[FOUND] Hanoverian sire and dam

  • I have a stallion, but I want for him to have a pedigree! He is a 5 years old Hanoverian stallion in the colour of a Bay! Looks like this:
    alt text

    I am looking for:

    • One mare and one stallion.
    • No titles (as I don't wanna pay for it).
    • Can make bays (both don't have to be bays though)
    • Show Jumper (as the foal need some more show jumping blood) or Eventer.
    • Offspring is 5 years old (6 next month) so mare has to be at least 9 years old.
    • Fee below §10,000.

  • Hi, again! xD

    @Irene-Duarte said in [FOUND] Hanoverian mare:

    I have some mares with titles, but I do not usually ask for a lot of money for their foals (and less to be BIY). I leave here the list with the data of them and the prices. ;)

    • Terabithia de Duarte
      Mainsite / Chestnut (ee/Aa) / Active / Show Jumping / 70 points / EEC Chardonnay x CDC/YDS Waterford Lake / 4k

    • VDP Tramp
      Mainsite / Bay (Ee/AA) / Active / Show Jumping / 23 points / Dressage / 62 points / ГА Baron x ГА Dinara / 5k

    I thought that, since you are not looking for a degree in the discipline, I could offer you other Hanoverians (from other disciplines).


    • PSSC Two Steps from Hell
      Mainsite / Bay (Ee/Aa) / Active / Hunter Paces / 69 points / Foundation / $ 3 000


    • FTCS Kathy's Gotta Gun
      Mainsite / Smokey Black (Ee/aa/nCr) / Active / Hunter Paces / 23 points / Show Jumping (retired) / 32 points / SAEC weapon Of Choice x NLS Katharina || / $ 3 000

    • PSS Somethingroyal
      Mainsite / Bay (Ee/Aa) / Active / Puissance / 14 points / Foundation / $ 3 000

  • @Irene-Duarte, haha, Hi again! xD I should just have gone for asking you before posting this lol xD

    I would love to use Terabithia this time, and your lovely Bay stallion. The discipline doesn't really matter as I'm not looking for bonuses anyways, so I think I can use him just as well as any show jumper. I pay you and put up his profil, okay? :)

  • @Regina-Walker Charged. ^^ It was a pleasure doing business with you.

  • @Irene-Duarte You as well. You have some ´very beautiful horses :D

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