Carter Equestrian Centre

  • Welcome to Carter Equestrian Centre!

    Carter Equestrian Centre is sport and breeding stable located in lovely place in Europe. We have a lot of place devoded to horse keeping and equestrian activities.


    CREC Autumn Storm CREC America ABRC Blooting Prey
    CREC British Lady CREC Heavy Games ABRC Yavanna
    BHB You Might Wonder ABRC Nebbie
    CREC Houdinni CREC Aiden CREC Butterfly Effect
    CREC Thunder CREC Waste CREC Thief
    Billie Jean MS ABRC Mobby Morgis FKS Gone Forever
    CREC Monster CREC Totally In Love

  • Billie Jean MS and CREC Thunder
    Boys are saying hi!

  • Mia and Waverly with ABRC Nebbie
    Maybe the sky has some clouds and day is not so sunny, but good moods are here anyway!

  • I hope comments are allowed, soo sorry if they're not :sweat: your horses are all so pretty! <3 ABRC Nebbie has really caught my eye, I love how unique her colour is-- what colour is she?

  • @Marquis-Moulin of course they are :D thank you so much! <3 Well her colour is quite hard to define and to be honest even I'm not sure XD I belive it's dark chestnut roan with tobiano

  • I'd like to introduce you our first fresian horse - CREC Vagabond.
    This charming boy is still looking for new rider and in the meantime he displays his amazing moves.

  • Me and CREC Autumn Storm

  • Your pictures are so lovely! I love the foresty greens and grey-blue skies, brought to life by wavy manes and pretty horses. Your blog gives me a sort of everyday feeling, like I'm a new hire who has already assimilated into stable life at CREC. Nebbie looks adorable with Mia and Waverly—Gundrun did a wonderful job on her coat—and you did an equally wonderful job on Autumn's. I look forward to seeing more from you!! :leaves: :blue_heart: :sparkles:

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe Thank you for those nice words, they are so motivating! And yes, Gundrun is so talented and I'm still greatful for horses from her <3

  • I absolutely adore your horses and your editing <3 It looks so minimal and yet still enough to make the pictures look super nice! :heart_eyes:

  • @Jill-Reyes Thank you! <3

  • Waverly and ABRC Mobby Morgis
    Beach vibes!

  • Emilly and CREC Monster

  • ooohh god this is a monster about the coat ^^"

  • Wow :O :heart_eyes:

  • Ashley and CREC Waste

  • Me and CREC Houdinni
    alt text

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