Summer Hiatus and other issues!

  • Hello people!

    As some might have noticed, I havent posted stuff in a while. The summer weather is just way to nice atm and I am enjoying that with family and friends. So dont really expect much from me until September when school starts again. Dont worry, I dont vanish, i dont quit, I just enjoy summer for now.

    But of course nothing can go without some troubles.
    Lately my aunt was getting shoved from one hospital into another, they cant really find the right medication to help her and shes very resistant to accept help anyways. Asides that worry, she also has an elderly cat that my mom now took home to us as she cant stay somewhere else because of payment reasons (we dont have the money to support the cat into a pension). Me with my allergies doesnt really like that but the cat is only allowed in certain rooms, so so far its been fine. Nontheles its jet another burden my family has to take care of.

    For the better of me, I decided to jet again reduce my horses and give a few back.
    My brain has been scattered all over the place at the moment and I just feel better, knowing that the few horses i have left are the ones i definetly will enjoy when i come back and the ones I might not show that often, even though i really like them, are probably better off with their creators/previous owners.

    I had this list ready for a few days already but with all the trouble no time to post it.
    And I would love to, but dont have the time to seach back the original owners, so I hope all of them find theirs back, if not I will probably let them end um in reclaims for later times. Again, I am really sorry, but there is too much reallife and I just want to get one thing sortet to not think about it every second day with a bad feeling.

    These horses are:
    Bardawulf CO:
    IRCE Smoth To The Max:
    TB Aphrodite:

    and I will be selling:
    OCS Tease N Trigger :
    OCS Starlett Kitty: (will get a new overo marking, lost the old one)
    Message me if you are itneressted in one of the foals, i will have to get them into adult templates still and fix Starlett Kittys Marking, but they are available in good hands.

    I think I got to menation everything that will happen, thank you for reading.
    I still look into equus from time to time even though I am on hiatus, so if the owners or interessted people message me, I will see it.
    Better will be on slack though, I have that on phone aswell so I get notified. <3

    Love to all of you,
    I really hope Life will find a good way again for me, cya all after summer holidays with some fresh pictures.

    • Kody

  • For the two girls im selling: I will wait a few days or weeks and see who is interessted to choose the best fitting home at a suitable time once I have all their files gathered together ;)

  • I have now gathered the right files for the two foals and I've also decided on their new homes.
    I am sorry to all others that applied, there was a bunch of interest in both, but this time I wanted to decide for a few people that havent gotten horses from me jet and really wanted to have one finally. And I also think they will be in good hands with them. Take good care of my two ladies! ;) I will watch your blogs and hope to see them at some point again. :)

    OCS Tease N Trigger will go to @Chloe-West
    and OCS Starlett Kitty will go to @Freya-Valkyrie

    PLease tell me a way, either email or slack, so I can send you the files over, the mainsites should be on their way now aswell :)

  • I am just back home after 3 weeks of holidays with my s/o. (And also writing with my phone because i fell right into bed after arriving)

    After these 3 weeks complete break my mind feels fresh and i do will come back very soon.

    My plan is to get one more marking done to FINALLY introduce the 2 foals (that was supposed to happen in june already, but reallife happens, well).
    Then I also just before I left to vacation, reclaimed 9 horses, mainly previous Imports and a few precious babies i am happy to Welcome back home. 2 of these 9 horses i will definetly keep, the other 7 have been remade (as i felt none of the Import files of them anymore) and i am still unsure jet if I want to compete them first or sell them right away, but they will be for sale at some point.

    So my comeback will be a bit of everything,
    Old horses coming back,
    Foals being born,
    Reclaims offered to new homes,
    And of course I am eager to get back into my general story.

    I have also been very hyped and gotten back into general digital Art and will start focussing onto that a Bit more and maybe so some first comissions for people, so yes, my general focus of Equus will dull down a bit and there will be less frequent posts than used to in the past, but I definetly keep it alive.


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