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    The QST motto is Set The Standard and that is just what we aim to do. We strive to be leaders not only in competition, but in breeding and equine well-being as well.

    QST Who's Who - Stable Representatives

    Laura Quest - Owner/Manager/Caretaker/Rider

    QST Who's Who - Horses

    QST Edelweiss (aka Edelweiss and Edel)

    • 2017 Grey Standardbred stallion by Culver (Foundation) and out of Alegra (Foundation)

    • Competes in Dressage

    • Most likely to put up with "artistic" grooming (hair chalk, glittery hoof polish, wacky braids, etc)

    • Edel is the least stallion-like stallion I've ever met, to the point where people have FIRMLY believed that he was a gelding. Cannot showjump to save his life. His role-model in life is a stuffed giraffe named Gerald who has been his constant companion since foalhood. Very much the "dad" of the herd and a friend to all

    QST BayBee (aka BayBee, Bee, and Queen Bee)

    • 2018 Bay Standardbred mare by Maximotion (Foundation) and out of Vedetta (Foundation)

    • Competes in Show Jumping

    • Most likely to give me a heart attack by being a drama queen

    • Bee is both the smartest member and the Queen of the herd and she knows it. Was bought off the track for $50 and has since earned over 50 times that amount in winnings. The most photogenic member of the herd. Makes a STRONG first impression (very...fiery and...iron-willed) but is very sweet if given time to get to know her

    QST Odd Eye (aka Oddball and Oddy)

    • 2019 Palomino Tobiano Standardbred stallion by Zimbro (Foundation) and out of Sundancer (Foundation)

    • Competes in Dressage

    • Most likely to roll while mounted

    • Oddball is the jokester of the herd with a personality as colourful as his coat! He's very brave and will do pretty much anything for a treat. There isn't much in that big head of his besides love and hot air, but he's a gentle boy who always tries his best

    QST Diamond Sky (aka Sky and Miss Sky)

    • 2019 Grulla Snowflake Mustang mare by 2505 (Foundation) and out of 8002 (Foundation)

    • Training in Liberty and will be declared for a new discipline upon achieving her fifth title

    • Most likely to survive in the wild

    • Sky joined the herd as an impulse adoption after a friend brought me to a Mustang adoption event. Not the biggest fan of stallions or geldings, but LOVES other mares. Seems to be part seahorse as she absolutely adores water and swimming. She's a friendly, loyal girl who is very protective of those she has bonded with

    QST Black On Black (aka Noire)

    • 2019 Black Canadian Warmblood (regd. on EC as Canadian Sporthorse) mare by Skylark (Foundation) and out of D'Artagnan's Sur La Lune (Foundation)

    • Competes in Eventing

    • Most likely to try to jump an ocean

    • Twin of QST Back Suit. She's the older twin and boy does it show. Fairly assertive and perhaps a little impulsive, but still a rather nice mare. Noire is definitely the most difficult horse to photograph out of the group, mainly due to the fact that she doesn't have any white markings to break up and define her coat and thus winds up looking like a vaguely horse-shaped black blob half the time

    QST Black Suit (aka Joker)

    • 2019 Black Canadian Warmblood (regd. on EC as Canadian Sporthorse) stallion by Skylark (Foundation) and out of D'Artagnan's Sur La Lune (Foundation)

    • Competes in Eventing

    • Most likely to try and befriend an animal that he probably shouldn't

    • Twin of QST Black On Black. The complete opposite of his sister, he's more reserved but he's also much calmer and more thoughtful with his actions. Don't mistake his calmness for laziness though, this boy loves to compete and becomes a whole different horse during shows. A not-actually-old old man and certified Good Boy™

    QST Biscotti (aka Biscotti and Bisco)

    • 2019 Cremello Thoroughbred stallion by Navarr (Foundation) and out of Quick Sparks (Foundation)

    • Competes in Eventing and Show Jumping

    • Most likely to commit feed room robbery

    • Biscotti came to us from Kingston Stud as a 3 year old and our treat budget hasn't been the same since. This sweet boy loves his treats, especially horse biscotti, which I find kind of amusing. He's a talented boy and is a gem under saddle, but he'd also probably be quite happy to live out his life as a pasture pet and spend his days receiving affection. Sorry Bisco, you still have quite a few years left before you get to live that dream

    AIM Saoirse (aka Saoirse and ShaSha)

    • 2019 Bay Irish Draught mare by StE Dalwin and out of RFE Black Countess

    • Competes in Eventing and Dressage

    • Most likely to let a rider know when they've done something stupid

    • Saoirse came to QST as a 4 year old from Aimsir Equestrian in Ireland, making her the most travelled member of the herd. She's a rather sassy, yet sensitive mare who doesn't suffer fools gladly and this, coupled with her strength, make it so that she should only be handled with a firm but gentle approach by somebody experienced

    QST I Can't Stand The Rain (aka Rain)

    • 2018 Blue Roan Mustang mare by 2505 (Foundation) and out of 8002 (Foundation)

    • Training in Liberty and will be declared for a new discipline upon achieving her fifth title

    • Most likely to be full of surprises

    • Rain joined the herd after it was discovered that she was a full sister to Sky. She settled in rather nicely and would, just a few weeks after her arrival, later surprise everybody by delivering a little filly. Rain is a tough little mare with a bit of a mischievous side who seems to have a personal vendetta against one specific pair of riding boots. She's still a bit shy with her new herd, but she's rather fond of Sky, Oddball, and her new filly

