Faye & O'Connolly Horse Creations Closed for now

  • Girl, your hands are miraculous! these horses are real masterpieces!

  • Your horses always mesmerise me, so stunning! You’ve really got a knack for making pretty ponies! (Also i’m caving and getting another)

  • Batch Seven :crescent_moon:

    First up is an import made for @Dawn-Austen. He has custom flea bites(these pictures don't do him justice, he has cute little dots all over his coat), a cute face, and a some what stocky build. Had a lot of fun messing around with coat adjustments for this dude, and I'm happy with the result, hope you like him!

    American Warmblood | 5 yo | Flea bitten grey

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Second is a very bold blind import made for @Jennifer-Winchester . Yet another stallion with a very striking appearance, but still holds a very cute look. He is built like a tank and is for sure ready for whatever career you have planned for him.

    Marwari | 6 yo | Seal bay splash

    alt text
    alt text

    Hope you like these guys! Once the mainsite is back up and running I can send these ponies out to their owners :heartbeat:

  • O B S E S S E D

  • 😍😍 he looks beautiful! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get him in game ♥️

  • OMG!!! He’s stunning! You’re a goddess! 😍😍

  • Holy heeeeeeeck why do I see this now?
    I am soooooo jealous of the ppl who got those wonderful horses!

  • First of all, thank you for all this positive feed back, I didn't think this service would get as much attention, and I am sooo pleased with all the nice comments :heartbeat: I'm officially closing down this service while I work on orders. I can't guarantee that it will be open too soon, but at some point I'll get back to it!

  • @Catriona-O'connolly Hey! I've seen your creations and I near dropped dead. They're all so beautiful. I was gonna ask for an import but reading that you're closed for now stopped me! I hope if it reopens so I can ask for an amazing import! <3

  • Horses are still in the making, sorry for the wait! :heartpulse:

  • Ughhh so my game is currently not happy with me and I do apologize for the wait once again. I'm not giving up with out a fight though, so hopefully sims will start to cooperate. Thanks!

  • @Catriona-O'connolly i just lost my battle with my computer, best of luck to you! Take all the time you need!

  • Competition Committee

    No worries, Sims can be quite finicky even at the best of times. Hopefully it will start to cooperate. :D

  • When do you think this service will be open again, Faye?

  • FOC Horse Creations is back up and running, finally!

    Batch Eight Pt. 1

    This lovely Stallion is a blind import made for @Blake-Bellanaris . He is the perfect mix of ASB and Friesian, with of course a sprinkle of Percheron. Kato is a spitfire, ready for his new career!

    Kato | Georgian Grande | 5 yo | Bay Tobiano

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    More horses on the way, I'm just now able to get back into my game. Thank god :sweat_smile:

  • @Leila-Cabiles Not sure yet, still have to finish up the current requests. Hoping to have a Halloween horse sale or import service at some point though, so be on the look out! :heartbeat:

  • Batch Eight Pt. 2

    Another Blind import made for @Chloe-West . He is absolutely stunning and his dapples took FOREVER to place in photoshop but I finally got it to cooperate, and he came out looking not so yellow as well - so here he is, the man himself. I present to you, Ender, the stocky Irish Sport Horse. I only got one pic of him because my game hates me, sorry about that - Hopefully I can get more before you see this post lol.

    Ender | Irish Sport Horse | 4 yo | Sooty Buckskin (Minimal Tobiano? I'll let you decide :joy: )

    alt text

    Hope you like this big guy <3

  • @Catriona-O'connolly HOLY SMOKES WHAT A BABE <3 <3

  • Administrators

    I just saw this omg!!! Kato is adorable I love him :heart_eyes:

  • Batch Nine Pt. 1

    Here we have a very smooth looking Akhal-Teke mare, a blind import made for @Maize-Winters . You said you wanted something refined and I immediately had something in mind, coat color and all. She is bred for racing and after retiring from that, eventing would be her next discipline. She is very fancy and has the cutest face, can't wait to see what you end up doing with her!

    Kashmir | Akhal-Teke | 3 yo | Buckskin

    alt text
    alt text

    Hope you like this gal, had a lot of fun making her! :heartpulse:

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