An Editor's Checklist | WIP

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    This tutorial won't teach you how to edit, neither it will teach you how to use your editing software of choice!
    It is more of a checklist editors can use to not forget anything while editing. However it might still contain some useful tips.
    Each of these listed points are up to every editor whether he or she would like to use them or not.
    Feel free to comment your own thoughts/ideas/tips. I will update this list, so anyone who feels like it can contribute!




    • Fix body proportions if needed (see butt and neck for example)
    • Mane and tail (keep the conditions in mind. Is the horse standing or running? Is it windy or calm?)
    • Cast shadow
    • Eye reflection
    • Eye lashes
    • Whiskers
    • Add more shade and shine (again keep conditions in mind. Is the horse wet, muddy, dry, oily?)
    • Rim light on horse's body depending on light direction and intensity
    • Keep shininess in mind (black/darker horses are usually shinier than for example white/brighter horses, still this isn't always the case)




    • Coming soon...



    • Reins
    • Leadrope (don't forget to add a clip)
    • Stirrups (if needed and not already in-game)
    • Straps/Girth
    • Sheepskin
    • Browband
    • Breastplate
    • Crop/Whip
    • Spurs
    • Saddle bags
    • Horseshoes
    • Bellboots, hoofboots or splintboots/brushing boots
    • Cast shadow of ropes, reins, tack etc.
    • If direct sunlight hits, add metallic shine
    • Keep the tack's material in mind, e.g. leather will be more shiny than fleece or rubber




    • Coming soon...

    Please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes.

    • Updated 06/21.
    • Added first entry to horse list
    • Added first entry to tack list
    More will be added soon! Feel free to leave comments, thoughts, ideas or tips <3

  • I have nothing relevant to add other than wow the example for fixing body proportions - how did you know where to even begin! :laughing:

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