Vanaheim & Brigadier Foal Crop [CLOSED]

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    Welcome to the first foal crop produced by Vanaheim and Brigadier Equestrian! We've bred some of our most promising horses and ponies to offer you 8 excellent prospects across various disciplines. All parents are still competing, so bonuses will go up!


    • Please don't edit them beyond recognition. Tweaks to coat and confo are allowed.
    • Adult confos are not provided.
    • Please do not upload the foals or their markings for public use.
    • Foals will come with main site profiles, but not registered.
    • If you no longer want the foal for whatever reason, they can be returned to my profile, no questions asked.
    • Autobuy can be negociated for any foal who has not been bid on.

    Brigadier Calcite

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    By Brigadier Caspian out of Brigadier Zircon, Calcite is a bay Welsh Sec. D colt who carries a +4 bonus in Combined Driving and +5 in Pony Dressage.

    He demands to be fed on time and makes his displeasure well known if his breakfast is late! His affections can also be easily bought for the price of a carrot, something to keep in mind for his future training!

    Starting Bid: 9 000

    Brigadier Fawn SOLD

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    By Brigadier Falconer out of Brigadier Ferryn, Fawn is a Friesian colt who carries a +6 bonus in horseball and +7 in dressage.

    Fawn's a little on the timid side so far, but with some encouragement will come and investigate new elements in his life. He'll need a lot of patience to bring on, but combined with a firm hand to ensure that he doesn't duck out on any new experiences! Not a foal for the novice!

    Starting Bid: 13 000

    Brigadier Luna

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    By Brigadier Scorpio out of Brigadier Lillian, Luna is an Irish Sport Horse colt who carries a +7 bonus in horseball and +7 in eventing.

    We made a mistake by thinking that this colt was a filly when he was born and we reckon his grumpy attitude might be his revenge for his being saddled with the name 'Luna'. He's a very dominant colt with very little regard for personal space. We believe he'll be an excellent horseball mount, although it may take some effort to get him to calm down on the dressage portion of eventing.

    Starting Bid: 14 000

    Brigadier Lycaste

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    By Brigadier Thorn out of Brigadier Lillian, Lycaste is an Irish Sport Horse filly who carries a +6 bonus in horseball and +7 in eventing.

    Lycaste is a filly with a very curious and sweet disposition, but don't let that fool you into thinking she's innocent! She'll have her nose into your pockets/bag/grooming box and be away with whatever she finds there before you know it! Many a handler at Brigadier has lost keys, phones, even their sandwiches to this little filly!

    Starting Bid: 13 000

    Brigadier Baneberry

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    By OCS Brown Bear out of OCS Ophalina, Baneberry is a Highland Pony colt who carries a +3 bonus in combined driving and +4 in pony showjumping.

    Baneberry's a very cuddly little colt who will happily follow anyone around, although he then gets himself into a bit of a panic when he strays too far from his mother! He likes routine and can get a little wound up if things don't happen on time, but if you give him a scratch just just between his forelegs, all is forgiven.

    Starting Bid: 7 000

    Brigadier Cvasir

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    By Brigadier Jotun out of Brigadier Calliope, Cvasir is a Friesian filly who carries a +7 bonus in horseball and +6 in dressage.

    Cvasir is the first filly produced by our prime Friesian stud that we're letting go! Her half sister, Avendesora, has already gained three titles in both of her disciplines and is close to outstripping her sire and we have high hopes that Cvasir will follow the same path. She's a fast learner and a flashy mover who's always willing to try new tricks. Unfortunately, that includes learning how to undo the bolts on stable doors and letting other horses out.

    Starting bid: 13 000

    Brigadier Pintail

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    By Brigadier Peregrine out of Brigadier Piper, Pintail is a Welsh Sec. D filly who carries a +6 bonus in combined driving and +6 in pony eventing.

    The little buckskin filly is a bit of a wild card and is very brave when surrounded by her foal friends, but she can get a little skittish when separated from them. She's a little slow to take to new things, but a little encouragement goes a long way.

    Starting Bid: 12 000

    Vanaheim's Swanhild

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    By Vanaheim's Reinhard out of Vanaheim's Silber, Swanhild is a Haflinger filly who carries a +3 bonus in pony dressage and +2 in show jumping.

    Swanhild is the only foal from Vanaheim being sold off in this crop. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get a picture of her standing still since the only time we've ever seen her not moving is when she's asleep! Whoever takes on this little firecracker had better teach her early to come when called otherwise there may be a lot of chase games around the paddock happening!

    Starting Bid: 5 000

    Foal Bid Bidder
    Brigadier Calcite
    Brigadier Fawn SOLD - 26 000 Anna Foster
    Brigadier Luna SOLD 16 000 Lexi House
    Brigadier Lycaste SOLD 13 000 Callixta Rosella
    Brigadier Baneberry
    Brigadier Cvasir
    Brigadier Pintail
    Vanaheim's Swanhild SOLD 6 000 Thea Radmer

    Oh my God SB!! Need

  • @ Lexi House, accepted!

    Brigadier Fawn has been sold by autobuy to Anna Foster

  • SB Vanaheim's Swanhild! <3

  • @Gundrun-Ward accepted!


  • Brigadier Luna 16000

  • 6k on VanaheimĀ“s Swanchild

  • PR Committee

    Brigadier Lycaste - SB

  • All accepted!

  • Is this over!!

  • @Lexi-House Yes, sorry! RL caught up with me.

    Brigadier Luna has been sold to @Lexi-House for 16 000
    Brigadier Lycaste has been sold to @Callixta-Rosella for 13 000
    Vanaheim's Swanhild has been sold to @Thea-Radmer for 6 000

    Please send payment through and let me know how you would like their files sent!

    Brigadier Calcite, Baneberry, Cvasir, and Pintail are still looking for homes!

  • Gah omg so exciting..
    Money sent.. send on email or slack.


  • Aaah, totally forgot this one. Payment send. Please send via Mail

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