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  • Foxen Acres presents:

    ♔Emilia's Imports

    Hello hello! :smirk: As I like it to create markings and horses, I decided to finally open my import service! I create mostly warmbloods, thoroughbreds, arabians and ponies (Stocks and Drafts aren't my favorites to create sooo...). :blush:

    All horses come with custom markings! :hugging:
    I'll try to create the horses ASAP!

    The Rules:

    • Please don't change the coat or confo too much.
    • Please use my prefix "Foxen"!
    • Use my creator ID when you register the horse: ID 10023
    • Please register the horse at least at the main site! Bc if the import just rots in your bin, its... sad lol
    • If you decide to sell your horse, please contact me, maybe I'll have it back!
    • I wont not create base coats, only coats with markings (Face, Leg, Body,...)
    • Let me know if you want to name the horse or if I should give it a name!
    • Write an emoji underneath your application so I can see that you've read the rules.

    Some examples:

    Bild Text Bild Text Bild Text Bild Text
    Bild Text Bild Text Bild Text Bild Text
    Bild Text Bild Text Bild Text Bild Text

    and now to the important things...

    The Prices:

    Base Coat (with Face & Legs Marking) - $10.000 if you want only face or legs, just DM me, we can talk about the price!
    Minimal Body Marking (Minimal Tobiano, - Sabino,...) - $3000
    Body Marking (Tobiano, Splash, Overo, etc. also available with cat tracks) - $6000


    Horse Breed:
    Horse Gender:
    Reference pictures (if you have one):

    Slots open: 0/5

    Thank you for visiting, for your interest and for your application (if you want an import)! :heart:

  • PR Committee


    Horse Breed: Trakehner or Thoroughbred
    Horse Gender: mare or stallion
    Coatcolor: surprise me!
    Markings: surprise me! (I like a lot of white money is no issue)
    Reference pictures (if you have one): na
    Other: thank you for the service ❤️

  • Horse Breed: Danish Warmblood
    Horse Gender: Mare
    Coatcolor: Chestnut(Either Red, Liver, Flaxen, or Liver Flaxen)
    Markings: Either Tobiano or Min Tobiano
    Reference pictures (if you have one): N/A
    Other: :cat2: I really don't need anymore horses but oh well...

  • Horse Breed: British Warmblood
    Horse Gender: Gelding or Mare
    Coatcolor: Flaxen (Liver/)Chestnut
    Markings: Tobiano please!
    Reference pictures:
    Other: 😍 I love your pictures and I'm so happy :>

  • Horse Breed: Thoroughbred
    Horse Gender: Mare
    Coatcolor: Dark bay
    Markings: Blaze with 4 socks that are just below the knee
    Reference pictures (if you have one): would love if she had more of a racing type confo :smiley: you can go crazy with this one, what ever you think looks best on this dude
    Other: Your examples are so cute I just couldn't help myself :laughing: I don't have a name yet, so if you have any cute name ideas I'm here for it lol

  • Competition Committee

    Horse Breed: Connemara x Thoroughbred
    Horse Gender: Mare or Gelding
    Coatcolor: Surprise Me
    Markings: Surprise Me
    Reference pictures (if you have one):
    Other: The last thing I need is another horse, but I've always adored yours so... here we are. I'm also a sucker for a little bit of chunk :sparkles:

  • Thank you so much for your orders! I never thought that there was so much interest & that the five slots were taken so fast. :heart:

    I‘ll start working on them tomorrow! :hugging:

    This service is closed at the moment!

  • The first two Imports are finished!

    @Danielle-Maddox and @Cecilia-Cherny ? Your brand new horses are ready to move to your stable! Let me introduce you to them. :angel_tone2:

    Bild Text Bild Text
    Danielle, this is your new Bay Overo Thoroughbred stallion! I really hope you'll enjoy him! he knows that he's a stunner.. :two_hearts:
    Base Coat + Overo = $16.000

    Bild Text Bild Text
    And this is your new girl, Cecilia! She is a Flaxen Chestnut with minimal Tobiano. Have fun with her! but she is v sassy! :heart_exclamation:
    Base Coat + Minimal Tobiano = $13.000

    Please send me the payment and add in the memo if you want the file via Slack or Email (and include your email address!) :exclamation:

  • @Emilia-Fox thank you so much 😻 payment sent.

  • @Siri-Kane @Catriona-O-connolly @Rena-Cort Guys I haven‘t forgot you! I‘m just really busy in real life atm. <3 You will get your imports as soon as possible!

  • @Emilia-Fox no worries! take your time :D

  • Last three imports!

    @Siri-Kane @Catriona-O-connolly @Rena-Cort Rather than planned - I had time! So I sat down and created your imports.

    Bild Text Bild Text
    Siri! This is your new gelding! :heart_decoration:
    Base Coat + Tobiano = $16.000

    Bild Text Bild Text
    Say Hello to your brand new mare. If you still don't have a name, let me know, Catriona! :heartpulse:
    Base Coat = $10.000

    Bild Text Bild Text
    Look at this cute Connemare x TB mix, Rena! She is a Sabino and she will grey out.
    Base Coat + Sabino = $13.000

    Please send me the payment and add in the memo if you want the file via Slack or Email (and include your email address!) :exclamation:

  • :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: She is precious!! Her socks, her coat, her little face marking, I love it all! Thank you so much :heartpulse:
    payment sent!

  • Competition Committee

    Ooooohhh, my, god :eyes:
    Emilia, she is stunning, like I seriously have no words, thank you so so much. :heartbeat:
    Payment has been sent! :blush:

  • omg what a BEAUTIFUL BOY.

    i can't wait to put him in game :>

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