Wilkenburg Stables - 06/20 The New Lady

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    ❋ OUR HORSES ❋

    Name Breed Gender Discipline
    BHE Party Politics British Warmblood Mare Show Jumping & Eventing
    Emmaline SHW Swedish Warmblood Mare Eventing
    WRNGS Tamarisk Danish Warmblood Stallion Show Jumping
    LMEC Bacchus Danish Warmblood Stallion Dressage
    DPPR Casa Grande Danish Warmblood Stallion Show Jumping
    WS Diora Swedish Warmblood Mare Eventing
    WS Banqueiro Swedish Warmblood Stallion Dressage
    WS Gentiana Swedish Warmblood Mare Dressage

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    So yeah i'm back again.. and again with a new stable.. :sweat_smile: Yup i know but i got a new computer so i thougth why not start over now that i got a new computer so i can have a fresh start? Soo that's what i did. :see_no_evil: My original idea was to wait with posting tilli have my facilities done and so on.. but i simply just can't wait to show you guys this picture.. :sweat_smile:

    Now its time that you meet my new baby.. WS Diora she is out of the lovely stallion LMEC Diaval witch i have had a crush on in a loong time and i saw that he was up for breeding i had to get one! Her dam is my beloved mare Emmaline SHW, this surely is my dream foal, i have wanted to get a foal from Emmaline for so long now and finally here she is! :heart_eyes:

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    As you can see.. Diora is a lady who is really impatient.. after some hard try and some help from mother Emmaline we finally got a mother and daugther picture! :heart_eyes:

    I can't waith to start training her and competing with her! She is such a lovely lady! :heart_eyes:

  • oh yes! I also had to have Diaval's offspring, as soon as I saw the thread!^^ lovely horses and what a great new start!

  • What stunning ladies! <3

  • She's daddy's girl for sure! :heart_eyes: Very look-alike him and I can't wait to see how it goes for all babies that will be born after my studs ^^

  • @Jade-Nguyen Diaval sure is i a stunning stallion! I would love to see your Diaval offspring! :heart_eyes:
    @Neeve-Kalford Thanks a lot! this two ladies surely is my favorites! :heart:
    @Christina-Lindblad i can only imagine how you feel right now i hope that my girl makes you proud! :heart:

  • Gimmie! grabby hands

  • @Regina-Walker Hahahah nope! these ladies is mine! :heart_eyes:

  • @Emilia-Herondale Aaaw! You could share them with me, so pretty! <3

  • @Regina-Walker You can drool over them when i post pictures of them. :P :heart:

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    I figured it was about time i introduce the ladies at Wilkenburg Stables, most likely most of you have seen some of them before but i gave them a little update so enjoy their new looks instead. :P

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    The first mare i'm gonna introduce is WS Diora out of LMEC Diaval and Emmaline SHW most of you alreay knew this.. :sweat_smile: Buuut to my defence she is sutch a lovely horse i have to show her! :joy: My little star will be competing in Eventing, so other Eventing horse watch out! :joy:

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    The next horse is no other than my beloved lady Emmaline SHW she is currently competing in Eventing, but my lady here isen't getting any younger.. Infact she is getting older and older every day.. She is now 17 years and we have decided to retire her when she gets 20 and get one last offspring from her, after that she will just be enjoying her time in her paddock with her daugther and good friends. :)

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    This is BHE Party Politics the last lady we have, she is our upcoming breeding mare when Emma has left us for good. :) Polly as we call her is competing in Show Jumping and Eventing and will soon recive her National Champion title in Eventing! we are so proud of our girl. :heart_eyes:

    As you might have found out i have a tiny thing for Chestnuts.. But don't we all have one color we like most? :thinking: Soo this was it for me this time,i don't hope that you got bored to much, i promise that there will come much funnier posts in the future. :P

  • yup, I know this favourite color thing B) once again, stunning girls !

  • well HELLO! They are some pretty ladies. Diora stole my heart, she looks perfect! :sob: :heart_exclamation:
    And I like chestnuts too, but my favorite color is... uhm kinda.. all of the colors..? But bay is really nice too :100: and fancy white markings ugh

  • @Jade-Nguyen Thanks a lot again! :heart:
    @Emilia-Fox Diora surely steals everyones hearts! bad girl Diora... Bad girl. :joy:
    Bay horses is really stunning too! if you like bay horses keep a watch out for one of my stallons he stole my heart and i'm sure he will steal yours to if you like bays. :P :heart:

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    Sooo i got this new horse.. I just felt in love with him and i couldn't get my thoughts away from him. :heart_eyes: I have always wanted to get a white stallion since i was a little girl so i could have my very own fairytale horse. :see_no_evil:

    Guys say hello to my fairytale horse WS Banqueiro my new Dressage stallion, he is 4 years old and is a Swedish Warmblood. :heart:
    I can't really wait to start competing with this stallion, hopefully he'll become one of our stud stallions when he gets older. :D

    alt text
    btw the strange lady on the picture is me. :see_no_evil:

  • he is stunning! :heart_eyes: i always fail with creating grey horses ugh
    and i can‘t wait to see the bays hehe! gonna stalk you! :heart: :exclamation:

  • He looks absolutely amazing! :heart_eyes: making fully greyed horses is a real pain and you managed to make this amazing horse :drooling_face:

    I also can't wait to see that bay :eyes: Judging the horses you've already made, the bay will be a real stunner as wel and knowing me, I'll love it anyways with my weak spot for bays :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Pretty! <3

  • ahh greys are my weakness! stunning boy!

  • @Emilia-Fox You shall be very welcome! :heart_eyes:
    @Jill-Reyes I can't take credit for making my bay stallion, but soon I'll be showing my new bay mare who i made my self. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    @Regina-Walker Thanks a lot! :heart:
    @Jade-Nguyen I'm with you on this one! I have had such a hard time making a grey horse but i think i finally did it! :heart_eyes:

  • what a gorgeous boy 😍 Can't wait to see more

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