✧ Don't alter the horse's outer characteristics in any way (outcluding mane/tail style)
    ✧ Changing any information of the horse except for the barn name is not allowed
    ✧ The disciplines of the horse may not be changed
    ✧ The horse isn't to be uploaded for any public distribution
    ✧ If you no longer wish to keep the horse, contact me (Saga-Dahlia Wallengaard) first
    ✧ Please be active with her and cherish her! ♥


    ✧ Called Sara
    ✧ Born 10/15 (7 years old)
    ✧ Westphalian, mare
    ✧ Black (Ee aa)
    ✧ 173cm
    ✧ 3rd generation (sire Gambit av Eloyard, dam Amnesia av Eloyard)
    ✧ Competes in dressage
    ✧ Pedigree bonus +7 in dressage
    ✧ 40 dressage points
    ✧ Breeder Saga-Dahlia Wallengaard
    ✧ Price 10,000€ (Negotiable)

    alt text
    alt text


    ✧ To apply for a horse, please DM me on the forum or slack and tell me a bit about your barn and what you have in mind for the horse

  • Why Merika needs to be that pretty!? Her face is beyond adorable! I need to sit on my hands :grimacing:

  • Merika has been sold, Sara is still looking for her home!♥

  • I write you a message on Slack :3 <3

  • Sara is still for sale~

  • @Saga-Dahlia-Wallengaard Is breeding possible after the end of a career?

  • Oh unfortunately Sara has already been sold! I've just forgot to shut down this thread.

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