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    I know i haven't posted in like..2 weeks or something? Anyways, since i haven't had any time to startup my sims, (because of a heatwave here in sweden, I've been on the beach like every day xD) I feel like i want to do something new with this mess of a blog. I can picture your faces being like hmmmm what's she gonna do now? Welp, I'll be building some new facilities in a brand new world that i haven't got yet! (suggestions down below) I am going to try to make my first own world, but just in case x3

    oH AND i dON't hAvE ANy PicTURES tODaY

  • Looking forward to seeing the new facilities! Im trying to motivate myself to start building again as well :sweat_smile: as for worlds basically the only one I know are those from Raymond Equestrian centre also another one (im currently using) is Lake of the woods it’s very large but I don’t remember where I got it
    Good luck! :smile:

  • @Luna-Smit Thank you Luna! I'm sure you'll find the motivation you need <3

  • SASs Fabuleuse

    So one of our gold stars just got a lil makeover by her breeder and i felt like i should just show her off!

    Here's SASs Fabuleuse! Actually one of my favourite horses of all time <3

    She's from the wonderful @Luna-Smit :D I couldn't be more greatful to have her name one of the stalls in my barn :sparkling_heart:


  • So excited to see her! I’m sure she’ll have a wonderful time at your stables girl, I’m glad she ended up with u! :heart:

  • @Luna-Smit Aww thank you! I realized that i forgot a picture tho, here it is; <3


    Sorry for the low quality, i was in a rush when taking these pics xD

  • lovely! can't wait to see more of her in the future also.. is that her i see in the new profile picture?? ;)

  • My Little Secret S & Ariana


  • What a lovely duo :two_hearts:

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