Bringing Legacies to Light 🌼

  • Inspired by a wholesome conversation on Slack (and more-specifically suggested by the lovely @Maria-Jones). First, list what you think makes up the previous person's legacy, and then name a thing or two you think you might be known for!

    A few reminders before we start:

    • Be specific! Instead of saying "pretty horses," point out what makes them pretty and worthy of being someone's legacy.
    • Give others a chance to participate! You're more than welcome to post multiple times, but don't spam the thread or try to fish for comments. The purpose of this game is to recognize other people's styles and trademarks.
    • Keep it lighthearted! Be courteous and considerate when responding, and don't be the person who ruins others people's fun. Also remember that you're subjecting yourself to other people's opinions by participating.

    Cheesy title :white_check_mark:
    List of rules :white_check_mark:
    Checklist :white_check_mark:

    If you're feeling soft, be sure to participate in the Spread the Love Game, too!

    I'll begin! There's nobody above me, so I'm taking advantage of that fact and calling out @Ariadne-Waters. Her legacy is made of bold, beautiful writing; that grey-blue wood paneling that adorns Lowmax; and an amazing eye for detail, color, and picking out the best wall decorations. She also invented the dreary-foggy-woodsy aesthetic, and that's a fact.

    You all probably know me for my awfully-sarcastic quips and excessive use of the sparkling heart emoji—I still can't believe you were all just romping around using the basic heart emoji before—and maybe also the fact that I need grass and invisible lights to survive. :blush: :sparkling_heart:

  • Edit: moved my post to the Spread the Love thread because i don't want to spam this thread with wrong things. :face_palm_tone1: sorry

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe said in Bringing Legacies to Light 🌼:

    First, list what you think makes up the previous person's legacy, and then name a thing or two you think you might be known for!

    Reminder that this is not like the Spread the Love Game, where you can tag people and shower them with love! The focus of your post here should be the “legacy” of the person above you. :blush:

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  • Hey. @Alexa-la-Coupe called me out, so I think it’s only fair I get to do the same, no?
    (Justice really quite demands it)
    [Semi] objectively, Alexa’s “legacy” is… pictures that have this sunlit warmth and feminine softness about them. Even shots at night- filled with twinkling lights and gentle glows laced around silhouettes. They’re demure colours and quiet moods and the painting of silken, fairytale hair. They feel like the kind of sleepy midsummer afternoon you spend lying half asleep in a field somewhere, watching your own delicious daydreams as you melt in the gentle sun. Is that strange to say? It’s probably strange. But that’s the kind of feeling they evoke- in myself, at least. Warmth and peace.
    (Side note; can I just say how the contradiction delights me? Alexa, who is, by nature, amusingly open about her own saltiness and sarcasm; creating art that is just the opposite. )
    She is probably correct to suggest her excessive use of the sparkling heart emoji (most emojis) will be something she’ll be remembered for. To that list, I would also like to add builds with immaculately placed, startlingly personal details. Just… everyday things. Things in life you see but don’t notice. Scattered about, naturally, without affectation; as though the people in the scene moved out of frame for two minutes and will soon be back to their activities; as though you didn’t try too hard with staging. Except that the effort is obvious in how intimate it feels. Ribbons from shows that actually happened; somebody’s pink polo wraps; tins of flowers; framed photos of horses and moments that someone holds dear. I love that- this sense of place you’ve begun to create- and I cannot be the only one who calls such things to mind when they think of you.
    On a personal level, Alexa’s ‘legacy’ is that she has (and is) affecting those of the people close to her. To understand my meaning requires thinking about the small joy that is receiving a pleasant comment on your blog, or receiving some thoughtful and genuine praise for something you’d posted in Slack.
    Are you imagining that?
    Now imagine receiving a steady stream of HIGH ENERGY ULTRA OCTANE comments expressing genuine love for and interest in what you have been doing on a frequent basis.
    (Yes, it really is like that) (feels as good as it sounds)
    (even if half the time it’s a gargle of capitalised letters) (several times over)
    (and yes- nigh on several thousand variations of the heart emoji)
    I guess the short of what I’m trying to say is that it’s nice to have someone around who is as passionate about what you’re doing as you are. It rekindles my own interest and makes me excited to prepare the narrative secrets I’ve been keeping to someday be revealed. It makes you feel like your efforts to document the nonsense in your head is worth it; it keeps the self-doubt at bay. It reminds me why I take so much pleasure in telling stories.
    I know I’m not the only one to have been revitalised by the ever-exploding ball of [secretly] positive energy that is Alexa la Coupe. So I think, if she were to leave, that’s what she’d be known for, to myself and many others. The joy she’s injected into Equus.
    … And secret stories she hasn’t gotten around to telling yet, damn it.
    .. oh, and I have to talk about me. Hm. I think I am known for leaving inconveniently long replies to anything (like this one) and for gabbling about stories and characters and writing all the time, presumably to the irritation of everyone else. I’ve also heard this hearsay floating around that I’m okay at making horses. I strongly deny these allegations, your Honour.

