Breed consideration for discipline

  • I have a Grade Draft horse - 50% Gypsy Vanner 50% Shire (ID #35712) that I registered approximately a month ago, I looked her up here and in the Max Level line it says 'Needs breed consideration'. As I know she should already be level 2 in Draft Horse Showing, but she isn't because of her mixed breed. What should I do in order that she could progress?

  • I think you should go > here < and fill out the Grade Horse Make-up form. It's possible that the previous data has been lost. Once your request is reviewed, everything should return to normal with your horse.

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    It’s because I haven’t entered her grade levels manually- I do apologize, I’m a bit behind on managing grade horses. I will have them taken care of ASAP and then your mare will advance to the appropriate level.

  • @Irene-Duarte turned out it's not the case, but may be useful, thanks :blush:
    @Puck-Cantrell alright, thank you, I'll wait then :heart:

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