Yeguada Marqués de Urquijo - Autumn again

  • @Celia-Acosta Thanksa :heart: We have high hopes for her and with that name sure that attracts a lot of attention haha

    Preparing the future

    This last month we have hired more staff with the aim of being able to train all the horses, especially the jumping ones (which are not few). Aridia la Vid and Carmencita Vicario, are the new members of the sj team, with which they are doing a very good job. His arrival at the stable was somewhat thoughtful, because we had a mission for them, or rather a decision that they should make.

    Three weeks ago we were informed that a neighboring stable, located in the "País Vasco", was closing its doors and putting its last animals on sale. After a long conversation I decided to buy his last four-year-old fillies. The three mares were of Spanis Sport Horse breed, sj line. But they were bought with the only rule that we could test their abilities for a week at our facilities.

    The first mare is called Oropesa, chestnut coat, with white markings in all its extensions. She is a shy girl, does not like to interact too much with other horses, but enjoys with the human contact. Oropesa comes from a family of jumpers descended from ALIGOTE 47.35% (FR) (stallion of Yeguada Militar).

    alt text

    The second is Ontaneda, a peculiar Tobiano bay with a lot of energy and a friendly character. Personally she is my favorite, because to be so young she's really magnificent. In she we can find power, strength and elasticity along with a sports and female conformation.

    alt text

    alt text

    Finally there is Orgaz, daughter of horses Selle Francais. This young mare is pure love, trusts her rider quickly, is always willing to help and loves to make friends, whether it's two or four legs.

    alt text

  • Awww .. they three are beautiful, Borja! I think it has been a great purchase.

  • @Irene-Duarte Thank you :heart_eyes_cat: we also believe that it has been a good idea!

    Unusual summer day

    The young mares have already completely adapted to their new home. The truth is that the change has not been very big, because they lived less than 100km from the stable. For us, Orgaz is the one who is best at the moment, she is already demonstrating her potential in show jumping with her rider, Aridia la Vid. Hopefully, this young binomial will soon show what he is capable of doing in the show world.

    alt text

    Thanks @Jessica-Owens for the coat update, I love u :heart:

  • Oh, how much beauty is here!! She is beautiful, I didn't have to do much with her coat :smirk:

  • Huge looking horse by the size of the rider! But very pretty, as yours always are :heart: Will we see her in action soon?

  • @Jessica-Owens Oh thank you :heart:
    @Lidija-Rotherford Thanks :slight_smile: she really isn't very big, but the angle of the photo cheats haha. And yes, soon she will start competing!

    Black beauty in progress

    Taking advantage of the last days of summer, we have begun to jump freely to all the mares to see which will continue to compete and those that we want to leave to breed or transplant embryo. After a hard examination, we obtained very varied results, mentioning PCRA Gabhriella. She's a Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) of Show Jumping, RDEC line, being the daughter of RDEC Zamarivo (RDEC Vinterbug x RDEC Zimba) and RDEC Germania (RDEC Ambassador x MHS Grace).

    alt text

    Currently Gabi, that is her nickname, is competing in SJ with Marietta Sánchez, our rider eventing and SJ. Although she is at a low level (level 6) for her qualities, she already has very good results. In addition to her good qualities, she is a very sociable and friendly mare, always looking for contact with other horses or humans. But especially she likes to receive delicious carrots or small pieces of bread.

    alt text

    At the moment we have a daughter of her in the stable, called PCRA Geraldine. And the Yeguada del Andaluz recently acquired an embryo from EWE Starhawk and she, resulting in a pretty chestnut filly, called Blasfemia de Borges.

    alt text

    We take this post to announce that we have an open auction in this moment, in which we sell an embryo of this young promise.

  • The important thing is enjoy

    Different breeds of horses form the Yeguada Marqués de Urquijo. Every day riders saddle their animals for the purpose of being the best in their discipline and the most important thing to enjoy.

