JUNE 2019 UPDATE - Reminders For Showing On Equus

  • Competition Committee


    Hello everyone! We have a few reminders for our members regarding showing at Equus, and things that need to happen to help our hosts and shows run more smoothly. Please make sure you are also reading the Regulations for shows as these have been updated slightly (in the show threads). If you have any questions, please contact myself or any of the other Event Coordinators for help or clarification. Thank you!

    New Horse Registration

    If you submit a horse via Automatic Registration and enter it into a show immediately afterward, you must notify the show host in their show thread with the horse's ID number and name and explain that it was submitted via Auto Reg before the show closes so that the show host can make sure that your horse is showing up correctly.

    Entry Fees

    Please pay close attention to where you are sending your entry fees. Each show thread specifies where entry fees are to be sent to. Entry fees sent to the wrong account will be returned, but if entry fees are not sent to the correct account on time, the entries will be disqualified.

    Main Site Payment Memo

    All entry fee payments must include only the 'Show Name' in the Payment Memo. Please do not list horse names, levels, etc.

    Name Changes

    If you submit a name change - either for yourself or a horse - you must notify the show host in their show thread that this could be happening before the show closes so they are aware.

    Discipline Changes/Retiring a Horse

    If a horse has been entered into a show for its discipline, please do not submit that horse for retirement or a discipline change before that show has been judged. If the change is completed before the show is judged, the horse will show up as Undeclared and will be disqualified.

    Entering Horses After Shows Close

    Horses entered after the show end date/time will be disqualified.

    Disqualifications & Refunds

    Entries that are disqualified due to an error of the member entering them will not have entry fees refunded. Entry fees will only be refunded if sent to the wrong account or if the show host has made an error.

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