[ENDED] Bunch of Ponies!

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    (Just so you know it, I'm in the progress of taking adult pictures of all the foals, so they will be shown in here by tomorrow, I hope! I will be making full-greyd coats for foals having genes for grey, but you can choose to use that or make your own, if you would rather do that :) )


    • Besides mane and tail style and tack, you may not edit anything on the horse (you may add your normal shinemarkings if you want to and if the horse is a grey, you are allowed to make him grey out).
    • You MAY NOT put up the horse for download (template, coat, whatever).
    • You MAY NOT use the horse's template or coat for new horses.
    • You MAY NOT use custom markings for other horses.
    • You MAY NOT delete or edit the horse's name. I have named it what it's meant to be called. But you can choose whatever nickname you want for the horse.
    • If you wanna sell the horse, please contact me first. Often I would like to buy the horse back. But the price is the same as when I sold him to you, not higher or lower.

    Kilborn's Baldrian x Kilborn's Red Hot Chilipepper
    Colt - 1 y/o - Chestnut Tobiano with Flax (ee Aa nZ nT)
    When handling he is very nice, there is of course the hormones, but he get better at ignoring the mares, as he sees them every day. He can be touched everywhere, as good with the blacksmith, and loves going on rides (not ridden of course) with his mom, Kilborn's Red Hot Chilipepper.
    He really likes dogs, and has no problems with other stallions nor geldings. He is a Chestnut Tobiano with Flax (ee Aa nZ nT).
    alt text

    Kilborn's Cream Puff x Kilborn's Red Flare
    Filly - 1 y/o - Dunalino (ee aa nCr Dd)
    A little happy mare, named, after Kilborn's Cream Puff (a Perlino stallion) and Kilborn's Red Flare (a Red Dun mare). She herself is a Dunalino (ee aa nCr Dd).
    She is very sweet but a little shy. Doesn't like to get too fare away from her mom. Scared of some stuff, but is getting a lot better. She likes cats though.

    alt text

    Kilborn's Gammelsmoelf x Kilborn's Amona
    Filly - 1 y/o - Chestnut Splash (grey, ee aa Gg nSpl)
    Applause is a sneaky little bastard. She sneaks in everywhere she can fit, and sometimes we can't even find her, because she is lost somewhere. But luckily her mother, Kilborn's Amona, can always find her. We just say 'find appy' to her, and she will find Applause.
    She is a Chestnut Splash (ee aa Gg nSpl), but because her dad Kilborn's Gammelsmoelf is a grey, we decided to test her for it, and it says that she is a grey too. So eventually she will grey out, at some point at least, which is a little sad, as her colour is kind of amazing.
    (You decide if you want the adultcoat I made, or if you wanna make your own!)
    alt text


    Horse SB Autobuy Highest Bid
    Kilborn's Bailey §3000 §10000 §5000 by @Veola-Loveless
    Kilborn's Reda Dawn §3000 §10000 AB by @Siri-Kane
    Kilborn's Applause §3000 §10000 §5000 by @Thea-Radmer

  • What are the starting bids?

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    Oh yes ofc! I forgot! Give me a minute :)

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    @Veola-Loveless It's now up! :D

  • SB:
    Kilborn's Applause
    Kilborn's Bailey

  • Killborn's Bailey - 4k
    Killborn's Reda Dawn - SB

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    @Siri-Kane Accepted :)

  • Killborn's Bailey $5,000

  • Kilborn's Applause 4000

  • Killborn´s Applause 5k

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    Sorry! I have had a lot on my mind, so I haven't had time for Sims at all! Does ppl still want the ponies? :D
    @Thea-Radmer @Veola-Loveless ?

  • Oh sure! Ill send the 5k now

  • Absolutely!

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    Awesome! I will send the horses right over tomorrow, when I get home :)

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    @Veola-Loveless Have you forgotten to send payment? I have your horse/pony/foal ready <3

  • @Regina-Walker what do I owe?

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    @Veola-Loveless What you bid the last time? You can see it below the horses? :)

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