[wanted] Wielkopolski and Trakehner horses

  • Hi, it's me, again! This time I am looking for a pairing to add to the pedigree, either 2x Wielkopolski or Wielkopolski x Trakehner. What exactly?:

    • Wielkopolski or Trakehner mare/stallion or any WB breed that is a permitted cross for WLKP
    • must be able to produce a grey!
    • competing in eventing, preferably 2nd or higher generation
    • can pay in $ or trade

  • If Dutch Warmblood or Hanoverian is allowed as crosses, you can of course borrow some of mine :)

  • PR Committee

    I had to look through my hoard just to amuse myself if I had anything ticking all your requirements and surprisingly I can offer Emprize. He's competing in eventing and I can look into his points / bonus points if your interested in him <3

  • @Regina-Walker thank you for your offer! What a shame they are not at least 2nd gen :(
    @Callixta-Rosella stunner :heart_eyes: now I will need to wait for, hopefully, some WLKP horses offers!

  • You can also have a look at my breeding sheet! :heart:

  • Still looking!

  • Hey Jade! I have a Wielkopolski yearling colt currently for sale. He comes with a mainsite and recieves bonuses in Eventing and Dressage

    Okay, I just noticed that's not what you were asking for. Feel free to browse through my profile, however - https://equus.community/profile.php?id=4171 . I have a couple of Wielkopolski horses that might interest you.

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