Bad CC in merged file???

  • I was merging my CC together to get less files (No idea why i even started doing that tho...)

    And now my game will not open, and there seems to be a problem with 4 of my merged files. (I needed to make 3 for horse cc and one for plants) I think that there is a problem in the third file with horse cc and maybe the one with plants too. But the thing is, that i dont think i still have the original files, so i cant really figure out how i fix my problems...
    Any tips on that?

  • I just tried to repair and update my game through origin. And then tried to take out the mods folder and start up the game. And it still wont start, i mean, the launcher starts and looks okay, but then i press the start button, it closes as normal, but from there it just never show up as it should.

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    Have you tried to remove the downloaded Sims.index file from the saved Sim folder?

  • @Anna-Hertler Is it a spesific file? Because i dont see a file with that name

  • @Anna-Hertler Okay... i just realiced, that i just installed Reshade 2.0... And that was the thing crashing my game that badly, but... I really want to try reshade, but is there another version working for sims or something??

    What im saying is, my game works, even with the corrupt files i got. Reshade was the problem, and it is removed from sims now

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    I use Reshade 3.something for my game and it works great (and I have a pretty shitty PC). I don't use the sims 3 through Origin tho.

  • @Anna-Hertler Okay, i was trying the 2.0 version.
    I think origin is my only way to sims since my laptop does not have a disc drive

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