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  • So recently I've been pretty much failing when it comes to looking for Stallions at stud.
    I either can't find any active players in the breed, I can't find a horse that matches my mare's discipline or I simply don't get a response when I reach out to the other player because they're not currently active.

    So I started wishing that there was a STALLION DIRECTORY
    ONE centralized location where all players can go to advertise their studs.
    This spreadsheet is not meant to replace anything already in use - it's just meant to make your search for the perfect stallion a little easier.

    Like the Master Breed List - the Stallion Directory will be split into the 8 groups/pages - Asinus, Baroque, Draft, Pony, Progenitor, Saddle, Stock, Warmblood
    Each page will include an alphabetical breed listing for the group with advertised sires listed alphabetically under their registered breed.

    Theoretically (it all depends on player participation) you should be able to go to the directory and view all available studs for each breed. Looking for a stud that carries CREAM - Genotype is included for each stallion. Looking for a Dressage stud? Check the Discipline fields: Primary Discipline, Secondary Discipline and Addtional Discipline. Each stud is also listed as Foundation or Pedigreed.

    Links will be provided to the Stallion's Main Site page - and also a link to the Owner's BREEDING DETAILS page (This is just the normal Breeding sheets everyone has - where you list terms/conditions/details - and stallion merits and costs) - Once you find what you're looking for you contact the Stallion's owner and work out the details to complete and pay for the breeding.

    SO - without further adieu - I invite everyone to take some time and submit your stallions to the directory.



    I've tried to streamline the form; genotype questions are NOT required, I'd only answer the ones pertinent to your horse.

    Additionally, for future reference - if a stud is retired, deceased or otherwise no longer available please send me a note here or on Slack and I will remove the studs info from the directory

    And finally, the Directory only works if everyone submits their stallions' information.
    Also, keep your Breeding page updated current points/titles - terms/conditions - fees

    Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Just give me a shout!

  • Wow this is perfect! Great idea, I love it

  • We still need your stallions information to build the directory.

    It just takes a moment to enter your horses info -
    No time? Send me a note with a link to your Breeding page and I'll enter your horses for you.

    Remember, the directory does not take the place of your personal "Breeding" page - its just a central location that lists ALL stallions with their breed, color genetics and disciplines. So instead of looking at 50 threads on the Breeding Forum trying to find a purple Wifflewhamp competing in Pie Eating. > You can go to the directory go to the Wifflewhamp listing and in a single casual glance see all the purple Wifflewhamps that compete in Pie Eating. Easy as Pie!

    Also, one player mentioned they weren't going to submit their Foundies.
    I encourage you to submit all your horses; you never know what another player might be looking for.

  • good idea too :)

  • Banned

    We need the breed Dutch Warmblood in there, as I can't registere most of my stallions. Swedish Warmblood too :)

  • @Regina-Walker said in Equus Sims Stallion Directory - All Breed Directory:

    We need the breed Dutch Warmblood in there, as I can't registere most of my stallions. Swedish Warmblood too :)

    Scroll further down the list - the breeds are listed alphabetically within their grouping -
    (Asinus - Baroque - Draft - Pony _ Progenitor - Saddle - Stock - Warmblood)
    So Warmbloods are at the end and I confirmed both breeds are already there.

    I did leave some breeds off - breeds that showed 0 o 1-2 have been registered in horse breeds I'd never heard of. o do let me know if there is something that needs to be added.

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