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    Yéovil AF

    I know I have many horses, but sometimes I need to check sales to look for young promises and this is how this story begins. In one of my searches I found a post by @Ian-Salvatore , in which he sold about four or five young horses, unfortunately they had already been sold but at the end of the auction there was a post with images of a beautiful gelding chestnut.

    His name is Yéovil AF, he is a four-year-old Swedish Warmblood and was initiated in dressage. He seemed to be a very handsome and friendly boy, but from what we could read about him he was quite the opposite when he was whole, so he was gelded.

    Yesterday around five o'clock in the afternoon a small trailer arrived in the stables where "Ahlmann Farm" could be read next to the logo of a black horse. After reading the name of the stable I knew that it was the young chestnut. I hurriedly approached the conduit to check and affirm if it was him.

    The first thing I did after getting Vil off the trailer was to take him to the track to stretch and see some movement.

    alt text

    He is a boy with character and I like that!

    alt text

  • What a handsome boy Borja <3

  • He has such a lovely face shape and coat color. :heart_decoration:

  • Thanks to both :smile: he's a very handsome boy!

    An old photo, for new beginnings

    Since childhood I was interested in the breeding of sports horses, so I always liked to look at different breeds to see the qualities of each and get the perfect crosses. Because of this hobby my stables have always been filled with an infinity of breeds such as the PRE, Arabian, warmbloods...

    Last year I decided to stop, focusing only on my Andalusian horses, because the number of animals was very high. But after a while I think I need to have a thousand breeds again and enjoy the characteristics of each one.

    This photo shows Rika VC, a horse already retired from the world of competition with 102 points in SJ, and her daughter Anarquia de Borges (x Lubricante de Borges). Apart from being a very good mother, Rika gives her descendants a good ability to jump, highlighting her light and elastic movements, but unfortunately she is not a tall mare, so when preparing the breeding there are looking stallions with strength and power for jumping 1.50-1.60m.

    alt text

  • Yéovil is real handsome boy! I love his coat, and he's got the cutest little face! I'm excited to see him under saddle! looks like a dressage star to-be

    And it's funny how whenever someone says "I only want this breed" you end up with an abundance of everything but that breed. So many lovely breeds out there, it's hard to stick to one :sneezing_face: and well wishes for Rika Vc on a good retirement! Totally understand the short horse struggle, Good luck finding a stud! I've only got one show jumping stud, but I think he's only just 17 hh, I can't check right now. Though if you're interested I'd love to help!

  • @Marquis-Moulin Thanks! I am very flattered by your offer, but right now I prefer not to breed more foals :laughing:

    Small advance

    After months of work the new facilities are already ready for the arrival of the animals. Now we have sixty box, of which fourteen are dedicated for breeding. In addition to more pastures, paddocks and training areas

    alt text

  • Hispano-árabes on the way

    While we wait to remove several GP horses, we have decided to pregnant three of our Arabian mares with Urano de Urquijo, Andalusian bay stallion. The mares are Farisha, Tona and Zafra YM (the meaning of "YM" is Yeguada Militar).

    With these future foals we hope to introduce new disciplines in the stable as working cow horse, endurance or working equitation.

    alt text

  • They are just too cute Borja! <3

  • @Celia-Acosta Thanks :heart:


    These days taking advantage of the autumn season has arrived we have decided to prepare the jumping horses for their profile / presentation photos. The first to pose in front of the camera were young mares, specifically Baguira de Borges and her daughter Kelpie de Borges.

    Baguira is a ten year old bay mare, daughter of EWE Starhawk and Tahití de CuatroSoles. She was the first filly to be born in the Yeguada, which is why since she was a little girl she is my right eye. In the beginning Baguira had been retired from the competition with 97 pts in sj, but we have decided to continue until 125-150, in order to improve the abilities of his descendants.

    alt text

    The second mare is Kelpie, a seven year old Spanish Sport Horse (CDE). Although she is very young, she is already jumping 1.35-1.40 with very good results, so we hope to be able to complete it at GP level. Kelpie is the mother of one of our youngest stallions Lubricante de Borges, and I'm glad to say that she transfers her good abilities to her foals.

    alt text

  • Kelpie is something else :heart_eyes:

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Thanks :heart:

    Young stallions with a promising future

    Throughout the summer there have been several youngest that have reached the stable to begin their training and put into competition. This project had emerged with the idea of acquiring animals at a low price and thus being able to revalue them after obtaining their first results.

    The first horse is FWEC Night Prayer, a Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) bay from @Elené-Mikrelew, son of WD Fortuna and FWEC Poetry of the Night, his parents compete in eventing, but his mother also in show jumping, so Prayer will actively compete in both disciplines. He is a calm stallion, with great strength and elasticity, but he has a crazy head, although we do not take it into account because it is still a colt.

    alt text

    The following stallions were acquired from @Billie-Sparrow . Buying this pair of horses was a very thoughtful decision, because I don't like to buy young animals, because it is a lot of work to start training from zero.

