[ENDED Thoroughbred Downsizing Sale

    • You may not put the horse up for mass download, but if you co-own a stable, you may share the horse with that other person. Please contact me though.
    • You may not edit the coat, conformation, or gender. However, you are allowed to edit shine/detail markings, geld colts, and adjust the conformation to simulate pregnancy, fitness, or a stallion filling out.
    • I have no formal activity requirement, as long as the horse is actively competed in R shows.
    • The horse will be reclaimed if you have become inactive for one equus year, or four real life months.
    • If the horse's markings do not show up, you are free to add similar markings.
    • If you want to sell the horse, please contact me. I will buy the horse back for half of it's original price.
    • Most importantly, enjoy the horse. Please add your favorite horse color to your first bid.
    I've decided to sell some of my Thoroughbreds, as I don't have the room for them all. Four of them are flat racers, and one is a Show Jumper. They all have points, and receive bonus points from their own titles, or their parents. Feel free to change their disciplines. I only have CAS pictures right now, but I can get in game photos if desired. Also, feel free to update their coats, as they are a bit outdated!


    SB for all is 5k, PM me if you would like to autobuy.

  • Competition Committee

    SB Secret Code
    SB Code of Valor

    I've always been a sucker for a nice rich bay...

  • Accepted :D

  • SB Steelworker's Song
    SB Midnight Rose

    Can never have enough Grey coats :)

  • Accepted :D

  • Wynton's Mastermind - SB
    All shades of champagne

  • Accepted :D

  • Secret Code, Code of Valor, Midnight Rose, and Steelworker's Song have been sold! Please send over the payments, and I'll send you the files. Congrats!

    @Heather-Tann @Kayla-Albright

  • Payment sent, thanks Sophie, Can't wait to start working with them. You can send them to my email kayla.albright2014@hotmail.com :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Wynton's Mastermind - $6k

    I'm a sucker for black splashes

  • Mastermind has been sold via autobuy. Congrats to all buyers, and thank you to all bidders!

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