Virden Farms-A New Arrival & Update

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    Established in late 2014 we are a private competition stable located in eastern Manitoba, Canada. We primarily focus on Thoroughbreds with an emphasis on racing with which we've had moderate success. We've recently expanded into Irish Sport Horses, Arabians, along with Dutch Warmbloods, and have started entering English competitions as a result.


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  • Horses
    Name Breed Gender Coat Discipline Rider
    VDF Iron Rebel Thoroughbred Stallion Grey Flat Racing Michael Bendicksen
    Kallima's Zinnabar Thoroughbred Stallion Black Flat Racing Grace Carter
    After Shock Thoroughbred Stallion Black Flat Racing Thomas Dalton
    Regis' Bold Rocker Thoroughbred Gelding Bay Flat Racing Thomas Dalton
    VDF Midnight Hour Thoroughbred Mare Black Flat Racing Michael Bendicksen
    VDF Bold Ambition Thoroughbred Mare Seal Brown Flat Racing Thomas Dalton
    VDF Celtic Fire Thoroughbred Mare Chestnut Flat Racing Ethan Parker
    QMR Golden Ruler Thoroughbred Mare Buckskin Flat Racing James Morgan
    Pinetree's London Thoroughbred Mare Fleabitten Grey Flat Racing James Morgan
    Model Play Thoroughbred Mare Bay Flat Racing Grace Carter
    Name Breed Gender Coat Discipline Rider
    CVS Silver Storm Thoroughbred Stallion Grey Eventing Casey Shields
    Rohirrim's Detective Mills Thoroughbred Stallion Bay Eventing Casey Shields
    CVS Warlord Thoroughbred Stallion Bay Eventing George Collins
    CE Color Me Cosmic Thoroughbred Mare Grey Eventing William Ahearn
    NRR Satin's Little Princess Thoroughbred Mare Seal Brown Eventing Allison Lee
    SG Adelaide Dutch Warmblood Mare Grey Eventing Casey Shields
    CVS Charon's Coin Irish Sport Horse Stallion Black Eventing George Collins
    BFEC Zeplin Egyptian Arabian Stallion Black Eventing William Ahearn
    NDS Majalis Egyptian Arabian Mare Chestnut Eventing Adriana Mercier
    MM Anuket Egyptian Arabian Mare Black Eventing Allison Lee
    Callaway's Premier Finnish Warmblood Stallion Bay Eventing Adriana Mercier
    Comtesse EP Grade Horse Mare Bay Eventing George Collins
    Royale Neve Surrender Anglo-Arabian Mare Bay Eventing Allison Lee
    PCRA Phantasia Wielkopolski Mare Bay Eventing Allison Lee
    Colleen Donn T Irish Draught Mare Chestnut Eventing George Collins
    Name Breed Gender Coat Discipline Rider
    Cupid's Bow SHS Thoroughbred Stallion Bay Show Jumping Adriana Mercier
    AWE Leap of Faith Thoroughbred Mare Bay Show Jumping Allison Lee
    Eastbourgh's Your Majesty Thoroughbred Mare Bay Show Jumping Allison Lee
    RDEC Gritane Dutch Warmblood Mare Dark Bay Show Jumping Casey Shields
    FLS Aventi Dutch Warmblood Stallion Dark Bay Show Jumping William Ahearn
    Agrippa KN Dutch Warmblood Stallion Chestnut Show Jumping Allison Lee
    AR Smaragd Dutch Warmblood Stallion Liver Chestnut Show Jumping Adriana Mercier
    Monachyle's Kvothe Irish Sport Horse Stallion Palomino Show Jumping Casey Shields
    MWF Evanescent Irish Sport Horse Mare Bay Tobiano Show Jumping Adriana Mercier
    RFE Lealtá Irish Sport Horse Mare Bay Show Jumping Casey Shields
    VAPH Peanut Butter Crabbet Arabian Stallion Bay Sabino Show Jumping Adriana Mercier
    WEC Secoya Polish Arabian Mare Bay Show Jumping George Collins
    SME Meadows of Heaven Wielkopolski Stallion Bay Show Jumping William Ahearn
    TBP Devalementh Karabair Stallion Bay Show Jumping George Collins
    CVS SlowLoveSlow Wielkopolski Stallion Bay Show Jumping George Collins
    Name Breed Gender Coat Discipline Rider
    Monachyle's Candydust Dutch Warmblood Mare Bay Dressage George Collins
    MM Aristotle Domestic Arabian Stallion Black Rabicano Dressage William Ahearn
    HG Elle SD Danish Warmblood Mare Bay Dressage Casey Shields
    HG Odette Danish Warmblood Mare Flaxen Chestnut Sabino Dressage Allison Lee
    Name Breed Gender Coat Discipline Rider
    QMR Tomahawk Kiger Mustang Stallion Red Dun TREC Allison Lee
    TY Gypsy Spirit Mustang Mare Black Tobiano TREC Casey Shields

  • Well, it's been a long time and a switch of forums, but I'm finally able to start posting regularly in my scrapbook. I got my new monitor a couple of months ago, and I meant to take these pictures weeks ago as I've told others. Unfortunately, my game gave me some trouble so I had to fix that and get ReShade working again in order to take them. I'll try and keep up my activity with R-Shows in addition to trying to post new images twice per month. I also need to update my site as well as resume the switch over to the new website, so there's definitely a lot to do. Without further ado, let's get this show on the road. :)


    It's been a whole year since I've last updated you on the goings on here at CVS, but major changes are underway. We'll be undergoing a name change soon, but we also have a couple of new residents to show off.