    Several new horses have arrived at the stable this week, including Vannan S, a chestnut Spanish Sport Horse (CDE) mare from @Jasmine-Wilkinson . Vannan is very calm and cheerful, especially when she's in the company of young horses or foals, has a very developed and protective maternal instinct.

    alt text

    With the arrival of the autumn show jumping season, we have put Bounti de Borges in the hands of Carmencita Vicario. This chestnut mare has been competing for several years, but we have not yet found a rider that fits what she needs. Bounti has small problems when she comes to managing her size, she is a very tall mare and is not aware when she is going to jump.

    alt text

    Finally, our little arabian Zafra YM is starting to compete in working equitation, with the intention of being able to breed Hispano-árabes horses in the future.

    alt text

  • I don't want to make Bounti feel bad ... but my breeder side feels great seeing the first and third horse ... especially with the Arabian... It sounds tempting that of the Hispano-árabes...

  • @Irene-Duarte Nothing happens :laughing: maybe with this new post you change your mind

    A future decision

    For the Yeguada the months after the summer are a complete chaos. On November 19, "SICAB" (World Championship of the Andalusian breed) begins, for us it is the most important event of the year, together with the "ANCADES Final" (October 9 to 13). This show lasts five days, and is made up of several tests of show jumping (liberty and riding), morphology of young stallions and mares and on the last day it is decided which is the best breeding stable of the year.

    Before traveling to Madrid and with the idea of having a team ready to give everything of himself, the horses are prepared over two weeks, in which the best animals are chosen for the competition. Mainly in the stable the fundamental thing is to get the most potential of each horse in the liberty show jumping.

    The first mare to go to the training track is Bounti de Borges, recently this young mare obtained her fourth title in SJ, being one of the horses selected for the criterion of SJ.

    The next to go to the jumping area was Kelpie de Borges, a seven-year-old mare daughter of Baguira de Borges. Kelpie is a very expert mare, she has a very careful and cold mind when facing the jump.

    Third, Ontaneda de Borges showed that she was born to jump and get attention with her pretentious coat. Since she arrived at the stable she has created a dispute between the riders, since they all want to train with this lovely cow.

    Finally, Orgaz de Borges was the mare that closed the first day of testing. She has not yet been registered in the forum, but we hope that soon she can start competing.

  • Orgaz wow!

    Sounds like you're about to have a busy month ahead!

  • Thanks buddy for reminding me that summer is over and now the chaos in Spain begins :ok_hand_tone1:

  • Your horses are amazing as always :D

  • Ontaneda is my favourite girl she's amazing ! But all they are beautiful :heart_eyes:

  • Love 'em all :heart:

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Thanks :slight_smile: yes, October is the month to die haha
    @Jessica-Owens You're welcome, that's what friends are for :laughing:
    @Aradia-Redmane Thanksss :heart_eyes_cat:
    @Eloïse-Newport They are all very pretty girls, but you are right Ontaneda is special, thanks :heart:
    @Vera-Alvarez Thank you :)

    The crown jewels

    In recent months there have been few news of our Andalusian horses, but in reality they are doing very well in their corresponding disciplines (dressage and classical dressage). Several of them have already retired from the world of competition, such as RDEC Carinosa, WRNGS Lauquiniz V and Atrevida X del Sicomoro with more than 200 points.

    Another of the stallions that has obtained its last title is Utrerano de Urquijo (Lebrijano de Urquijo x AC Naiara), an Andalusian bay with very elegant movimients, distilling his harmonic and elongated trot, his comfortable gallop and his facility to learn new figures. Another fact that makes Utrerano special is that he is one of the best Andalusian stallions in the forum, since he has +25 in dressage in his pedigree.

    alt text

    On the other hand, we have YI Cautiva IX del Impío a pretty young mare bought from @Vera-Alvarez a year ago. Cautiva is very affectionate, she loves human contact whenever possible, and a simple caress before starting the training can make her feel great or become an angry mare if she doesn't get her prize.

    alt text

  • Utrerano is amazing and Cautiva is beautiful, I would like to see some foals in the future :smirk:

  • @Jessica-Owens Thanks haha It's always a good time to have new foals in the stable

    A stork with two babies on the way

    After obtaining the results of the ANCADES tests, for a whole week we decided to analyze each result, in order to find out what our mares need and what they can contribute to their future foals. The truth is that all the mares that were preseneted in the contest, obtained very good results, some needed more strength, resistance, character, things that we will correct with training and future crosses with stallions with these characteristics.