  • It was a bit warm today so I decided to take the pons down to the beach! They seemed to enjoy it, though it was a bit of a pain to get all the sand off of them LOL! This is one of the only pictures that I got where there wasn't a ton of sand getting kicked up

  • Welcome to Equus! :sparkling_heart:

    I love that picture! it's so bright and perfect for summer, makes me want to go horse riding across the beach now :sweat_smile: I want to know more about your horses though! What are their names? What breed are they, what is their personality like? I like learning all about other people's horses :laughing:

  • What pretty horses! I can imagine the amount of sand they kicked up on themselves, but that's the price you gotta pay when you go to the beach haha! Especially the grey :eyes:

  • @Eowyn-Vance A ride on the beach sounds wonderful😄 The grey is QST Edelweiss (or just Edel) & the bay is QST BayBee (or just Bee), both Standardbreds.

    Personality wise, Edel is easily the calmest, gentlest horse I've ever met, like to the point where people constantly mistake him for a gelding. He's the older of the duo & we've been together since the day he came into this world. He's never raced, but he's an absolute prince in the Dressage arena. Very much a "just sit back & stay on, I've got this" kind of horse.

    As for Bee, I've only recently bought her, so I'm still trying to figure out her personality. She's definitely the more...shall we say spirited of the two. A little bit of a diva as well (seriously, she bruised her hoof once & I thought she was dying) but as she's getting accustomed to her new home she's started showing a sweet side. She's still fairly young but there's definitely a lot of potential in her. She's an absolutely gorgeous mover with a nice scopey jump so I think I might try some Showjumping with her & see how she does

  • @Marquis-Moulin SO. MUCH. SAND! I think I spent a good two hours on each trying to get it all off. It was especially bad on Edel (the grey) since he decided that he wanted to go swimming and then roll in the sand. We live like 3 minutes away from the beach so this is a pretty common occurrence🤣

  • So I was doing some work around the barn today that involved moving some round bales. I go inside for no more than three minutes & I come back to this: 0_1561169813127_Screenshot-112.jpg
    ...That was an almost 5X6ft bale of hay...She jumped it clean...I think I need to look into new fences...

  • 0_1561338428851_Screenshot-10.jpg
    Nothing fancy, I'm just happy to see these two getting along so well!

  • PR Committee

    Welcome to Equus! I hope you have fun here; and it's great to see another blog open up with more pretties to admire. It looks like the horses had fun at the beach; and what a bright clear sky you have too! I like the grey (who is s/he?) but I really feel the need to congratulate you on that bay jumping mare; she's got some scope!

  • @Callixta-Rosella Thank you for the welcome, everything's been pretty fun so far! The grey is QST Edelweiss (or just Edel), my main horse & the first one born with the QST prefix. I'll be sure to tell him he has an admirer! As for Bee, I didn't know that scope could be a synonym for heart attack-inducing! When I saw her going towards the bale my first thought was honestly "NO NO NO NO NO NO" followed by "Better call the vet, this will be expensive." But then she cleared it & I just stood there, dumbfounded & praying that she wasn't going to turn into an escape artist like my first horse ((true story IRL, but he went under instead of over))

  • Banned

    @Laura-Quest Totally weird comment I know, but my name IRL is actually Edel xD

  • @Regina-Walker That's honestly kinda great xD

  • Banned

    @Laura-Quest Pretty normal name in Denmark for some reason, lol :joy:

  • 0_1561535573898_Edel Foal Trot.jpg
    Who's this handsome little guy? He's awfully cute, I wonder what his name is. Hmmm...

  • What a CUTIE! :heart_eyes: He looks incredibly proud which he should be, and you too! It's an adorable little foal :heart:

  • He’s adorable!! Are those little grey goggles around his eyes? Is this little guy gonne grey out? :eyes:

  • @Jill-Reyes So adorable!😊 That picture is actually an old one but rest assured, he's still every bit a cutie <3

    @Marquis-Moulin Good eye, those are indeed grey goggles! The picture is actually about 8 or 9 years old so he's greyed out quite a bit now!

  • I was looking through some old photo albums & found another picture of that handsome little colt, this time with his mother!
    0_1561577353725_Edel & Mom2.jpg

  • Ohhww, really cute :heart_eyes:

  • Aaaand here's that same pair today, about 8 years later
    0_1561591424057_Mom & Son2.jpg
    Yep, Edel was pretty darn cute as a foal, wouldn't you agree?

  • So I went to visit my family the other day (that's where I got the picture of adult Edel & his dam) to help preoccupy some foals while the other horses were getting checkups. I only agreed to help out to make things easier, definitely no ulterior motives, none at all. I mean, who wants to be surrounded by ADORABLE little Standie foals all day, definitely not me, no sir...I'm not fooling anybody am I? Anyway, here's a picture of Edel & I babysitting that my sister took:
    Lighting wasn't the best, but that doesn't really matter because LOOK AT THE BABIES! They were all so cute & just the sweetest little things. I was particularly fond of this little guy.
    His name is Oddball & he kinda reminded me of a puppy in terms of personality, just the sweetest, most playful little colt. I honestly had one of those little shoulder angel/devil moments that was all like "Laura, you do not need a foal" "But..." "No, no foal" "But I have the room" "No" "But what if" "NO!" I was good and listened to myself so I didn't leave with more horses than I came with (can't say I wasn't tempted though.)

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