[Ends when Sold] Titled Horses

  • I'm dissatisfied with my game and stable entirely, so I'm looking to possibly part with some horses that I haven't had in game in a while, or just for whatever reason I'm not interested in/excited about anymore. If you are the breeder of any of these horses and want them back please message me. If you are interested in a horse that isn't listed here then also, please message me, I might sell it to a good home.

    Please only offer if you intend to be active with the horse - I don't care how active you are on a spreadsheet, I want to see pictures of the horse and hear about it's life! Some if not most of these horses I've had for years and have taken many pictures of, their stories should continue in their new homes; not end and never be seen again.

    If you buy the horse and don't like it once you get it in game for whatever reason just send it back to my account no questions, no drama. Please don't buy the horse to breed it then return it once your done - that's rude. I love these horses so please love them too!



    • Do not use the horses coat, conformation or markings as a base for any other horse including your own or direct descendants.
    • Detail/shine markings can be altered to suit your skin/light mod but the horse should retain it's original look. All conformation reflects the horses breed and/or parentage, you may tweak minor things but no, you can't put the coat on your own 'template'.
    • Prefix cannot be altered or added to, show name should not be changed.
    • If you don't want the horse anymore please give me a chance to buy it back.
    • You may not alter the horses pedigree in any way, including changing the horses parents or adding parents to foundations.
    • Treat it as you would like you own work to be treated!
    • Horses sold without my prefix should not be altered in any way without first consulting their original breeders.


    alt text <-


    Make me an offer of what you feel the horse is worth. Trades will always be preferred over cash.
    You can message me here or on slack, though the reply will be quicker on slack as I check it more often! This is not first come first serve, and the best offer/home is the priority.

  • Sent you a message on Slack :)

  • New horse added - more to come. :sparkles: if the horse is still listed you are more than welcome to make an offer :heart:

  • PR Committee

    Our definitions of prolific must be different as Jet only has 8 foals on the ground. Nonetheless the compliment is appreciated. My goals is to provide successful sport horses for the community. I hope Zengarie will find a special home! :)

  • Very interested in purchasing RIVIERA WE. I am newer to the community here on EC But would love to take her and let her lead my team here!

  • @Chloe-West feel free to send me a message here or on slack if you are interested in her! I don't mind if you are new to the community, it's the home that matters not how old the account is :kissing_heart:

  • Tamarisk :heart:

  • Oh my gosh!! WPW HOARFROST 😘😍🀩

  • @Eowyn-Vance message sent here!

  • That Highland Pony is to die for! If only she was a stallion, she would be the perfect fit for what I'm looking for. Your Highland Horses always get me.

  • RIVIERA WE is so beautyful β™₯ And a Dressage girl...thatΒ΄s perfect β™₯
    I would give up to 30.000 or a Horse for Trade or a Foal from one of my dressage Stallions :)

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