    Meadows of Heaven and Slow Love Slow

    First up is CVS Slow Love Slow. He's a stallion by SME Meadows of Heaven and out of SME Ghost River owned by Brandon Huffton. I originally bred him for Brandon, but he's since been returned to us. So we decided to keep him on with the rest of our Show Jumpers, and is one of our three resident Wielkopolski horses. I loved being able to catch a picture of him with his dad. (The old fellow is on the left :P)

    alt text

    TY Gypsy Spirit has calmed down a little more since we last showed her off and is gradually getting better with Endurance and TREC. She still has her rebellious moments, but our Arabians know how to keep her on her toes.

    alt text

    The last is RP Deadly Angel by MHS Gadreel and out of ADS Death & Destruction. She's a Dutch Warmblood mare who's joined our string of show jumpers. We've had her for some time now, but we're only just able to show her off. She's doing very well so far, but we're hoping she'll really start to fly over those jumps as we enter her into more and more shows.

  • RP Deadly Angel :o I love her pose :smiley: Looks sort of mischevious!

  • @Luke-Teth said in Virden Farms-A Few Announcements:

    RP Deadly Angel :o I love her pose :smiley: Looks sort of mischevious!

    Thank you very much, Luke. She definitely is the mischievous sort, and I look forward to hopefully recording some of her antics here.

    Well, the time has come for us to make a few announcements.

    alt text

    First things first, as you've probably noticed we have undergone a bit of a name change. We have officially gone through the process of changing our name from Crimson Valley Stables to Virden Farms. We're also in the process of changing the names of our horses who shared our former CVS prefix while alerting those who own foals sired by our stallions.

    alt text

    Now with our name changed and our new website built, we would finally like to announce the retirement of some of our horses.

    Welcomed into their retirement are Monachyle's Candydust (pictured above), VDF Midnight Hour, Kallima's Zinnabar, and Pinetree's London. Joining them in retirement soon will also be MM Aristotle and VDF Iron Rebel.

    We wish all of them a happy retirement and look forward to seeing what the second generation of Virden Farms horses will bring!

  • Lately we've been noticing that Allison, the youngest of our riders, has been feeling a bit listless. She grew up in an environment that mostly dealt with stock horses and ranch work, so while we have a couple of Mustangs it's definitely far removed from what she's used to.

    alt text

    She's adapted well to dealing with Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds, but English disciplines have never really been where her heart is. So, over the last week we decided on something that might help lift her spirits a little.

    alt text

    Meet Fancy's Velvet Cloud, sold to us by @Kira-Simpson . She's a sweet-tempered Missouri Fox Trotter mare who we're thinking of training in Ranch Versatility as our only western horse and a bit of a project for Allison. We don't exactly have the facilities, but this is where having neighbours comes in handy.

    alt text

    Both Allison and Jack seem to have taken a liking to her.

  • Another year, another Spring at Virden Farms and with it we have a few things to announce.

    First up is that we have opened up a few of our stallions for public stud. They are all quite accomplished in their respective disciplines and we're hoping that even the newcomer to the breeding scene, Agrippa KN, will get a shot at a foal of his own.

    alt text

    We also have a few of our mares that are expecting, something that Allison and Adriana are extremely excited for since this is the first time we've had more than one mare in foal at once.

    alt text

    In the middle is Monachyle's Candydust who is the furthest along with a foal sired by RDEC Galladyn to the point where we moved her to our "Maternity Ward" soon after taking this picture. On the left is SG Adelaide whose foal is sired by Eretria's Vittorio, then in the back is VDF Midnight Hour with a foal sired by our very own VDF Iron Rebel. This little guy (or girl) will be the first foal out of two of our own horses!

    alt text

    Not quite an announcement, but this is a fellow we haven't shown off in quite some time. Remember Monachyle's Kvothe? He's progressed very well in Show Jumping along with his partner, George Collins. We managed to catch them just as they were going for a bit of morning training and thought we'd share. :)

    Stay tuned! We should have a baby or two to share the next time around.

  • OMW your horses are to die for :heart_eyes:
    Monachyle's Candydust is absolutely gorgeous !

  • @Stacy-Michaelson said in Virden Farms-Studs, Training, and Baby Bellies:

    OMW your horses are to die for :heart_eyes:
    Monachyle's Candydust is absolutely gorgeous !

