Another outcross question

  • I'm trying to figure out all those things about horse crosses and breeds, and I've got a few questions, I'll try my best to explain everything lol

    Back in 2015 I created a roan Hanoverian horse. This horse had a roan foal, and that foal had another roan foal (yeah I was a bit crazy). The thing is now I know that Hanoverians can't be roan, so I can imagine that the first roan horse was a Hanoverian/Dutch Warmblood cross.

    Here actually comes the first question: in the Master Breed List it says that a Dutch Warmblood is a permitted outcross for Hanoverian breed, just one of the parents must still be a Hanoverian. Does that mean that my horse can actually be considered Hanoverian or it is now an International Sporthorse? And in that case what's about the future generations, considering the fact that all the other sires/dams were fully Hanoverian?

    Summing up, we have 3 horses: {50% Hanoverian/50% KWPN} -> {75% Hanoverian/25% KWPN} -> {87,5% Hanoverian/12,5% KWPN}. What breeds should I choose when registering them so that it will be realistic and will go with their roan coats?

    I'm sorry for such a long text, but I really don't understand this moment.

  • PR Committee

    You can still register the horses as roan Hanoverians, just be sure to click to the "open" option when registering. Since roan isn't an accepted modifier for Hanoverians. Equus has the open option in place for such reasons to encourage creativity since this is a game after all. As for the lineage question; when the guidelines state one parent it means either the sire or dam not grandsire or grandam ect.. the auto-reg will deny the submission unless it's either a registered sire or dam. You can change the horse's breed if the horse is not registered or denied registration. Horses already registered cannot have their breeds changed.

  • There is actually an another option you can do - register the horse as a breed there hanos are approved as outcross and also allows roan, in example dutch warmblood :slight_smile: You can register a horse in verified/realistic registry as long the parents are permitted outcrosses for the breed you want the horse be of and at same time allows the color itself ^^

  • Alright, thank you so much :heart: I think I got it

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