[ENDED] Monarch Equestrian 2019 Sale

  • Monarch Equestrian Sale

    First things first:

    • DO NOT make major coat or confo changes. You're welcome to do some adjustings so horse fits your game and mods but nothing that changes it's color or shape completely!
    • DO NOT use my horses as a templates for other horses.
    • DO NOT use custom markings on other horses.You may add custom markings instead of existing ones that are public.
    • If the horse is missing markings you may replace them with something simillar or contact me and I'll try to dig them fro my folder but can't promise I'm able to find all of them.
    • DO NOT upload horses for public download.
    • Mares have to stay mares, stallions may be gelded.
    • If you ever like to get rid of them ask me before, I might want them back. You may also throw them directly to my main site or reclaims, no judgement at all, but be aware I might sell them again at some point.
    • All horses will come to new homes with main site profiles and registration pictures. Please use my ID when registering 388.
    • No activity requirements. After you pay for horse it's yours to use as you like but it'd be nice to see them in blog updates or c-shows from time to time.
    • Images of horses are completely unedited. I've added CAP pictures so you could see them without light mods and be aware they might look a bit different in your game if you're using differend HD mods and light mods.
    • If you have any questions just post below or shoot me a PM.

    Sale rules:

    • Below you can find a link to form where you can put your offer for the horse. Remember all of them have set minimum price and only offers equal or above will be considered.
    • Sale ends 10th of July and winners will be announced that day or earlier if all horses find suitable homes.
    • If there is no contact with the new owner for a few days after sale, I choose another one.
    • I reserve the right to end the sale at any time from any reason.

    Now, to the horses!

    Monarch's Witcher's Doll
    thoroughbred mare
    Ocean Pearl's L.A Noire x Voodoo Doll SHS

    Prooven pairing brought another star to the world. Doll took al the best from her parent's: eye-catching color of her dam and cool temperament of her sire. Very smart girl, learns quickly and cooperates with riders, trainers and grooms, but we recomend someone with at least medium experience as a rider for her - sometimes she is just too smart and checks attention of the people around her. What if they do not mind she having a nap right now?
    Pedigree bonuses: +13 in eventing and +13 in dressage
    Price: offers above 35k

    Monarch's Survivor
    thoroughbred stallion
    Ocean Pearl's Dominator x Illusion FN

    This boy will take you to the stars, seriously, he is tall. Fleabitten stallion looks outstanding among horses and knows how to behave, especially if ladies are in sight. He maybe looks goofy at first, but Survivor is nicely tempered, easily learns new things and patiently poses for pictures. It would be perfect if he has a ball to play at the pasture.
    Pedigree bonuses: +7 in eventing and +10 in show jumping (maxed to +13 in the future)
    Price: offers above 30k

    Monarch's Enchantress
    thoroughbred mare
    Monarch's Meltefos x Femme Noire SHS

    Cherry on top. Flashy bay sabino splash filly definitely is enchanting when looking at. Compact mare with huge scope, huuge dose of energy and huuuge b*tchiness (like her parents). She has her moods, she'll do anything you ask her if asked nicely - perfect if some snacks are included, but pay attention on her tail - she knows how to cause pain on your skin when she is not in the mood for work. All she does has it's purpose, never wastes time and better you do so too. Experienced owners/riders/handler/groomers only! Or you'll never forget this pet.
    Pedigree bonuses: +21 in eventing (maxed to 24) and +11 in dressage
    Custom face marking
    Price: offers above 40k

    Monarch's Ghirardelli
    thoroughbred stallion
    main site profile

    That's right. With heavy heart we offer our sweet Ghirardelli for sale! This long-legged stallion jumps like crazy and for sure will be great addition to eventing and/or jumping team. His pedigree includes steeplechasers what makes him fast on track and gives light built. Easy to carry, not affraid of vet nor farrier, can travel quietly in trailer for miles. Good choice for every rider, from begginers to pros, horse that cares for the rider and never throw you out of the saddle on purpose. Son of RFE Ríoghnán, grandgrandson of EXQ Whisky Mist, from dam's side QMR lines like QMR Valerius and QMR Antonius.
    Current stats: 99pts in eventing, 58pts in show jumping
    Pedigree bonuses: +10 in eventing, +7 in show jumping and some low bonus in steeplechase, +5 or so and probably some dressage
    Price: offers above 30k

    Monarch's Jägermeister
    trakehner gelding
    main site profile

    A horse gentleman, very careful and easy to ride. Sometimes lazy and you have to push him into move but mostly rides are enjoyable enough to forgive him. Loves to sleep and often you can find him napping under the tree in the pasture. Easy to handle, never caused a trouble in the barn or outside, calm and quiet also with unknown horses. Perfect for begginers.
    All 3 straws available.
    Custom markings
    Pedigree bonuses: +22 in show jumping, +2 in eventing
    Price: offers above 35k

    Monarch's Alchemist
    trakehner stallion
    main site profile

    Compact stallion with big scope. His rich coat catches the eye, has also very fluent gaits and can be retrained for dressage if new owner prefers it over eventing. Alchemist is patient but gives gentle pokes when waiting takes too much time. Loves to be groomed, especially brushing, massage should be ok too. Very adventurous and curious of the world outside and animals that are not horses, so make sure your fences are in good shape. Opens door of his stall, we don't know how and why because nothing is missing, including food. He just walks around. Big names in pedingree: MSE Project Mayhem and Majnoun NA. I own one foal sired by Alchemist, not yet registered - just so the new owner knows if someday it pops up on his mainsite.
    Pedigree bonuses: +10 in show jumping
    Price: offers above 25k


  • PR Committee

    Beautiful foal crop! I'm tempted to apply for one or two, but I also have several horses going back to Majnoun, Project Mayhem. We have good taste!

  • Ah, they're all lovely - the most difficult part is not applying for all of them! :heart_eyes:

    The CAP additional pictures aren't working for me. I've tried on different devices, with different browsers, and it shows a blurry picture but then when it loads, the screen goes black. Any chance you'd be able to upload the photos to another host or toss them all in a slack message to me? :wink:

  • @Erin-Ward I'll try to upload them to another host, by that time I can send them to you on slack, no problem ;)

    I've added a presentation hope you guys can see all pics of horses now. If there're some issues let me know ;)

  • The sale has ended. Thank you all who made offers!
    Please give me a day or two to announce new owners, I have a lot of work in my rl job and need a bit of extra time ;)

  • Congratulations to the new owners!!

    Monarch's Witcher's Doll @Leah-Harrington
    Monarch's Survivor @Cecilia-Cherny
    Monarch's Enchantress @Cheyenne-Cavender
    Monarch's Ghirardelli stays at home
    Monarch's Jägermeister @Erin-Ward
    Monarch's Alchemist @Brandon-Huffton

    Please send the payment(s) with an info where to send the files and I'll transfer all stuff as soon as possible :)

  • Thank you so much, @Constantine-Vale! :heart: And congratulations to all of the winners, especially the love of my life, @Leah-Harrington!

  • Competition Committee

    Thank you so much for my beautiful girl @Constantine-Vale! This truly is an amazing group of horses and I'm so thrilled to be lucky enough to be chosen for Witcher's Doll - she's just beautiful :heart_exclamation:

    @Erin-Ward Thank you, dearest! Congratulations to you and everyone else as well <3

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