[ENDS 24h ALB] FWEC Auction

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    As always, first some rules.
    • You can not change horse's name, prefix, discipline, mane/tail colour, coat (read more) and figure,
    • I would prefer to sell my horse(s) to active home. Having blog is always welcome!
    • Every horse here is 3 and is unregistered,
    • If you would like to sell horse in the future, let me know about it. Maybe I will rebuy him,
    • My horses are not breeding machines. Please, keep this in mind,
    • I am not making my own markings and mostly I do not remember what exactly I used when I was creating a horse. If you lost something, try to replace it by something similar:) If the problem is bigger, write to me.
    • You can add your own markings if you wish, just let me know!
    • Minimum bid is $1.000

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    alt text

    FWEC Night Prayer
    (WD Fortuna x FWEC Poetry of the Night)
    Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) | Stallion | Bay | Eventing (+20), Show Jumping (+4)
    Starting bid: $6.000

    alt text
    alt text

    FWEC Fiducia
    (SAEC Enyo x PCRA Fire'n'Fury)
    Hanoverian | Mare | Bay | Dressage (+15), Eventing (+6)
    Starting bid: $5.000

    alt text
    alt text

    FWEC Malachite
    (Melusine KN x PCRA Mockingjay)
    Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) | Stallion| Chestnut | Show Jumping (+24), Eventing (+7)
    Starting bid: $7.000

    Highest bids:
    FWEC Night Prayer: Siri Kane ($8.000)
    FWEC Fiducia:
    FWEC Malachite: SOLD

    More horses will be added soon!
    I think so

  • SB Malachite

  • SB Fiducia

  • Sorry for waiting!
    So, Malachite has been sold to @Gundrun-Ward, and Fiducia now belongs to @Ashley-Lamothe :D Please PM me here or on Slack!

    New horse is about to add

  • GASP

    FWEC Night Prayer - SB :D

  • FWEC Night Prayer - 7 000 :heart_eyes_cat:

  • FWEC Night Prayer - 8000

  • @Siri-Kane won FWEC Night Prayer for $8.000! Congratulations, please contact me via PM :D

    The auction is not ended yet, but I need to suspend it for about two weeks!

  • Well, I didn't get any answer from the previous winner of Night Prayer, so he's going back for sale :blush:

  • FWEC Night Prayer - SB$ :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Congratulations @Borja-Domecq, he's now yours! Please, write me a PM :)

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