    Of the 10 mares presented, Bounti de Borges and Orgaz de Borges were the ones that scored the best, that is why we have decided to breed both.

    Bounti has a foal of Dreamboat REC (VRH Domico x WEC Hypnotic), a chestnut Hanoverian of SJ and eventing. Dreamboat is a very energetic and resistant horse, qualities that Bounti doesn't have. From this breeding we expect a small chestnut filly, that is equal to or better than her sister Neruda de Borges

    Regarding Orgaz, she is in training to start competing in the 2020 season. For this reason we decided to perform an embryo transplant, using a Miña de Borgesas a receiving mare, since currently she does not compete and so we could check her maternal qualities.

    alt text

    On the other hand we are glad to announce that our eventing mare PCRA/FWEC Supernatural Pressure has retired from the competition. During these last years @Jessica-Owens has taken care of her training and put into competition, so we thank him for everything she has done for our mare. To celebrate this event, we have opened an auction in which we offer a Supernatural embryo.

    alt text

  • So cute :heart_eyes: I'm so impatient !

  • @Shagaia-Nedja-ri Thanks :heart:

    Autumn again

    The fall of the leaves of the trees, the orange and yellow tones, the cold foggy mornings... These feelings are clear examples of the arrival of autumn, that time when everything changes, the summer competition season closes, the mares leave the high mountain pastures to approach the stables, the stallion hormones relax.

    alt text

    Daughter of the famous Anglo-Arabian stallion of Yeguada Militar, Aligote (Florealys x Aiglonne), Salceda is a retired SJ mare with a very contrasted line, jumping in GP 1.50-1.60. The Aligote line stands out for his mother was individual gold in the complete London Olympics 1948 with Bernard Chevalier. The main objective with this new broodamare is to be able to improve and expand the Spanish Sport Horse (CDE) lines by obtaining horses with well-defined qualities for high competition.

    alt text . alt text

    Apart from our reproduction program, we have added a lease service, currently having ten horses of sj, eventing and dressage. At the moment the results are not very good, because the horses are adapting to the weather and their new riders.

    When @Aurora-Bianchi contacted us, she told us that three of her horses needed a rider. After obtaining their names we look for some information about them. To our surprise we found out that USS Sins not Tragedies is a "a true stallion: stubborn, challenging and moody. He makes an extra effort everyday to make sure everyone understands he hates them and won't play, even if his life depends of it. His ground manners are awful but at least he accepts being ridden." For us this was a challenge, because we didn't know which rider could be good for him. But fortunately we don't need to think about it too much.

    The day that they arrived at the stable they had a very welcoming reception, because most of the team in the stable was there, including David Domecq (my son), a lonely boy, with a very good hand for the horses because of his great sensitivity, but with a big problem from shyness. When the horses were installed in their corresponding boxes, he was seeing one by one, with the idea of being able to ride and compete some in eventing. That same night at dinner, his only words were that he refused to ride Shimmy, because that crazy horse had threatened him through the door of his box.

    It is normal that you don't understand anything about this photo, neither do we. We only know that David and Shimmy are one of the best binomials we have in the Yeguada, but nobody knows how this has happened. Perhaps both are lonely boys, accustomed to living in the magargen of society.

    alt text

  • Oh that stallion haha. We will never know what goes through his head! Thanks for taking care of my babies :heart:

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