Doubt about the mustangs

  • I have a project in mind for several weeks and now that (finally) seems to be taking shape, I have some doubts.

    What is the difference between the Kiger and the Spanish Mustangs? (IRL) Any good article or someone who knows the subject would come great.

    On the other hand, do they have any difference in Equus? I was looking at the limitations in the disciplines with the Discipline Checker Thing and the three types (Kiger, Spanish and Mustang) have the same limitations.

  • Having grown up around the SWB Mustangs and watching them along with adopting many from different locations when they did round ups. It's all about the blood lines.

    The spanish mustangs can typically be dated back 4 to 5 generations as they have become a breed that has its own registery and with how picky they are about the included breeds allow into the gene pool and all can date back to the original Spanish horses.

    Kiger mustangs are actually a substrain of Spanish mustangs and you will find if a DNA test is run on them that you will find the same genes to them that you do the horses within the Spanish Mustang registry.

    The SWB and other mustangs that tend to be under BLM care are a combined lot of horses that were domesticated to Spanish mustangs to Kigers and Nokotas.

    My SWB horse that I adopted when we had a DNA test run came back with quarter horse and spanish mustang dna with few traces of paint horse as well. It's fun to run DNA on mustangs that get adopted because what you think might be run in the DNA wont be what it comes back as.

    Mustangs anymore are never really know what you're getting until you run the DNA testing on them

  • @Marc-Sanders So, it is a genetic and not a physical difference. (It depends more on DNA than conformation). I am right?

  • You'll see the strains of Spanish horses carry more Roman noses and duns but otherwise it is more genetic then appearance. Kiger tend to be predominantly dun

  • @Marc-Sanders Thank you, Marc ;)

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