Not getting accepted on mainsite or here?

  • Hi, a friend of mine want to be a part of this, but she cant get accepted, and she even waited since febuary and havent got answer on her mails.

    What can she do?

  • The staff is really busy I believe. I think mailing is one good option but I think it'd be easier to post on here (I've seen that there are parts where guest accounts are able to post...but I am not entirely sure of that). Just keep it polite :) I'm sure she'll be accepted soon ^^

  • Administrators

    I think @Danielle-Maddox is in charge of this, so she can probably help you out better. But if she has waited since February something was probably wrong with the sign-up :slight_smile:

  • PR Committee

    Nobody will have been waiting that long for the account to get accepted, it's most likely your friend didn't follow the rules in setting up her accounts. If she has no previous account and signs up in the correct format, her account would be accepted within a week. Accounts need to be created with Firstname Lastname format, and once the forum accounted is accepted she can register on the main site, again in the same format with names matching so that @Danielle-Maddox can easily accept :slight_smile:

  • @Anna-Hertler

    Okay, I´ll go text her and make sure she is doing it right xD

  • PR Committee

    Emails are sent with a reason why the account wasn't accepted. If your friend knows she/he followed the format correctly have her/him try logging in. She/He has to create a forum account before they can create a main site account.

  • @Danielle-Maddox I think actually she only made an aply for the mainsite, i have texted her and told her to register here :) She should be able to do it today (Hopefully)

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