Need Leasers For All Horses

  • I’d like to get as many of my horses leased out as possible. Real life has gotten extremely stressful for me over the last month and a half. Immediately after moving into a new apartment, I’ve had several emergency expenses that were very expensive, I’ve had to loan money to family members, I lost an aunt unexpectedly due to a massive heart attack last week, and the very next day I learned that my department at work is most likely being cut in half next week. Long story short, my life is falling apart and I need a lot of time to put the pieces back together. I don’t want my horses to sit inactive for the indefinite future, so I would be extremely grateful to anyone willing to lease them. Unfortunately I won’t have time to pull sim files for all of them, so this would just be leasing for R shows, but if there’s anyone who really wants a sim file for C shows or roleplay, I may be able to send some of them. All of my horses can be found on my main site profile. If you’re interested in leasing any of them, message me here or on Slack. I’ll be checking for messages as often as I can, hopefully at least a few times a week. Leasers will pay all entry fees and keep all winnings, and I can offer custom markings and breedings from your leased horses as payment (these would be done at the end of the lease). A huge thank you in advance to anyone willing to lease a horse from me!

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    I hope things get better for you soon. Take all the time you need :sparkling_heart:

    I can take on your flat racers, if you'd like. I have plenty of room on my roster

  • Sending lots of positive energies your way, I hope everything gets better soon :pray:

    I'd be willing to take some of your horses, there are just some disciplines I'm currently overloaded on so wouldn't be able to, those are: Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing and Reining. I can take horses in pretty much every other one, just message me here or on Slack and we can talk :heart:

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    I have a ton of room for anything western! I really hope you feel better and things improve for you.

  • Thank you so much for all the good thoughts, it's honestly really helping me.
    @Octavia-Ryland I do still have some flat racers looking for leasers, but they're all Kiso ponies and a Mongolian horse. Not sure if you're interested in those?
    @Fernanda-Luchetta @Blake-Bellanaris I'll take a look at my sheets and send you a message :slight_smile:

  • omgosh i'm so sorry to hear this is happening :((((

    i have some space if you need me to take anything on!

    (eventing and show hunters are my only disciplines that are maxed out, so anything i can do to help!)

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