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    ~Willow View Vanners Youngstock Sale~

    In efforts to get Willow View Vanners established on EC, I'm hosting a auction of some homebred horses and foundation horses. Willow View vanners has been a personal stables of mine and has been active since 2017 and I'm just now deciding to actually try and do something. We have some established stallions at our yards- but not registered or showing. All horses being sold do not have main site profiles as that's the reason I'm attempting to raise money. I have a lovely bunch of vanners available and I hope they find good homes!

    About Irish Vanners

    The Irish or Romani Vanner, more commonly known as "Gypsy Vanners" is also known as the Irish Cob, Gyps Cob, or Tinker. The breed was developed to be the perfect caravan horse by the Romani people of the UK and Ireland after WW2. The appearance of the Irish Vanner was to be “a small Shire, with more feather, more color and a sweeter head” (Source: Gypsy Vanner Horse Society ) The Irish Vanner is a smaller draft, being classified as three different height classes, Cart size is around 13 hh (also known as a mini vanner) Classic size being 14 to 15hh, and Grand size being 15.1 hh and over. The breed origin stems from the Shire, the Clydesdale, and other native ponies of England. The breed shows a broad chest, heavy and well-rounded hips, a short back, a strong neck, and a sweet face, and most recognizably - thick feathering starting at the back of the knees, and a long and silky mane and tail. The most important trait of the Irish Vanner is their unique disposition. The Vanner should exhibit intelligence, kindness, docility, and a willingness to please. Considered a "Golden Retriever with hooves" by GVHS founder, Dennis Thompson. The Irish Vanner's themselves are a prized part of their family, being seen as a status symbol. Over years these horses have become amazingly friendly horses, being very tolerate and great family horses. They are considered a shape breed, not a colour breed, so any colour is acceptable, though when registering the breed shape is very important no matter the colour.

    Although they were established as Caravan horses, the Irish Vanner can do anything! The breed is seen doing dressage, barrel racing, over fences, show hunting, the list is endless. Anything you can think of, these horses can do.


    • Do not reupload the horses or templates anywhere
    • Do Not use any horses as templates, even when breeding
    • Do Not alter conformation (Though you may use the horse size slider to make them fit your game's scaling)
    • Each horse has a detail in their bios that you must include on your first bid, I will not remind anyone
    • You may resell horses, but please contact me first, I'm trying to keep track of all my vanners
    • Vanners must keep their prefix, but you may decide on show names
    • In general, just have common decency!

    Minimum bid increase is 1000
    all horses around around 2-3 years old, adult templates are used to show accuracy but you may use a yearling template for photos if you so desire.

    Homebred babies
    All to be registered with the prefix "WV"
    Filly 1
    WV Brishen x WV Tawni
    Black Homozygous Tobiano Mare
    alt text
    Known as "Daisy" around the yard, this filly is the quiet and cautious type. She isn't one to go for something new without a confident partner at her side. Daisy is a follower, rather than a leader, which is perfect for someone looking for a calm project pony to become their next kid friendly ride. Daisy is a docile little mare who never shows any signs of aggression and just wants to sit and be pet. If you read over her bio please type "flower" under your first bid. Daisy is bred for dressage with her smooth gate and great tempermate, she could easily be molded into any horse you so desire.
    SB 6000
    alt text alt text
    Colt 2
    WV Django x WV Masilda
    Chestnut Homozygous Tobiano Gelding
    alt text
    Known as "Tank" around the yard, he was quite the oddity in our breeding program. With both parents being black tobianos, we didn't anticipate the low chances of a chestnut being born- and then came Tank. With a big roman nose and a big heart, Tank is a big loveable doofus. Having only been gelded recently, Tank still has some studly traits to him. If you read over his bio include "carrot" at the end of your first bid. Tank gets his name for good reason, he's super muscular. Having a foal hood consisting of jumping around like a lunatic, he'll make a fun horse to try out in draft horse showing or combined driving with all the muscle he's got. Like most of our vanners, he's bred for dressage and driving, but can certainly take up other disciplines.
    SB 6000
    alt text alt text
    Filly 3
    WV Django x WV Florence
    Smoky Black Homozygous Tobiano Filly
    alt text
    This lovely lady is known as "Stormy" around the yard. A beautiful blue-eyed filly whos got a bright future. Stormy is very curious and intuitive, so much so she's learned how to unlatch her paddock gate more than once. She was first of her crop to be halter trained and is destined to be easy to train under saddle. If you read through her bio include "thunder" in your first bid on her. Stormy is a great mover with a smooth trot and a powerful canter. She would look stunning in a dressage ring with her exaggerated movements and big gate. A great dressage prospect, with some added flashiness with her creme gene.
    SB 7000
    alt text alt text

    Foundation Horses
    All to be registered with the prefix "EYEC"
    Coming Soon. Hopefully.

    Name Highest bid Bidder
    Filly 1 Autobuy @Catriona-O-connolly
    Colt 2 13.000 @Karolina-Jazzish
    Filly 3 32.000 @Chloe-West

    Good luck!

  • YESSSS omg I'm definitely not going to miss an opportunity like this, your vanners are to die for. SB on filly 1 please! :heart_eyes:
    flower :heart:

  • @Catriona-O'connolly bid accepted :smile:

  • I shall try.. I don't need it but I would appreciate another Gypsy in game....

    Colt 2 SB Carrot

  • SB on Filly 3, Thunder!

  • Filly 3, 10,000, Thunder.

  • Filly 3

  • Filly 3, $15,000

  • Colt 2 7000

  • Filly 1 7000

  • Filly 3 - $17,000

  • Filly #3, $20,000

  • Bids following the rules have been accepted (make sure you read over them before you bid, this is the only reminder!)

  • Filly #1 has been sold via autobuy to @Catriona-O-connolly

  • Colt 2
    Carrot 👀

  • @Teddy-Price psssst you gotta add a bid :wink:

  • I missed the bid increase o-o

    Colt 2 $10,000

  • @Cecilia-Cherny bid accepted

  • Offering auto buy on Filly #3

  • @Chloe-West sorry, only offering auto buy if there's no other valid bids on the horse

  • Why are my bids not valid?

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