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    @Hilda-Wilson said in Ratsumäki – { November 21st } – Autumn colours ♡:

    The colors are amazing, everything matches so great! And your editing is on point as always! :maple_leaf: :heart_exclamation:

    Thank you so much, Hilda! :two_hearts: I wish we'd still have those colours outside :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf:

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    Amazing pictures :D

    Thank you, Katharina! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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    What a great picture! Such beautiful colour composition :heart:

    Thank you, Annalena! :yellow_heart:


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    Making this post has been extremely hard, and I've postponed doing it for over a week now. However, now I need to just get over it, tears in my eyes, so we can focus on more happy things later this season. First of all, we have been extremely lucky. Ratsumäki was founded back in 2014 – almost five years ago! During that time we have had so many horses under our roof. We have, of course, faced many problems with them during that time but nothing serious really. Like I said, we've been lucky – sometimes it feels like horses are the most fragile creatures on earth and you'd pretty much like to wrap them with bubble wrap to avoid injuries and still, nothing too bad had happened during these years. Horses have lived happy and healthy lives. This year for the first time we had to face the fact, that some of our horses are getting older. No matter how well we took care of them, they had their health issues. Some days were better and I was hopeful; "maybe it will better from now on". But then the not-so-good day arrived again. I was petting their heads, the fire from their eyes were gone. We both know that it was time to let go. Snow was quietly falling from the sky, when four beautiful creatures were released from this world. Now there is no pain. They can run free. Farewell, Mileedi (19), Joelme (19), Nuivan Vikatikki (16) and Ajan Kuiske (18). We all miss you. ♡

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Horses in the order of appearance:
    Mileedi, Joelme, Nuivan Vikatikki & Ajan Kuiske

    Thank you for stopping by ♡

  • Omg... That is heartbreaking... I just followed you till you’ve started and I always loved your starter horses!
    Joelme Is a star at the community and I will miss him the most :(
    The others as well! I wish them and of course you, the best!

  • Nooo I loved all of them :(

  • loss is always heartbreaking, Here's to hopefully better things to come <3

  • Ah, I'm so sorry, Luna. I hope they've given life to many beautiful offspring to keep their legacy. Sending you the best wishes :heart:

  • Oh.. so sorry :cry: I remember see almost all of theese horses around old EC.

    Older leave space to newer, good moment for new beginnings and illusions.

  • May they have a calm and safe journey over the rainbow bridge :rainbow: :heart:

  • Ah no... four of them? :( So sad!

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