    I ask the person below me to break the rules! (I’m a rebel) And not write about my legacy- pick someone you quietly admire who doesn’t receive enough recognition for what they do.
    (I know this is naughty but I really can’t handle more than one compliment a year and I’ve had THREE this year already :scream: )

  • PR Committee

    Okay so I've ignored this and followed your 'break the rule' snippet but I really want to give this thread some love again, so here we go. @Ariadne-Waters please forgive me :pray: Also, I cannot write essays like you. I don't have the attention span, and not surprisingly, I'm okay with that.

    So as I very briefly brought up - one of Ariadne's legacies - to me, anyway - is the lovely long essays she writes when she writes you a comment. You know that a lot of time and effort went into whatever she writes, not just a quick "pretty horse" comment, I'm almost fairly certain there's a minimum word count Ariadne follows before posting.

    Another legacy - Agatha.
    I love how real all of Ariadne's characters are - Archie, Dot, Caleb...they all have so much effort poured into their personalities, their little quirks and differences. Agatha has always been my favourite and I love to see even just her name mentioned in any writing as much as pictures. But the whole Lowmax crew is another reason I thoroughly admire Ariadne.

    Politeness - I really need to bring this up, because I know from a staff point of view, Ariadne is incredibly kind to all members and patient if and when shows go past judging deadlines and she's incredibly grateful and generous; and just the same way if you leave her a pointless, rambling message in her blog or tell her how gorgeous her horses are (I've seen the proof), I think you deserve a lot of credit for your general patience, understanding and amazing kindness when talking with everyone.

    I have much more I can ramble on about but I'll stop now before I embarrass myself even more. I hope this thread gets a few more comments; there's lots of awesome people here, and Alexa came up with a great idea to start this thread :two_hearts: Also, just because I don't like going against what people ask, I shall follow Ariadne's request and nominate the lovely @Zinnia-Arvi for being an absolute sweetie, so wonderfully creative with her pictures, horses, and rider names, and for joining me in the I-wanted-to-be-a-princess club :crown:

  • First of all, Callixta my gosh! Thank you for nominating me?! I've never been asked/nominated to do something and this feels... Overwhelming. I know that's a big reaction to not that grand of a thing (for some), but still!! I was so flattered you would think of me. :flushed: :heart:
    Second of all, your compliments are making me feel speechless, thank you for such kind and loving words.:cry:
    Thirdly, Ariadne has used her ethereal speech, once again, to beautifully describe Alexa- the hard to describe wonder that she is. I will never be fully ready to grasp how Ariadne plays with words, it's beyond anything and everything. :milky_way: :heart:

    Now to write! (This will get messy and unorganized so bear with me)

    Dear @Callixta-Rosella, :sunflower:
    When I think of your, "legacy" I am overwhelmed with visions of flowers, warm orangey light, soft barn names, and cobblestone paths, walked on by elegantly crafted Oldenburgs, who wear shining metal horseshoes. I see pictures of fairytale books decorated with your special pictures and little pink, delicate flowers. :fleur-de-lis:
    As I start thinking about things I believe that these visions are true and embody much of the light you shine on us all. You are one of the ray's that the sun shine's through stormy clouds. :low_brightness:
    You have this astounding way of combining soft words to get your names for your stable's. I know you've changed your stable name a few times but I think my favourite's are Honeybrook, and Foxberry. You combine words so effortlessly. Like it is a craft you've been studying for so long. Honey and brook. :honey_pot: How is it you've combined such lovely words into name(s) that truly leave a mark on us all?
    I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know you a little, and be able to call you a friend on this forum. You are so kind, thoughtful, loving, and sweet. You share your love through the sparkly words you send around, in the form of love filled compliments.
    I feel so proud and am very appreciative of the fact that I have... Let me count.. Four horses made by you. Oliver, Chalvados, Broadway, and Automne. I don't know how you do it but gosh you have such a wonderfully unique way of crafting your horses. I swear each of them have been chiseled by a dedicated sculptor, and then carefully painted to emit fairytale energy. I find it quite strange that you have three (!!!) of my horses. A stable and person I admire so much owns three horses of mine. What?!?!
    I admire so much the way you intricately build and decorate your barns. I'm sure their's a community of fairies dancing around and resting softly in the flowers you place around your barns. I'm sure your horses are also visited by these fairies, which is where they receive their mysterious magick!
    I adore your writing, it's filled with ethereality (sorry that's not a word, but I'm making it one) and simplicity. Your characters are so vivid.
    Every single thing you post belongs in a fairytale book. An old one too. A bit dusty, a lost treasure. Carefully decorated with golden trims, and small details trickled in.
    There is most definitely something hidden in your posts. Like a mystery, kind of like Narnia. A beautiful mystery. Although your hidden mystery has not yet been discovered, I hope I'll someday find words for it.
    I'm so inspired by you, and this thread. Thank you Alexa for creating this and giving me the chance to vent about my love for Calli and her creativity. :sparkles: :heart:
    Zinnia :heart: :revolving_hearts: :heart:

    I totally forgot to add what I think I may be known for.
    I don't think it's much. Perhaps my comments to people who I really admire. I love to send people I look up to heartfelt messages. :heart:

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