[Ends when sold] Some foundation horses

  • Hello I sold some foundation horses. No horse is registered!

    *Don't change prefix and showname
    *You can choose the barnname
    *Don't change breed, coat, mane/tail colour
    *You can change the mane/tail style
    *Don't reupload the horse
    *Don't use the coat for other horses
    *I don't have a update rule, I'm happy about every pic. But I need a pic that you have the horse in your game, I don't sell horses which died in your folder!
    *Horse with Custom marking -> don't use the marking for other horse!

    Name: AE Alaska de Hus
    Breed: Selle Francais
    Age: 5 years
    Gender: Mare
    Colour: Bay
    Discipline: Show Jumping

    0_1561301360730_Alaska Confo.png

    Name: AE Almond Eye
    Breed: Thoroughbred
    Age: 3 years
    Gender: Mare
    Colour: Bay
    Disicpline: Flat Racing

    0_1561301372059_Mona Confo.png

    Name: AE Django Freeman
    Breed: Thoroughbred
    Age: 3 years
    Gender: Stallion
    Colour: Chestnut (Coat from Raymond Equestrian Centre)
    Discipline: Flat Racing

    0_1561301382944_Django Confo.png

    Name: ACO Mariners Compass
    Breed: German Riding Pony
    Age: 7 years
    Gender: Mare
    Colour: Palomino (come with Custom Marking!)
    Discipline: Eventing

    0_1561301462083_Conny Confo.png

    Name: GRFS Viabella
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Age: 8 years
    Gender: Mare
    Colour: Dark Bay (comes without the clip)
    Discipline: Show Jumping

    0_1561301665958_Bella Confo.png

    Name: OL Acacia de Torres
    Breed: P.R.E
    Age: 6 years
    Gender: Mare
    Colour: Chestnut
    Discipline: Dressage

    0_1561302091375_Cia Confo.png

    Name: RNS Mr. Flashman
    Breed: American Paint Horse (english)
    Age: 6 years
    Gender: Stallion
    Colour: Buckskin Overo (come with Custom Marking)
    Discipline: Show Jumping

    0_1561302120902_Flash Confo.png

    Make a offer!

  • What does Viabella looks like without the clip? :)

  • OL Acacia de Torres found a home!

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