Registration Question

  • Hi! Sorry if this has been answered before or if this isn't the right place to ask, but I was wondering what the process for registering foals was? I know that with the old Manual Registration you had to age them up for their confo pic, but does that rule still apply with AutoReg?

  • As far as I'm aware, it does not apply anymore, since it is all automated

  • PR Committee

    I think as long as you’re using a unique sim horse you should be okay, although I would say I think adult conformation is preferred. I think you also need to be registered on the forum and main site to do so.

  • Development Committee

    Adult conformation is required for registration, yes

  • Competition Committee

    @Puck-Cantrell is the person to ask when it comes to registration and breed committee questions :slight_smile:

  • Administrators

    Just realized I never responded to this, but yes, adult conformation is preferred for registration. The process is automated and we allow all photos so long as they are 1) unique and 2) photos of sim horses, however since horses need to be adults to start competing realistically we ask that adult photos be used for registration.

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