    BHB Ahreso is a dappled bay hanoverian, with dressage and eventing lines. His mother is BHB Anaïs and his fahter BHB Ancatius, both of the same breed as Ares. He is a very smallest boy, but he does not stop at any jump, so we have high hopes for him.

    alt text

    Finally we have BHB Illusion Conjuring, another hanoverian dappled of BHB Irwin and BHB Top Secret. Conjuro is a hyperactive horse, he was not born to live in a box. It seems a bad quality, but for us it is a virtue, as this will help us to compete with him in Puissance. In his daily trainings he is already showing that he will jump very high.

    alt text

  • Good luck with them! I wish you so many success in competitions with boys

  • @Billie-Sparrow Thank u so much :) :heart:

    Mother and daughter

    In an old post we presented Rika VC and her daughter Anarquia de Borges in a nice photo when the latter was a small filly. Time has already passed and while Rika enjoys her well-deserved retirement waiting to see if she will be pregnant again or not (you already have her three children), Anarquia has started her show jumping training with Carmencita Vicario, our new sj and eventing rider.

    alt text

    The young mare is very mature for her age, has a very well formed head and a fairly elastic and compensated conformation. She loves to jump, which we already knew since she was little, because she spent the day galloping and playing with the other foals. She is also very attached to her rider, enjoying her company every time Carmencita goes to visit her in the box.

    alt text

  • She indeed seems so enjoy what she does :D Anarquia is such a fitting name knowing how she was as a foal xD Hope you get many many great achivements with her!

  • @Celia-Acosta Thanksa :heart: We have high hopes for her and with that name sure that attracts a lot of attention haha

    Preparing the future

    This last month we have hired more staff with the aim of being able to train all the horses, especially the jumping ones (which are not few). Aridia la Vid and Carmencita Vicario, are the new members of the sj team, with which they are doing a very good job. His arrival at the stable was somewhat thoughtful, because we had a mission for them, or rather a decision that they should make.

    Three weeks ago we were informed that a neighboring stable, located in the "País Vasco", was closing its doors and putting its last animals on sale. After a long conversation I decided to buy his last four-year-old fillies. The three mares were of Spanis Sport Horse breed, sj line. But they were bought with the only rule that we could test their abilities for a week at our facilities.

    The first mare is called Oropesa, chestnut coat, with white markings in all its extensions. She is a shy girl, does not like to interact too much with other horses, but enjoys with the human contact. Oropesa comes from a family of jumpers descended from ALIGOTE 47.35% (FR) (stallion of Yeguada Militar).

    alt text

    The second is Ontaneda, a peculiar Tobiano bay with a lot of energy and a friendly character. Personally she is my favorite, because to be so young she's really magnificent. In she we can find power, strength and elasticity along with a sports and female conformation.

    alt text

    alt text

    Finally there is Orgaz, daughter of horses Selle Francais. This young mare is pure love, trusts her rider quickly, is always willing to help and loves to make friends, whether it's two or four legs.

    alt text

  • Awww .. they three are beautiful, Borja! I think it has been a great purchase.

  • @Irene-Duarte Thank you :heart_eyes_cat: we also believe that it has been a good idea!

    Unusual summer day

    The young mares have already completely adapted to their new home. The truth is that the change has not been very big, because they lived less than 100km from the stable. For us, Orgaz is the one who is best at the moment, she is already demonstrating her potential in show jumping with her rider, Aridia la Vid. Hopefully, this young binomial will soon show what he is capable of doing in the show world.

    alt text

    Thanks @Jessica-Owens for the coat update, I love u :heart:

  • Oh, how much beauty is here!! She is beautiful, I didn't have to do much with her coat :smirk:

  • Huge looking horse by the size of the rider! But very pretty, as yours always are :heart: Will we see her in action soon?

  • @Jessica-Owens Oh thank you :heart:
    @Lidija-Rotherford Thanks :slight_smile: she really isn't very big, but the angle of the photo cheats haha. And yes, soon she will start competing!

    Black beauty in progress

    Taking advantage of the last days of summer, we have begun to jump freely to all the mares to see which will continue to compete and those that we want to leave to breed or transplant embryo. After a hard examination, we obtained very varied results, mentioning PCRA Gabhriella. She's a Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) of Show Jumping, RDEC line, being the daughter of RDEC Zamarivo (RDEC Vinterbug x RDEC Zimba) and RDEC Germania (RDEC Ambassador x MHS Grace).

    alt text

    Currently Gabi, that is her nickname, is competing in SJ with Marietta Sánchez, our rider eventing and SJ. Although she is at a low level (level 6) for her qualities, she already has very good results. In addition to her good qualities, she is a very sociable and friendly mare, always looking for contact with other horses or humans. But especially she likes to receive delicious carrots or small pieces of bread.

    alt text

    At the moment we have a daughter of her in the stable, called PCRA Geraldine. And the Yeguada del Andaluz recently acquired an embryo from EWE Starhawk and she, resulting in a pretty chestnut filly, called Blasfemia de Borges.

    alt text

    We take this post to announce that we have an open auction in this moment, in which we sell an embryo of this young promise.

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