VEOLA'S BLOG ✿ | Intro's [March 5th]

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    VEOLA welcome's you to her two running horse facilities. In order to focus harder into more disciplines, she decided to split the Western and Hunt Seat horses. Now she has two of everything! All under her name. Cloud 9 Equestrian Center and Making Strides' Estate. Within this blog, will collectively mark her remarkable achievements with either barn.
    Without further adieu! We shall kick off this photobook with some... PHOTOS!

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    Cloud Nine Making Strides
    BS Gold Matador LEQ It's War Time
    LCR Go for Gold LEQ She's A Heart Breaker
    LCR Miss Pretty Pie LEQ Face The Facts
    BS Indian Artifacts WOF Heart Of Vegas
    ADS Shadow Of A Love Lost WO Vanilla Sky
    WO Redneck Oaklyn Hotchner MD
    WH Lovin' Them Diamonds WRR/MM Rise In Action
    WS Black Tie Affair Woodcrest's A Paint Named Slickback
    FE West Paint me Pastel Calamity Jane
    Alotta Splash Maple Hollow's St. Nick
    Jumping Illusion RDEC Amadeus
    Impressive Areion's Big John
    Blue Skies CHEC Bretagne
    Autograph MM Cookies and Cream
    Over 'N Dun PSS SomethingRoyal
    Down By The Bay PSS SHAKESPEAR
    Hotchner MD PCRA Mercedes
    PLR Passing Fancy WM Lacan
    DRE Athena's Grace RDEC Gladiator
    Woodcrest's A Paint Named Slickback MHS/WSLW Such A HeartBreaker
    BPH Justa Smarty Zip DDEC Dakar
    WRR/MM Rise In Action GTH One Day I Will Remember
    BKR Queen of Lights Heritage's Nationality
    BSR Moon Veil Heritage's Malak
    SVR's Classic Big Blue Heritage's Verblassen
    WWC Blue Rose RBC Cyclon
    LHR Windfang GTH Silver Snowflake
    VL Only In The Skies PSSC Prada
    PLR/VL Splash A Million
    WHR Technicolor
    VL Hopeless Romantic
    HCS The Dark Angel
    Sovereign's Princess of the Sun
    WWC Ride Like the Wind
    WHR Shining Tears
    CJ Newest Addiction
    SVR's To Be A Party Deluxe
    RTEC Hickup
    HB American Soldier
    VL Golden Lights
    VL UNV My Autograph
    VL Ima B Reckless
    BLU Ophelia
    BLU Suserrant Goodbye

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