

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    • Please do not mass-upload the horse's file (traditional)
    • You're more than welcome to adjust shine markings to suit your tastes, but I ask that you do not change the horse's markings(aside from missing white markings) (traditional).
    • Don't fiddle with the horse's conformation please, or use it as any sort of template other than for breeding(traditional).
    • Please keep the baby active, it's all I ask! I just put a lot of time into my horses and I would just appreciate it, but ultimately it's up to you!
    • If you ever plan to resell, let me know! I might want to take the horse back.
    • BIYs will retain your prefix and not mine.
    • I have a very very limited number of mares that are available for breeding with an additional fee, so if you don't have a mare I may be able to help you out.
    • Registered, titled mares only please!
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    Name: Eretria's Grafiet
    Age: 8 years
    Discipline(points): Eventing (207 points | Gives +5, receives +14), Show Jumping(143 | Gives +3, receives +15)
    VS/WSE Greyhound X Demeter

    Eretria’s Grafiet is an 8 year old eventing stallion with a phenomenal pedigree: by VS/WSE Greyhound and out of the legendary Demeter, he receives +14 in eventing and +15 in show jumping. He’s scopey, fast, yet incredibly obedient- he has a very soft mouth and is very willing to try for his rider. Conformationally he is fairly light for a Dutch Warmblood, with long legs, a short back, and a delicate head shape.
    $30,000 - [4/4] OPEN
    4/4 Available

    There is no set application or anything: if you're interested, just PM or DM me and we'll get it all situated :)

  • Just when I said 'that's enough horses'... :cry:

  • @Luke-Teth what harm would one more do? ;) haha thank you!

    All of Donnerax's slots are taken, but AAC Golden Star still has all three open!

  • AAC Golden Star is being offered for breeding for a limited amount of time to celebrate his retirement and kick off his career as a stud! :)

  • There are 4 BIY slots open for Eretria's Grafiet to titled mares. If in need of a mare, I may be able to help you out!

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