    Thank you, Stacy! They've taken really well to ReShade and Luke's HD mod. :grinning:

    Well, that time rolled around and it definitely caused a stir.

    alt text

    It was clear Candydust was going to foal soon, but we weren't entirely sure when. Allison made it a point to check on her in the days leading up to the foaling, even late at night until it became a better idea to keep an eye on Candydust through the cameras.

    alt text

    Even Casey accompanied Allison at times, though the late-night visits took a toll that not even a cup of coffee and a copy of Equus Quarterly could fix.

    alt text

    Candydust's foaling ended up being uneventful and Midnight Hour ended up shortly following suit. We waited a little while until we were able to safely place them in the same pasture, but the two new little fillies seem to have taken to each other well as playmates. The dark bay filly is RFE Galvania, sired by RDEC Galladyn and the black filly is VDF A Rebel's Hour, sired by our own VDF Iron Rebel. (Thanks to Luke Teth for the name. :slight_smile: )

    We've now had to move Adelaide to the foaling stalls as well, though we suspect that she'll be a bit more protective as a first-time mom than we originally expected. As a result, we may not be able to truly show off the baby for a while. (Soon, very soon.)

  • PR Committee

    Aww, its so nice to see Candydust again, and congrats on her becoming a momma too! The foals are absolutely gorgeous, I just want to snuggle them :blush:

  • @Callixta-Rosella said in Virden Farms-Yearlings and Introductions:

    Aww, its so nice to see Candydust again, and congrats on her becoming a momma too! The foals are absolutely gorgeous, I just want to snuggle them :blush:

    Believe me, I do too. Candydust's foal is a beautiful-looking yearling too!

    Well, time certainly flies (thanks to the ES aging system) and those little foals we showed off last time have become absolutely beautiful yearlings. Even Adelaide's filly has been able to join in on the fun.

    alt text

    Here is RFE Galvania who's all grown up now (almost) and DPPR Lady Abrianna, daughter of our own Adelaide. We've been gradually introducing them to as many of our mares as we can just to get them acquainted in case we ever have to turn them out together. Galvania has definitely grown into a curious yearling while Abrianna has grown to be a bit more cautious. So far RDEC Gritane has been a little hesitant about the new additions, but we're confident they'll get along well enough at some point that we'll be able to turn them out together.

    It's also a little odd for us to now have three horses in one image that are related in one way or another. Galvania's sire is Gritane's half-brother while Gritane and Abrianna are related through RDEC Trinidad.

    alt text

    This is another of our yearlings, VDF A Rebel's Hour who we're training to join our racing string. Normally we don't like training horses to go under saddle until they're about three years of age so even though she's training to be a racehorse this little girl won't be taking a rider's weight for quite some time.

    alt text

    Even though we told ourselves "No more horses" we had a hard time resisting Cinnabar's Camelot from Cole Tieman. He's a Grade Horse (which don't get enough love) that is part APH, part Appaloosa, and part Sugarbrush Draft. We have several ideas regarding what disciplines we would like for him, but we'll see where his talent lays. :slight_smile:

  • I was seriously in love with Camelot and just now asked Cole if he sold! Seems he did and he's in a good home!

    Galvania looks so elegant! She'll be a gorgeous horse when she starts training one day!

  • :heart_eyes: Pretty horsies everywhere !

  • Abrianna! I'm so glad she's made friends :heart: Really hoping she does you a lot of good :fingers_crossed:

  • Gorgeous horses :heart_eyes_cat:

  • @Lidija-Rotherford said in Virden Farms-A New Arrival & Update:

    I was seriously in love with Camelot and just now asked Cole if he sold! Seems he did and he's in a good home!

    Galvania looks so elegant! She'll be a gorgeous horse when she starts training one day!

    Thank you, Lidija. I was stoked to get Camelot. Though unfortunately he was accidentally sent to Reclaimed Horses so I'm just waiting for him to get out of there so I can start competing with him. Also, I really have to agree with you on Galvania. I'll definitely be taking a lot of pictures of her along with Abrianna and my newest arrivals.

    @Luke-Teth said in Virden Farms-A New Arrival & Update:

    Abrianna! I'm so glad she's made friends :heart: Really hoping she does you a lot of good :fingers_crossed:

    Considering her lineage I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how she does. Even if she doesn't perform well in shows I get the feeling she'll still be among my favourites. :smile:

    Okay, so it's been way too long since I last posted pictures. Unfortunately, I had a short stay in the hospital since my health decided to take a nosedive. I meant to get pictures up shortly afterward, but my game decided it wanted to stop responding every time I tried and I only just managed to get it fixed yesterday. So I'm sorry for the delay. This entry is a bit rushed since this would be my last chance to get pictures up before next weekend.

    alt text

    We would like to introduce ART Temeria, a bay dun overo Pintabian mare from @Nikki-Calvaria. Everyone here was extremely excited for her arrival and we're hoping that she'll make a wonderful addition to our Endurance team.

    alt text

    Speaking of our Endurance team, we introduced TY Gypsy Spirit and Fancy's Velvet Cloud to one another in the hopes that they would be able to eventually share the same pasture. It took a while considering Gypsy's temper and her rather dominant nature, but over the course of many months we managed to make it work. Now we're going to see if we can eventually get Temeria to share a pasture with them as well.

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