[SOLD] Hanoverian Filly

  • Today Ryvensgate Stables are proudly presenting to you our homebred hanoverian filly...

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    RYV Anchurir
    Black Hanoverian Filly
    Show Jumping (+15 [+25]) and Eventing (+5 [+15])
    alt text
    " A very lively foal, who likes to stray around and watch the world! Annie already shows great potential for the big sport, especially in Show Jumping! She is self-confident and sometimes a bit dominant. A naughty young foal that every stable needs!
    I am sure she will be a fearless sport partner in future!
    Asking Price: $40,000

    Foal Pictures Yearling Pictures
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    alt text alt text

    RYV Anchurir comes with her own private marking. She comes with a great pedigree together with nice bonuses who will increase when her parents are gaining more points and titles! She is the perfect horse for competitions and future breeding programs!
    The price is negotiable.


    • The given show name and prefix cannot be changed
    • Do not put the horse or parts of it up for download or use it to create your own horse(s) (coat, markings, conformation, complete horse)
    • Shine/shade/detail markings are allowed to be altered to fit your game (lighting mod, skin mod, reshade) but please keep the original look of the horse
    • Please contact me if you want to sell the horse, I want to buy it back
    • If you don't want the horse anymore you can also just sent the main site back to me, I will treat it discreetly


    • Just write everything you think that wants me to choose you as Annie's new owner over here or Slack! Just be creative!

    Activity regulation

    • Activity is required and will be tracked!
    • This horse should be entered in random shows here, every other show is up to you
    • This horse requires a picture update monthly (public is desired, private updates are okay too)

    If you are not sure if you can pay the asked price and/or you aren't sure if you can update the horse regularly, we can discuss a leasing contract. You are leasing the horse for some time and try your best to fulfill the activity regulations and if I see that you are doing a good job, you are getting the horse for only 10k. Just message me if you really want to have her and this is an option for you!

    Please take a moment and think about it if you really want to take care for this lovely horse. I want to see how she is doing, how she develops at your stable, all good and bad things she will go through. She is such a lovely filly that deserves to be shown!
    If you have read all of this, include your favorite horse breed in your application.

    So please only apply if you really want to be active with her! This is not first come first serve, and I deserve the right to take back this sale and keep Annie at any time.

    I am looking forward to your applications! :two_hearts:

    Application counter: 3

  • Aw, I didn't think I would live to see the day you would be offering a homebred with such a nice pedigree, huh? :smiling_imp:
    Really looking forward on seeing who is getting this lovely lady, who knows how many years before you offer another one? :sweat_smile:

  • Annie is still looking for a new home! :heartpulse:

    I received only one application so far! If the activity regulation is too strict for you, feel free to talk directy to me and we can find a solution if you really want her! I could accept an update every 2-3 months too :blush: Just DM me!

  • Annie found her new home :two_hearts:

    Thank you all for your lovely applications!

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